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Hi! =D Hi there! =) It’s been quite a while since the last post I wrote, but at least it wasn’t too long =)

I wanted to write because I have made some updates on my blog and I wanted you to know about them. I’ll be making some more updates soon but so far these are the ones that have been made.

Before I start writing (well… by the time you’ve read this, I would’ve already written it, unless you’re a time traveler, which we all are, so I’m going to change that and say instead…) before you start reading this I want to tell you that I’ve changed the blog’s theme and yes, this is still ♥Londonluv86’s Blog♥

Second, I’ve made some new counting down counters since there are only 5 weeks of school left before Summer Vacations! =D Yes! That’s right! 5 WEEKS! =O =D Time passes by so fast sometimes, doesn’t it? =,) Anyways, I’ve made new counters and I’ve put them in the post on the Page “Counting Down” on my blog, which you can see by clicking here or by going to the right side of this page and look for the section that has the title “Pages”, then click on the link that says Counting Down and scroll to the bottom of the page.

I’ve divided the counters from last year and the ones from this year by adding some lines and a title that says 2014 Counters. There, you’ll see three new counters, one for Summer Vacations, another for my Graduation, and one for the new Save The World video that will be released around July 31, 2014 (yes, you know why).

Yes! I’ll be releasing it very soon! =D That’s why this post is also in the Londonluv86 Dream Studio News! category, you’ll be able to see the Dream Studio Projects Today page updated very soon too. I’ll also be working on many other things during these Summer Vacations and, of course, I’ll be online more often! =)

Those are some of the updates that I’ve done so far, during the week I’ll post something that happened yesterday, well, A LOT of things happened yesterday.

What do you think? =) See you soon! =) =D

Hi there! =D How are you? It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted something. Happy Easter and Earth Day and Mother’s Day!  =D

Today I didn’t get a lot of homework and it’s a 4-day week because on Friday we don’t have school because we celebrate Teacher’s Day here so we get a day off, but since I probably won’t be able to come online on Friday because one of my friends is going to come to my house so I can help her study for our final Chemistry exam (in June) and I might come online until Saturday but I wanted to come and talk while I’m printing my homework =D

During this month, so far, we’ve only had Mother’s Day events but I’m going to talk about that on Saturday to try to upload some pictures, so right now I’m going to tell you why the title is High School Exam Results!.

Of course, I’m in 9th grade now, that’s the last year of Middle School in my country, and on April 12 I went to take an exam to get into a high school I want to be in and the results were published on May 10th… yes… Happy Mother’s Day! =D

We went to pick up the results before we went to visit our grandma and that school gives you three options: the highest points get to study in the morning, the middle points get to study in the afternoon, and the lowest are left waiting in case any of the students that have been accepted don’t sign in.

They put the results by names and *drumroll* I passed! =D YES! =O I couldn’t believe it! =D I passed in the morning with no courses to take AT ALL! =D Yay! I’m very happy.

Unfortunately, one of my friends passed in the afternoon and she might end up going to a different school =( but that doesn’t mean we won’t see each other often! =)

I can’t wait! It makes me happy to know that I passed but I’m also starting to get a little sad about leaving Middle School, the graduation is on July 12 (I think) so right now I’m feeling happy/sad =P

On Saturday I take an English exam to see which class I get to take and on Saturday I also have my Confirmation. It comes after the First Communion. =)

I’m very excited! =D How have you been? =) See you soon! =D =) =)

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