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Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

Waddle Around And Meet New Friends!

Club Penguin is an online game from Disney that anyone can play!

Kids will enjoy waddling on the Club Penguin island meeting new friends, playing mini-games, taking care of Puffles (fluffy pets adopted only on the Club Penguin island), buying clothes for their penguins, buying furniture for their igloos, and adopting puffles with coins they earn from playing mini-games, traveling to more than 30 different rooms, and most of all, they will enjoy having this fun experience!

Adults won’t have to worry about this being a dangerous or inappropriate website because there are live moderators on the island 24hrs a day every day of the year! Plus there are other options to keep this playing time safe, like using safe chat mode which will only let your child see certain phrases that others say, and there are filters in EVERY chat mode to.

Club Penguin is a free and safe place for people of all ages!

Membership: In some events, penguins require a membership to join in the party! Being a member does not stop Club Penguin from being a safe website, it just makes it even better! With membership, your penguin can buy items like clothes, furniture, adopt up to 20 puffles, make igloo parties, explore more parts of the island, play more levels on the mini-games around the island, access more parties and more! Club Penguin membership doesn’t have a high price and you can purchase membership for 1, 6 or 12 months of more fun!

Here are the main pages you might want to read before playing or to learn more about the game:

Official Website:
Create Your Penguin:
About Membership:
Main Things To Know About Club Penguin:
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