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If you knew you had only one day left with your loved one?
Everything seemed so happy and brilliant up until yesterday. I went to school early in the morning and got my final grades from my first year of High School (10th Grade) and I got 9.7! That means I get a discount of 60% of what we have to pay per semester at school.
Then, at midnight, my older sister had presented an admission exam to dentist and vet school and she got the results to the dentist school, which was her main priority of passing, and ended up in 3rd place and, yes, of course, she passed.
A few weeks ago my brother had got great grades at school too.
But the past week, I had noticed that Princess, my cat who is to turn 5 this August 11th, had her right eye dilated a bit more than the left one, I thought it would go away but I still told my mom about it.
For those who don’t know, Princess was diagnosed with a tumor when she was about 3-5 months old, saying she’d only live up to 8 months old. Not too many years ago, a vet misdiagnosed her tumor as her stomach, which had “grown too big than usual”, so we thought she’s be ok, and I said misdiagnosed because this happened in 2013, and in 2014 she had surgery to remove her reproductive system and the vet saw that it was actually a tumor growing in her system.
So today, she was fine the whole week, being the Princess so beautiful she has always been, but today she woke up lying on the floor and meowing as if in pain. We went to get her an x-ray and it turns out it might already be in her liver or other organs, and she won’t get up, she just licks what we try to feed her, we’ve given her medicine for swollen stomach, but the vet said.. That… Well… And it hurts so much to remember… We have to take the decision of… You know… What…
What would you do? My beautiful, brave little Princess, OUR Princess, who’s had 3 kittens and adopted 2, always fighting, always brave, with the greenest eyes and the most beautiful ginger and brown fur you’ve ever seen.
She’s always around her mother, Paprika, that’ why we call them Paprincess, the never separable kottens, the most beautiful and strongest show of affection and love I have ever seen towards a mother to her daughter in an animal.
The painful part, we knew this was coming since she was inicially diagnosed, but no one can ever prepare you for this. My eyes are full of tears and my heart of pain you’ll never understand if you’ve never lost someone this way…
So if you had to take a decision like this, so tough, what would you do?
We’re still waiting for the medicine we gave her to have some effect, but she’s family, all my 7 cats and my dog, OUR pets, we’re all family, together we ALL make a HOME.
I just wanted to say, that I love my family I love them all so so much.

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