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Ho ho ho! Hello! It’s been quite a while since I last posted something, but now that I shall have a lot of days of Christmas Vacations, I shall be online more often, I really do promise! How have you been?

This is my list of things to do during Christmas vacations:
1) Have a very happy Christmas =)
2) Clean my room
3) Write 2 chapters (Book 2/5)
4) Write 3 chapters (Book 1/3)
5) Color Zelda
6) Draw Midna
7) Comb kittens every week
8) Play with Sandy
9) Finish Help Earth video
10) Upload Help Earth
11) Watch Doctor Who’s Christmas Special 2014
12) Finish knitting scarf
13) Reading list:
-The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
-The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I think I should explain who Sandy is. Some of you might know, my brother is now studying to become a vet. He’s graduated from his gastronomy career, now he’s studying to become a vet and he was asked to train a dog in one of his classes. We couldn’t ask someone to let us train their dog because we’d have to keep it at home because he was going to practice every day, so my uncle told us that he had a puppy and he was thinking of giving her for adoption and we adopted her so my brother could train her and we could find her a new home afterwards.

Well… the semester ended and his teacher didn’t actually teach them how to train dogs, he only said it because he thought the other students would also take their dogs but only a few took them so he decided to cancel that project and my brother didn’t find out until the end of the semester and by that time we were already used to being with Sandy so… we have a new member in our family! =D

She’s a crossbreed, so I don’t really know how to describe her except she’s light brown, kind of fluffy and her ears are fluffy, she’s got two white spots on two of her paws that make her look like she’s wearing socks, and she’s the size of a chihuahua.

We’ve bought all our Christmas gifts, but a CD I ordered hasn’t arrived yet and I’ve still got to finish making the necklaces I’m going to give to my mom and my sister.

These Christmas Vacations are great! I hope it stays that way. How are you? See you soon! =D

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Hello! I’m back after quite a few months of not posting! I’ve changed the theme, but this is still ♥Londonluv86’s Blog♥ =D
First of all, I’m going to post about some updates from my blog, Dream Studio videos, Forum and cats and Club Penguin! =D

Forum: I will be logging in during the weekends from now on, at least just for a little while if I have too many school projects to do, but I’ll be here =) I’m going to change the colors tomorrow to a Halloween theme and I’ll be online during my birthday! =D

Blog: I will post some things tomorrow, including some videos (if I can figure out how to do that =S ) and maybe today.

Dream Studio: Help Earth will be released on December 22, 2014. Filming the final scenes of Penguin Avengers and editing will begin during winter and the film will be released on April 18, 2015
★Dream Studio Projects Today★ has been updated
There was a problem with the previous theme of the blog that wouldn’t let some of you click the links, but I’ve changed the theme now and I think it’s been fixed (because I can see them now and click it, please tell me if it’s still not working for some of you! =) )

Club Penguin: I’ll be online tomorrow to celebrate Club Penguin’s 9th Anniversary Party! =D Server: Snow Flake, both penguins, bring your party hats and puffles! =D

Cats: Penny and her brother are in a better world now =( But their sister, Loki, and her friend, Fe, are here =) We will never forget you, Penny, Brother, and Ginger Jr.

Those are the updates, also I’ll be online during my birthday around the afternoon and I’ll be posting soon! =) =D

What do you think? How have you been? See you soon! =D =)

So today is my last day of Summer Vacations this year! =( Hi there! Sorry for not posting in a while! I was busy, well, first, I was spending some time with my family and during the last two weeks we took two of our cats, Princess and Luna, to get an operation and we were taking care of them while they got better, but they are absolutely great now! =D

A LOT has happened during these Summer Vacations, maybe even more than last year! =O So here’s the To Do list I had planned for these Summer Vacations and as I cross out a few things I’l leave a little explanation on the side in parenthesis so you can know what kinda craziness things happened this month or two! =D And you’ll see what I mean by things don’t always turn out the way you plan it for a good reason, just find it!

To Do List {Summer Vacations 2014}:
1)Make a cake with my mom (Just baking it this afternoon, actually we’re making a lemon gelatin with cookies on top! =D )
2)Go out for walks in the mornings (I mean, MORNING, like right away when I wake up) (Only happened for a week but I still enjoyed it, a lot! (because of our cats’ operations))
3)Make new Save the world video
4) Finish writing book 1 (FINALLY! =D After 3 years… 3 YEARS…! of writing! =D I’m very happy and my mom’s glad too hehe!)
5) Start writing book 2 (at least begin the plot) (Chapter 1 now starting to write it! =D )
6) Draw Zelda & Midna (Still need to color her and draw Midna)
7) Watch Thor: The Dark World (Can I cross this out 5 times? =D )
8 -) Spend time with my family =) (Always =) )
9)Read books:
- Princess Academy by Sharon Hale
- The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (To finish reading)
- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and his Boy - (to finish reading)
- The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Just began reading it)
- Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams (Halfway there! =D )
- Doctor Who: The last Dodo
- Doctor Who: The Doctor Trap
10) Bathe my cats (with the help of my brother (no, he’s not Loki(nor Thor(although he is like Loki (hehe))))) (We just combed them, I combed them =D =) )
11) Watch “Guardians of the Galaxy (Just went on Sunday, it was SO FUN! =D )
12) Draw some Pokémon
13) Wait patiently and very excited for Doctor Who Series 8!!! =D (Who can do this? O.o I can’t wait! O_o =D )
14) Feed animals that live in the streets =,) (We actually sort of adopted a kitten who came to our house for food and we keep feeding her and her two little brothers everyday =) We called her Lucky Penny because she’s just coming all of a sudden =D )
15) Show my mom some things I’ve written (stories) (Today =) ^_^ =D )
16) Find a way to write to someone… *coughstomcoughs*
17) Be happy and make people happy =) (Always =) )

So as you can see in the parenthesis, things didn’t happen how I expected them to be or how I planned them, they turned out to be a different way and for a good reason! Maybe I didn’t finish EVERYTHING I had planned on doing, but I spent hours of great moments, special moments, happy ones, unique ones of being with my family and if I would’ve been TOO BUSY doing EVERYTHING what I wanted to do in these Summer Vacations, well, I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate those moments with my family and I think, and I think you’ll agree with me too, the moments you spend with you family are even more beautiful than anything else, and that’s what I am glad and happy for the most, for everything, every moment, I spent with my family during these months and I’m happy that I am with my family! =)

So there’s the list, I also watched “Up” with my mom and with my dad on the second time it was on TV and it was a movie I had always wanted to watch and there it happened! Maybe that took away hours to complete my drawings or my reading or writing but it gave me hours of beautiful moments with my family, parents, brother and sister that I know I wouldn’t ever never replace for anything else! =)

Thank you to everyone who made these Summer Vacations as happy and beautiful and unique and special and full of joy and love and hope as they could possibly be. Thank you! =) Thank you for not letting it be exactly how I had planned it, but thank you for making it even better! =) =D

What do you think? =) See you soon! =D

Why does Sunday always seem… so… it seems so… … … strange…?

Yes! Hello! Trying to complete the 400 posts by Friday! So here’s something about what happened yesterday.

And now it’s time for silly blog stories with your kinda favorite blog writer? Hehe

My family and I were planning on going to the movie theater, but when we got there it turned out that the tickets we bought at the movie theater’s online page were sold to other people because they changed the room where they were going to show the movie we were going to watch and they had no idea someone might buy tickets online so they didn’t bother to change the information online. We were left there, our seats taken by someone else, and we couldn’t go in because by the time the workers figured out what happened around 15 minutes of the movie had passed…

Luckily, the workers were kind enough to listen to us about how we felt about the situation and we came up with a better plan. They offered to put us in a VIP movie for free instead of having to wait for the next time the movie started (which was at 10:30 p.m.) and they changed our tickets so we could watch the same movie we wanted to watch for free during the week.

I felt sort of bad, I would’ve been happy if they just gave us the free tickets to watch it again during the week, but the seat in the VIP room, you really have to admit it, were very comfy B-) It was the first time I entered a VIP room, it looked like I was in a premiere I always dream about hehe

So, what have you been doing? =) I might post something again later… so… See you soon! =) =D

So I had put in my To do list for these Summer Vacations that I would draw Zelda & Midna and some pokemon, just to let you know, these are some I’m going to draw:


I still don’t know which Zelda to draw, or probably I’ll just make a combination of the both, since I drew Link from Ocaria of Time because it’s my favorite game and I really like her dress from Twilight Princess…



And I might draw these little pokemon too but probably I’m not going to draw all of them:





Mew (My favorite Pokémon movie ^_^):

And Arcanine:

Or Squirtle:

I might post pictures of the final drawings! I hope my drawings look good =P See you soon! =D =)

I did it in the last year of Elementary School, now it’s happening again in Middle School! =D Yes! Hello! I’m graduating Middle School this Friday and on Saturday I’m planning on making a party in Club Penguin! =D

Last time it was in HKO but I’ve been having some problems downloading it in my computer (since the last time I was using my sister’s computer but now she’s very busy and uses it most of the time), so until I try to fix the problem I’m planning it to be in Club Penguin! =D

Here’s the invitation:
Middle School Graduation Party 2014

I hope you can join! =D See you soon! =D Waddle On! =)

Hi there! So I have another goal to reach before my graduation and it’s write 400 posts, so far I’m on post 371 and this would be 372 when I publish it, but right now since I know you can’t read this until I publish it and it’s just like I’m talking only to myself right now and by the time you read this it’ll already be published… let’s just say I’m on post 372 now… hehe

If you’ve been reading my Visitor Messages (my visitor messages, not the ones others post to me) you’ll see that I’ve posted some new news related to the Dream Studio, but if you haven’t then here you go the great news!

First of all, I’ve begun working on the new Save the World video, which shall have a release date for July 31, 2014, and I hope that I can finish it this week so next Monday I can just finish editing.

Second, I’ve added a new project, it is still untitled but hopefully both of them will have titles by tomorrow, so keep checking my blog! The second project has already had a description added to it, it will continue the category of Club Penguin Tales I have in my Dream Studio Videos list and it will be about something secret. I’m just telling you, just like I told you in the description, Club Penguin will be avenged…

So many of you probably guessed it by now, what the new video project is going to be about, but I need help for filming it! Yes! If you play Club Penguin and you’d like your penguin to be an actor/actress, you can help me film by playing one of the roles of my new film project! Just leave me a comment telling me that you’d like to help and I’ll tell you when you can meet me online (in Club Penguin) to explain the roles and you can join! =D I need help with many roles so don’t worry!

I think that’s all, if you’d like to know more about my new Dream Studio projects please click HERE and you can see a list of all the Dream Studio projects I’m planning or creating or editing by now and please help me vote for the music for the next Save the World video!

What do you think? =) See you soon! =D =)

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