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Today’s my very first day of Summer Vacations! :D No more worrying about school, homework, projects, tests, books, writing and anything else about that! This year was my first year of middle school (middle school starts on 7th grade in Mexico) and it was really full of hard work so vacations will make me relax.

I’m not going to travel this year, but I am going to move to our new house! This will be the very first time I live in a house I can call our own and have my very own room for the first time! Today we receive the keys to the house, in the afternoon we’re going to start packing and by next week we’ll probably be there with all our things. The good thing about that house is that it has 2 bathrooms inside and there’s a living room upstairs (I always wanted a living room upstairs ^^) and there’s a HUGE room in the backyard and it’s big enough for all my cats to live in there like their own house and it has a bathroom too! We’re going to make a litter-box-toilet! Well… jk about the toilet, but they are going to have a lot of space to play in.

Even though I still have to go to school on Monday for like 30 minutes to take a class for my 1st Communion, I don’t get homework from that teacher so I’m happy! I’m going to have enough time to finish a trailer for the Dream Studio and look for movie trailers for my blog because the category’s coming back tomorrow!

I’m still looking for some music for my videos, but that’s easier to do now that I have more ideas for my videos. I’m going to be able to finish writing my book this summer and have fun! And I’m going to have a MARVELous party at Club Penguin for my penguin Pingu Purpy because it’s her birthday on June 12 and the Marvel party starts June 14! And I’ll have more time to visit HKO again! I can’t wait to go back and check my guild!

Summer is going to be full of fun! What are you going to do this summer? No matter what you do, remember to enjoy every moment of your time!

Last weekend, there was a Mother’s Day Card Making Contest announced on the SanrioTown Forum. We had to make cards to show how much we love our mother and to celebrate her on Mother’s Day. So I decided to join the contest. I don’t know much about EST time, so I finished it in around 8 hours because I had to send it right away. I thought I wouldn’t finish it, but I believed in myself and I finished it. I thought that my card wouldn’t be chosen as a winner but I was happy that I decided to join the contest and actually try rather than do nothing at all.

Today, the winners were announced on the Forum and Blog and to my surprise, my card is on the list of winners! :D I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it!!! All the winner cards are very lovely and I’m sure that all the cards that were sent in are lovely too because it doesn’t matter how many or which gift you give your mother, she will always love you and you will always love her no matter what.

This is my card:

I’m very happy! Thank you! Now I will receive 3000 SLP as a prize and I will finally be able to buy me more shoes!

Remember: A hug, a kiss and taking good care of you mom is enough to show your mom how much you love her, and your smile says it all: I love you! Celebrate your mom not only once a year, celebrate her everyday! That’s why it’s never too late to say:

Happy Mother’s Day!

This school year went by faster than I thought! Next week will be the 4th time I take my every two months exams at school, and after those ones I just need to take an exam about the whole school year in June and I graduate 7th grade! :O Next year I’ll be in 8th grade, and in Mexico that’s a year before the last year of middle school. I’m so excited! Next year a friend that’s one grade lower than me will come to the same middle school!

I signed up for a dance class for Mother’s Day in May, its better than the class I had in December. I’m actually learning new dance moves! I can’t wait to dance in front of my mom for the first time in many years!

I’m also glad to tell you that I have more time to post things in blog, forum and HKO! I missed being able to post things :( but now I will return for sure with more information from every category!

Club Penguin fans will sure be happy: I will start posting news and upcoming events soon, plus some secrets that not many penguins know!

I’ll also try to start making new Dream Studio videos soon! I can’t wait to tell you the surprise I have for all those who watch my videos!

A new year means new movies coming out, and that means more trailers are waited to be seen! Trailers will be coming back soon!

People in my HKO guild “Magical Stars” will be able to have updates about the guild by checking my blog too! Many events and parties are awaiting!

Most of these updates will be starting in April, I hope that you will visit my blog then! See you soon! :D

I’ve been very busy with things that are happening in real life and I haven’t been able to post anything in my blog and in the forum. I don’t have much time now that I have to stay after school to take some classes. I’ve also been working hard on the new videos that I’m going to make in the Dream Studio. I’m also trying to start to post things about Club Penguin again so you can know what’s happening on the island. I’m trying to find movies that are rated PG (it’s hard because some are PG but the titles look like they’re PG-13). There are many things I’m doing, which is why I can’t post often, when I’m finished with everything else I need to do I’ll be back to post new things!

(This doesn’t mean that I won’t post absolutely anything, I’ll still be posting 1 or 3 things every once in a while! Be sure to check my blog for updates!

Yesterday, at 9:30 am Server Time on HKO, in the International-Wonderful (English) server, I was hunting Squeet to get my dream pet card (which I have been wanting to get for 2 months) and I finally got it!!! :D I can’t believe it! After all that time I was in East Florapolis Valley trying to get it, I finally got it yesterday!
Here are some pictures for you to see: (Click on them to view in full size)

The Squeet Pet Card I got! :D


Isabella_10 celebrating! :D


Isabella_10 with her new Squeet, Harry Thomas :)

Isabella_10’s Graduation Party began at 8:30 am servertime In-Game in the International-Wonderful (English) server. We had fun, there were a lot of people in the farm (more than I imagined would go) and everyone got a gift at the begining of the party. They each got a Green/Blue/Yellow Kitty Bow Hat, 3 Chocolate cakes, 1 Hamburger and 6 French Fries! We played “Unscramble the letters” and I asked everyone who went a few easy questions, if you answered correctly, you would win prizes from a small hat to a pet card or even a farm certificate! We all had a wonderful time at the party and I’m sure that you will never forget it! I spent a month gathering things and getting ready for the party, thank you for coming to my party and making it the best party ever!


Thank you Kuromisia, LisaChris, Aiika, Cathy101, Tweetums, 5ana, XiAoMeii, Lajie, and cutecinnamoroll for coming to my party and making it be the best party I’ve ever had! :D

The Hunt for All Game Masters-GM event. Here are 5 In-Game Game Masters: GM-Destiny, GM-Chamomile, GM-Galatea, GM-Zel, and GM-Heine. (Regular International GMs)

In-Game Name/Avatar Name: Isabella_10
Username: londonluv86@hellokitty.com
Server: International - Wonderful (English)

GM-Destiny          (Regular GM:1 point)


GM-Chamomile          (Regular GM:1 point)


GM-Galatea         (Regular GM:1 point)


GM-Heine          (Regular GM:1 point)


GM-Zel          (Regular GM:1 point)

Here is my new graduation party invitation! I hope you can all come! :D

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