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My blog about my HKO experiences & features of Etsy.com items.

Update! :o

No way. I update my blog..? Yeah I know I’m a lazy person… But yeah. Update!!

Soo… we had a St. Patrick’s Day Green Event. A few days before St. Patrick’s Day.. but look at the greenness!

Green event!

More green!

And my LPs finally got here. So I got a new look. :3 I have to say though… I’m sad the hair in the profile view isn’t fixed for the Cookie Pirate Hat. :[ My pretty Maou hair doesn’t show!

New look!

I also joined the Pico Ameba/Pigg craze…. and I will get around to etsy showcases soon. That’s it. It’s a short post. It was more of, stuff, picture, bam, stuff… but be happy? At least there’s no clicking for the screenies this time…

Etsy.com Showcase #1

This marks the beginning of my etsy.com item showcases. For those who have never heard of etsy.com, it is a site for craft-making lovers to sell their crafts or for people to provide supplies for crafting purposes. Therefore, the non-supply items posted on etsy.com are mostly handmade and original. Of course, there are some that will stand out from the others and this is what this showcase is here for.

Though, you should be aware that there are perhaps, millions of items that are posted on etsy.com each day, so there is no way I can cover them all. So I will try to limit my showcase to approximately 5-1o items each time. Here goes! Items are in no particular order.

Winking Bunny Puff Sleeve Shirt - $16Winking Bunny Puff Sleeve Top

An absolutely adorable shirt. It would probably go great with jeans and help create a cute, everyday look. :)

Chameleon Dress - Sassy Cut - Custom made - $173


I’m personally a big fan of all of Isadora Clothing’s chameleon designs. But this is by far my favorite. The sassy cut is just an amazing addition to the already amazing chameleon idea. They’re so versatile, I would think I’d buy a lot fewer dresses.

After the Rain - Vintage Inspired Swarovski Earrings- $42


These earrings may seem a tad fancy for everyday wearing, but its lovely details and use of crystal are absolutely stunning.

Silver Antique Adjustable Ring With Glass Opal Stone (Steampunk Jewelry by Steam Designs) - $49.95


I’ve recently been into steam punk jewelry and while I was going through this shop, I stumbled upon this beauty. As you might have noticed by now, I really love intricate details. The details on this ring are lovely, and the use of opal makes it extra unique. With the right combination, this can even be worn as part of your everyday fashion.

 Fruit on Chocolate - Earrings - Cupcake Collection - $20


As one who tries to work with clay, I’m especially impressed by these miniature clay items as I know the difficulty of working with clay at such small scales. This pair of cupcake earrings are cute and unique in their own way. Yes, this was handmade by clay. Impressive huh? They look almost edible, but careful! They’re not! Though they will make a cute addition to your jewelry collection.


Annddd that concludes my first Etsy.com Showcase. Hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check every so often for more. :3

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these items nor do I hold any responsibility for the actions of the sellers of any items I post here. The only purpose of these showcases are for me to share what I find to be especially well-made on etsy.com. I will rarely feature supplies.

Events, events, events.

Another of my rare posts on this blog. :3 And as you can see from the title, it shall focus on events.

Valentine’s Day Main Event

So, one of the latest big events is the Valentine’s Day event. The items were absolutely adorable. I loved the bear especially. :3

I managed to miss the quests for the main event even though I got the items for it. ^^;; I’m on and off way too often really. Haha. Oh well? Well, here are some screenies from when we were gathering the quest-initiating items:

Waiting for the event to start.
Heading to spot.
Sanrio Harbour Box.
Florapolis Box.
Valley box. :P [Both E. and W. Valleys had boxes but too lazy to upload]
London Box.

Other Moments of Amusement


  • In one of the GS events, our guild stood on the circles of the giant flower and made a little circle. :3
  • I finally won a raffle, it was for Kiki slippers. I also finally built my first house, the Beijing Tower. :D Both can be seen here.

And a special note: I shall be adding etsy.com features on this blog every so often as well. :D yay for variety?

Open Beta - Aeria Games Version

Hello! I haven’t posted in a very very long time and I realize I guess I should throw in a post. Just for kicks. So Open Beta has started — I’m sad to say nothing carried over… but well… I’m glad to still see a few familiar names.

I celebrated Hello Kitty’s birthday for the second time on Hello Kitty Online! This time they had a massive event. Here are some screenshots:

Teleportation Activation - Very laggy. :x
More teleportation activation! - I’m glad the bridge held up. :P
View these in succession: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Then finally we arrived at the giant pinata!
Pinata at its prime. - Most people got d/ced when they got teleported; it’s no wonder. There were so many of us. :P
Pinata opened! - After our collaborative efforts… it finally opened! :o

And I got a bunch of items with the tokens. But I’m too lazy to screenshot them. :P So… moving on!

Another highlight is another Food for Friends guild event, which I took part in. The competition was rather… unsettling. People also asked for their prizes immediately after the event ended — even though the original purpose was to help Haiti. Well, all-in-all I hope we did something to help them to a certain extent. Here are some screenies of the food point values for the event; not as interesting as the guild points — but eh.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
LAST DAY. - At this point, most of us were glad it was done. There was also a fierce battle between Allstar Scouts and HKO Founders — with only approximately 1000 points difference between the final final scores.

And so. This blog post has hopefully addressed some events that I participated in in this Open Beta. There was also the Christmas event which I was mostly absent for… so it wasn’t really mentioned. I do like the mini events held by GMs occasionally though I have not documented them with screenies. So you’ll just have to guess what goes on. ;D

~The Conclusion~

I’ll have to say I appreciate the fact that it’s permanently open and that we are supposedly getting a smooth transition into commercial release. However, the amount of features released now compared to what we were testing back in Closed Beta or Founder’s Beta seems rather pathetic. The lack of farm selections compared to Founder’s Beta, the limited nature of the Item Mall, and the glitches found here and there. Of course, I am not saying it needs to be perfect, but sometimes I do wish there were more options for farms and houses like back in Founder’s Beta that do not require us to wait for either cash or loyalty point purchases.

Lastly, I think the GM-held events are a nice addition. Granted, they may be imperfect with the rules needing tweaking to suit the audience, but they do bring another level of social fun to the game. Also, getting to know the GMs more personally has always been a nice feature of HKO! That’s one thing you’ll rarely find in another MMO. :)

Well, although I’m not as active anymore… I do look forward to its commercial release!

Hi again!

Whoaaa. I haven’t updated in a long time since Founder’s Beta ended for the 2nd time. I participated in the Closed Beta of the North American version of HKO, which just ended this Saturday and like usual, I’d like to leave some thoughts behind about it.

In this beta, I was able to meet up with a lot of the people from Founder’s Beta and a bunch of new people as well. Founders couldn’t feel special in this version though since I believe that nothing was brought over from Founder’s Beta. However, there were lots of new features were added. New maps and TRAINS. [Though the trains were a tad anticlimatic with a ridiculously long wait between rides; hoping for changes.] New GMs. New events. A bit buggy sometimes, but I suppose it was a nice experience overall. Here’s a few screenies, in case anyone wanted to see em.

Marathon Event -When we had to run from Sanrio Harbour to Beijing. >_>

Marathon Winners. Including yours truly. :P

Feed a Cold Event for a pet in Open Beta.

My house & farm on the last day of Closed Beta.

Picture time during the last few minutes of Closed Beta…which was delayed.

So we tried to make HKO with the people we had…but we didn’t get far.

Well, that’s that. Hope to see everyone in Open Beta! And hopefully it’ll be around to stay this time. :)

Ending of Happy Hearts Event

So it just ended. And my head hurts. Why? Check out these screenies of the ending. It was chaotic. For this post, I decided I’d just put all the screenshots in links, since I have a ton and I don’t want to destroy anyone’s computer with them. :3

Running to Paris for the screenie…


I blended into the crowd. :3 Can you find yourself?

At 10 minutes left…

Can you see me and Caly? :3

At 4 minutes left… the chaos got worse! xD

And at 30 seconds, the GMs started giving hugs via intercom. :D

This was a rather interesting experience. Considering that prior to the ending, our fellow guild member, DeevFactor got married to Melody!  :)  Here are some screenies from the wedding, and our guild also took some guild screenies at this point:

I made it there!

After they were pronounced man and wife… we did guild screenies.

Then we all fell down! D:

And then here are some screenies from the event in general:

An abandoned Cur walked into my sitting with Cupid… Draco anyone?

My Farm! :3

And I just love the bunny on the side…

And now I’d like to close my post with Caly’s dead farm. :P

It was fun despite some drama that happened — so hope to see you all again soon! :D

Ripplecloud’s Bloggers’ Gathering

Ripplecloud held a little screenie event for bloggers today from 9:30 PM EST…it went on for around 2.5 hours! We were totally slacking off. :P Here are some screenies from it… WARNING GRAPHIC HEAVY!

When we just got there:

The Start

Then we tried to form lines… didn’t go too well as you can see. :P


We finally managed to make em:TWO LINES

Then we decided Cupid seemed a bit lonely… so we proposed to make a heart around him but you know… we’re not very coordinated xD…Heart

Heh. Still kinda lopsided but eh:


But we eventually got pretty close to it!:
Still forming?

Then there was some crazy chain reaction where we all fell down:Fall Down

We all fall down!

Then we decided to do an H for “Happy Hearts”…this was a lot easier:

Happy Hearts Yay!

And then we all moved to Madam Tuss’s place. But then I stopped paying attention and eventually we went our separate ways. D: It was fun though. :3

Now I’m back to collecting cotton… I swear these trees are haunted or something. :P Item is being used?!!


Well, that’s the end of my post. :3

Charity Event

 Really now?

For 1 t-shirt:

  • 210 Silk [336 HQ Cotton + 840 Bad Wood]
  • 210 Soft Cotton [840 Cotton]
  • 210 Red Dye [630 Sorosis + 420 Spring Water + 420 Clay]
  • 297 Thread
  • 297 Straps
  • 1 White T-shirt
  • 1 Newbie Wand

For 1 bag:

  • 75 Silk [120 HQ Cotton + 300 Bad Wood]
  • 75 Red Dye [225 Sorosis + 150 Spring Water + 150 Clay]
  • 75 Soft Cotton [300 Cotton]
  • 297 Thread
  • 150 Zippers [300 Slick stone (300 Gravel + 300 Spring Water) + 750 Fragments of stone mine + 150 Copper Rings (300 Copper + 300 Clay)]
  • 1 White T-shirt
  • 1 Newbie Wand

The numbers hurt.  :|

Happy Hearts Event

Yeah so I haven’t posted since the beginning of the Reunion. Not a big blogger as you can see but I decided to do a post for this event, to continue my tradition of posting an entry for each event. :3

So in this event, the quests were spread out over a few days and, personally, I thought the items required for each quest were more reasonable in number. Though poor Grandma was crowded…

Here’s a screenshot soon after the GMs announced that the quest was delayed for an hour (I think…?):

Circling Grandma

Here’s Cupid! Isn’t he a cutie? :3


And after finishing the last event quest… I took the screenie and sent it off asap. ;o

Happy Hearts

And I guess I’ll get a screenie of my new farm asap. :3 I got Rose of Versailles. Possibly planning on getting Sweet Childhood for the fun of it.

Now it is sleepy time for me. -yawn-

Start of HKO Founder’s Reunion

So I managed to sneak on earlier… because I just could not wait until my Winter Break started for seeing New York. XD

After a lot of running around… I FINALLY ARRIVED.

New York

Statue of Liberty

I promised I would get off after I got there, but the urge to explore was too great. So I did that. Then I fell asleep. Now I’m up and working on homework. xD

But what is homework without procrastination… Heh. Hence this post.

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