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Of course, I HAVE to talk about this, because I’m a fan of MARVEL comics (DC too! ) and the Avengers films and I just watched this on the day it came out in my country, April 30, and I can’t find words to describe how amazing it was and how I felt.

If you haven’t watched the film, spoiler warning I might mention some spoilers about Avengers: Age of Ultron, so if you still haven’t watched it and you don’t want to read any spoilers, you should read another post from my blog =)

If you’ve already watched it or don’t mind reading spoilers, you may continue reading this post.
(May contain spoilers of the film) Read more »

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So I had put in my To do list for these Summer Vacations that I would draw Zelda & Midna and some pokemon, just to let you know, these are some I’m going to draw:


I still don’t know which Zelda to draw, or probably I’ll just make a combination of the both, since I drew Link from Ocaria of Time because it’s my favorite game and I really like her dress from Twilight Princess…



And I might draw these little pokemon too but probably I’m not going to draw all of them:





Mew (My favorite Pokémon movie ^_^):

And Arcanine:

Or Squirtle:

I might post pictures of the final drawings! I hope my drawings look good =P See you soon! =D =)

I did it in the last year of Elementary School, now it’s happening again in Middle School! =D Yes! Hello! I’m graduating Middle School this Friday and on Saturday I’m planning on making a party in Club Penguin! =D

Last time it was in HKO but I’ve been having some problems downloading it in my computer (since the last time I was using my sister’s computer but now she’s very busy and uses it most of the time), so until I try to fix the problem I’m planning it to be in Club Penguin! =D

Here’s the invitation:
Middle School Graduation Party 2014

I hope you can join! =D See you soon! =D Waddle On! =)

Hi there! =D *Dalek voice* To-read-this-POST You-MUST-LEARN How-to-read-in-Da-lek-voice!

As-the-title-of-this-post-states, I-have-completed-knit-ting-my-Da-lek from-the-EX-TER-MIKNIT-pat-tern! Which-you-can-find-HERE-CLICK HERE!-HERE!

*Dalek voice* I finished knitting it after almost a year =P Because I didn’t knit everyday, there were days that I didn’t knit and the rest I spent trying to figure out which binary code they used in the pattern because I’m not good at reading the patterns yet hehe They used a lot of knitting techniques that I didn’t even know about so I found some videos on YouTube that were very helpful =)

After so many hours of knitting I finally have a Dalek! =D Here are some pictures of the Dalek =) :


I followed the pattern just like it is on the file I downloaded, using round needles, except the arms I knitted on normal needles (even the I-cord one) and just sewed them together, just like the eye (which I used a little bit of blue just on the final two rows and white on the bump in the middle), and I added the small lines between the neck.

I made the base separate and I just sewed it together, then I put in the filling (not too much) and sewed the base because you’re left with a small hole when you finish the base and you just pass some yarn through the stitches and you just pull it and sew it in.


Even Princess was happy =^.^= She’s a little Dalek hehe

Next I’ll be knitting a Loki Scarf! =D There’s no pattern for that, I’m just making a simple green & golden scarf with possibly a little Loki helment =)

What do you think? =D See you soon! =) SEE-YOU-SOON-SOON! =D

Hi! I’m back! =D I’m very sorry for not posting before! I was very busy at school. This week was exam week and I spent most of the afternoons studying, these were my first exams of 9th Grade =O And I still have my History exam on Monday. So far I’ve gotten good results, I got 102 in Physics (2 extra points for making good projects), 100 in Computer Lab, 97 in Math, and 96 in my Spanish and Reading exam. Yesterday I had my Chemistry exam, I studied for 5 hours for it and it wasn’t too hard, I hope I get a good grade!

Some things but not too much has happened lately, but each and every day of our lives is important so in the next post I’ll tell you a little more about a certain day (Tuesday) and the events that happened on that day. If you have seen my Forum Profile then you might now what I’m talking about, if not “spoilers”! =)

Speaking of spoilers, a lot of Thor: The Dark World clips have been coming out lately and a friend has told me they have big spoilers so I’ve decided I won’t watch any new clips. I’m waiting for my Delayed Gratification for November 1st!

While you wait for more Doctor Who Songs and a new post, and to make this post a little more colorful, because it’s October and I’ve changed the Blog’s theme to a Halloween theme, here are some pictures I found of kittens with their Halloween costumes:
Kitty 1

Kitty 2

Kitty 3

I have changed the blog’s theme, but this is still Londonluv86’s Blog! =) Are you preparing for Halloween too? =D How have you been? See you soon! =) =D

♪ Head! Neck! Shoulders and Body! Shoulders and Body!
♫ That’s! What I have to! Knit! To make a Dalek!
♪ And Eyestalk! And Manipulator Arms! And Bobbles! And… Blast-Gun and Base!
♫ Head! Neck! Shoulders and Body! Shoulders and Body!

Hehe! Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post, it’s almost time for me to go back to school! =O Going to 9th grade makes me feel a little nervous but I’m sure everything will be okay, I just need to study hard =D

I want to finish knitting a Dalek before going back to school, remember the last picture I posted? Well, here’s a new picture! =D

I just finished knitting the neck, which is the black and silver section, and the red yarn at the top of that are the first rows of the head! =D Right now I’m knitting the little lights at the top of the head so I’m nearly done!

I’m also reading the final 2 chapters of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Horse And His Boy and I’m finishing the final 2 chapters of my book, but I’m listening to music right now to be inspired =)

Are you in school now? When do you start school? See you soon! =D

Wow! It has been a VERY long time since I posted a trailer here! =O Let’s celebrate! *dances* Ok! Now that I’m done fangirling about that I am going to fangirl about something I just can’t stop fangirling about, the new Thor: The Dark World trailer!!!!!

Many of you might have already seen the previous trailer, the one they released around March/April, probably some of you have already seen the new trailer they just released this Wednesday, but if you are one of those who haven’t seen the new trailer then get ready to fangirl!!! =D

Before the new trailer was released, they released some new pictures of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) on set, which make a little more sense now that the trailer is released. Click HERE to see those pictures! =D

I woke up very early in the morning on Wednesday because of some THUNDER, then when I got up I saw that it said the trailer was going to be released at 2pm BST and it was still 1pm BST so I spent that hour watching Master Chef-Australia with my mom and then I checked MARVEL’s YouTube Channel and it was there! =O

It was released during YouTube’s special Geek Week! Happy Geek Week! =D Yes I am part of it, I am awkward and different and I like it =) And they also released a new poster along with the trailer:

Poster 1
Poster 1

Poster 2
Poster 2

And here are both of the trailers! =) Click Read More>> to watch! =D Read more »

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