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Hi there! It’s me! I was wondering…
Sorry… that’s Adele =P

Anyways, hello there! I’m back after several months of not posting anything and promising I’d be online again. Well, now I’m here to tell you what has been going on.

Let’s go back 9 months ago, if you hadn’t noticed my last post, I was quite sad, extremely sad. If you read it then you know my cat Princess had had a tumor since she was very young and the reason I posted that last post was because she was going through the worst. In all the years we had been taking care of her she had never looked so bad, it all just happened from one day to another, literally, she went from not even noticing there was something wrong to her final day of life. That same day and not long after I posted that message and logged out, she passed away, just after I had given her the last hugs and kisses I ever would and feeling her fur in my hands and seeing her beautiful green eyes for the last time. In a way, I am happy she is no longer suffering, but I miss her so much.
After that, I spent the entire next weeks sad, really sad, I could barely do anything because all I could think about was that whatever I did from then and on I’d be doing without her. And I was very sad throughout the school semester, everything reminded me of her, my grades didn’t drop too low but I got an 8/10 in History (which is quite a good grade and I’m not really good at History but I know if I would’ve been happier I might have got a better grade). And for weeks I had been trying to make a video remembering her and I had tried to work on the new Save the World video “Be Humane”, but I thought that seeing her pictures would just hurt my heart even more. And that’s why I didn’t post any videos in December, I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
But then I realized in December and in these past few months that looking at her photos and remembering her is actually better than trying to avoid remembering her, because, yes, I might feel pain in my heart because I know she’s not here with us anymore, but she deserves to be remembered, to be loved, and if she came to leave us a message it’s that we must live every day to the fullest, live life the best that we can, leaving aside all the bad things and focusing on the good ones, because, in the end, the great things we did with and for our family are those we will cherish the most and will be the most important in our lives.
So I’ve thought, maybe I can’t do things with her anymore, but I can definitely do things for her, in her name, and for all she loved, her own family and my family, and to help other animals make sure they get the same opportunity of having a beautiful life with a loving family as she did =)

So I’ve been feeling better this semester. Last semester I started the first month of school with a 9.2 in my grades, now I started with a 9.57 and I plan to keep it that way, but without forgetting to pay more attention to my family and pets and loved ones knowing they’re important too. Yes, school is important, but it is never above family =)
So now that I’m feeling better, my sadness is going away a bit, I can finally get to start working on *drumrolls* THE LAST TWO VIDEOS OF Save the World!!! =O =D
YES! I had 5 planned and so far I have posted 3: “Protect Animals”, “Plant Hope” and “Help Earth”. And the plans I have for the last two and for future Dream Studio Projects are listed in part 2 of this post. You can see it by just clicking Read More>> =) Read more »

I did it in the last year of Elementary School, now it’s happening again in Middle School! =D Yes! Hello! I’m graduating Middle School this Friday and on Saturday I’m planning on making a party in Club Penguin! =D

Last time it was in HKO but I’ve been having some problems downloading it in my computer (since the last time I was using my sister’s computer but now she’s very busy and uses it most of the time), so until I try to fix the problem I’m planning it to be in Club Penguin! =D

Here’s the invitation:
Middle School Graduation Party 2014

I hope you can join! =D See you soon! =D Waddle On! =)

It’s been a very long time since I last posted about Club Penguin! Ho ho ho! Santa Penguin is almost here! While we wait for him, we celebrate this time of the year where we should all be together and spend time with friends and family, in fact, we should be with them always no matter what time of the year it is!

I arrived to Club Penguin’s Home Page after about a month (been very busy with school lately, now I understand my friends who were older than me) and found that the screen has changed yet again! Take a look:

It’s great to see how Club Penguin grows along with ourselves! =) It might be sad to not see the Club Penguin we all remember, but in the end we all change, right?

What’s going on in this year’s Holiday Party? Well, as usual, there’s a 12 days of gifts! Instead, this year it’s 6 days but you still get gifts! My favorite one is the Christmas Teddy Bear! I’ve always wanted a Teddy Bear for my penguin and I FINALLY have one! Yay! =D Rockhopper is also in town to help for the Coins for Change and you can get a free Rockhopper Plushie on his ship! Looks like plushies are part of this winter’s fashion!

Speaking of Coins for Change, you can donate to protect the environment, provide medical help and build safe places! I think they should all get equal amount so I donated 1,000 coins to each. When I get more coins, I’ll donate even more!

Also, you can go to the Bakery (in the Snow Forts) and make cookies, after that you can eat one and transform into a toy car, reindeer puffle or Jack Frost for 10 minutes and all the coins you spend on the cookie will be donated to Coins for Change! =D I ate a toy car cookie!

When I arrived to my igloo I parked my car, trying not to run over any puffles of course! Which was a very hard job because there are puffles everywhere!

And when I was about to leave, I fed and bathed my puffles and played with them then I transformed back into a penguin:

I had and still having a great time! Mostly because there are many more surprises for everyone! The past years almost everything was for members but this time we can all celebrate! That makes this a very good Christmas at Club Penguin! =)

What do you think? Are you having a good time in Club Penguin? Waddle On! =D

The weather is getting cold, maybe it’s because Club Penguin posts are here!

Party Banners


Starting today, new Penguin Style catalog! Even Club Penguin has hot weather sometimes, but there’s nothing to worry about with these new refreshing clothes!

Starting today, new play at the Stage! Team Red vs Team Blue has arrived once again to the Stage! Actors, directors, basketball players needed!

Starting August 9, Tropical Igloo Contest! Decorate your igloo with a tropical theme and get a chance to win rare igloo items and coins!

Starting August 9, new Furniture catalog! If you really like fruit, this will be your chance to show it!


Find the hidden pin!
Hidden Until: August 8
Next Pin Hidden: August 9 - August 22


A fruity Summer is to come and we must enjoy it before it’s time to go back to school! Waddle On!


For those who were waiting for my new Dream Studio video, an error occurred and I wasn’t able to upload it, keep checking the Dream Studio! I’m sure it will be there soon!

Club Penguin penguins! Come and help me make my new Dream Studio project! Audition for a part to be in my next project The Penguin Avengers: Loki’s Revenge (based on Marvel’s The Avengers and Club Penguin’s Super Hero Takeover Party). Here’s more info:


We are still casting for the parts of:

Iron Man
Captain America
Black Widow
Nick Fury
Extras (Policemen)
Extras (Loki’s Army)
Extras (Others)
**Special Effects Editor

*The dates and hours are in Eastern Standard Time (NOT Penguin Standard Time) Click HERE to see Eastern Standard Time.

*Be sure to wear your costume during the audition. We will only be asking you simple questions and you must show us how well you can play the character.

*If you are Ultimate Safe Chat, you can audition for extras. If you wanted to audition for a main character but you are Ultimate Safe Chat and no one else shows up to audition for that character, you will have a chance to play the character. Don’t worry, videos can be edited!

*For Loki’s Army extras, you can wear something blue, white, or winter clothes.

*Very Important: Please leave your penguin’s name in a comment before going to an audition.

**For the Special Effects editor, you can send me an e-mail to londonluv86@hellokitty.com with an example of a video you have added special effects to.

This is the very first video where I will be using a camera instead of screenshots to make this film!

The party keeps going on! Every party is better on a Friday!

Party Banners


Starting a week ago, The Ultimate Jam! Party and celebrate your musical Summer before it ends on July 31! Don’t forget to collect the free items!

Starting August 2, new Penguin Style catalog! Buy new clothing items for this weather! Never before seen items, and much more at the Gift Shop!

Starting August 2, new play at the stage! Get ready for this play returning to the stage! Practice your basketball skills and acting skills!

Starting August 8, new Furniture catalog! Buy new items for your igloo that will give your igloo a “refreshing” look!


Find the hidden pin!
Hidden Until: August 8
Next Pin Hidden: August 9 - August 22


Have a nice Summer! Waddle On!

The Ultimate Jam has arrived to Club Penguin! There are many new items, new party rooms, new decorations, new music, the entire island changed for this party! Join a band/gather your band/make your own band, turn up the music, practice your best moves, get on stage, and make your own performance on any stage around the island!

With a new and free item for everyone everyday, make this a very musical summer!
(Sorry for the bad quality of this picture) (Everyday you get a pin like this along with new items for your penguin for FREE)

For the very first time, you get to see Cadence and the Penguin Band in a live concert everyday in every server! Just go to the Snow Forts and when the count down reaches 0:05 you’ll now that in 5-4-3-2-1 the concert will start! Everyone can watch the concert! Don’t worry! There’s enough room for every penguin!

And when the concert is over, you can check your Stampbook and you’ll see that 5 new stamps have been added!

The Ultimate Jam will end on July 31, don’t miss the fun! Enjoy this musical summer before it ends! What do you think about this summer’s Club Penguin parties?

Keep on dancing!

The party starts now! Let’s listen to the music!

Party Banners
(Strange, they haven’t updated the banners yet =P )

Starting today, Ultimate Jam! Have fun partyin’ until it ends on July 31! Gather your band and have fun! Auditions, concerts, Casa Fiesta, and more!

Starting today, free item each day! Collect a FREE item each day and you’ll win an amazing prize at the end of every quest!

Starting August 2, new Penguin Style catalog! Get ready for new items coming to the Gift Shop! But don’t forget to buy items for the Ultimate Jam too!

Starting August 2, new play at the stage! Team Red vs Team Blue returns to the stage! Actors, directors needed at the stage!


Find the hidden pin!
Hidden Until: July 25
Next Pin Hidden: July 26 - August 8


This is going to be a very musical Summer! Make sure to look for Cadence, CeCe, and Rocky around the island! Waddle On!

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