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Hi there! I’m back again! =D I’m so sorry for keeping you all waiting, you wouldn’t believe how busy I’ve been during the past months. I’m so sorry that I haven’t posted anything =( Some of you might already know, but this year is my last year of Middle School (Yay! =D ) so the teachers are giving us extra homework, extra school projects, plus all the exams we have to take to get into the High School we want to be in. =S

Anyways, it’s Spring Break for me now, and I wanted to come and say hi to everyone and know how you’re doing =)

You probably might be wondering what has happened during the last few months… well… I’ll try to write a quick summary:

November: Thor: The Dark World, The Day of the Doctor, The Hunger Games, my 15th birthday, it was the month with the most fandomness so far! I’ve already posted about my birthday so let’s jump to the next month.

December: Christmas Vacations were full of homework O_O We had to make an exam for Chemistry and answer it ourselves, I went to visit my grandparents on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, everyday we went out to find materials and ingredients for more projects that we were going to do when we started school again…

January: Baby egg time! I took care of a baby boy egg for a whole week, I named him Matthew Thomas, and I was a “single mom” =P I was one of the very few who didn’t hand in an egg with a scratch. It was kind of sad when I had to give him back to the adoption center =,( and more exams! Exams about everything we learned during the year O.O

February: More acting projects for English. They lasted between February and March. Got sick a couple of times, colds and stomachaches… We made a lot of Spanish projects too. In this month I began to get ready for High School exams

March: Contests and exams again! Those contests really made the teachers lose classes and we got more homework. It was also the month where my friends had their Quinceañera parties so I had to get ready for them… only two parties… but the only Quinceañera parties I’ve been to =P (besides my cousins’ parties)

And that comes to April, where I took the exam to get into the High School I want to be in. I just took it on April 12th, and the results are published there on May 10th (Mother’s Day) so I hope everything goes well =)

I’m on Spring Break right now and guess what? *drumrolls* I finished my EXTERMIKNIT! Dalek! =D Yes! Just today I finished sealing the base to the body of the Dalek and I put in the filling and now I have a cuddly red Dalek! =D My kittens have seen it too now. I’ll post a picture of it soon! =D

So that’s what has been going on lately. I don’t really want to post EVERY detail of what happened during these months… too much drama at school… anyways school’s almost out, only one bimester to go before High School.

I really want to post more! =D How have you been? See you soon! =)

NOTE: I changed the blog’s theme to an Easter theme! =D Happy Easter! This is still ♥Londonluv86’s Blog♥! =D =) See you soon! =) =D

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