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Today has been my 15th birthday! =D And I have to say, it is one of the BEST! =D

First of all, how is everyone? Have you been okay? I hope so! Forgive me for not posting lately, after all my after-school activities began my afternoons seemed shorter on Tuesdays and Thorsdays and I would end up doing homework slower… but the good thing is I’m here! Right? =D

Anyways, today I got out of school early because my dad asked for the day off at work so we could all be together, but when I arrived at school my friends were already waiting for me to sing happy birthday! =D (This is going to be a colorful post so get ready!) And my friend gave me this teddy bear:
(You might want to move your computer screen hehe sorry I’ll try to fix the picture later and rotate it hehe! =D )

It’s really BIG! =O Then everyone sang happy birthday to me and gave me hugs. What was very surprising was that my Chemistry teacher actually hugged me! =O I guess that that takes off “Be surprised” from my list of Quests for 2013 =P =D

I got a stamp for assisting to my Civics and Ethics class on my birthday and an extra stamp for completing a team project in the same class about making an object move on its own. My team won 3rd place so we got a stamp! Woo hoo! =D Stamps are good for your grades in my Civics and Ethics class! =D

When I came home I logged in and saw some cute birthday pictures on my profile in the Forum! =D Thank you to everyone! =D
Hehe you truly know I’m a fangirl =D Thank you! =)

Yes I did watch Doctor Who today (”Aliens in London”) and I watched Thor: The Dark World today it was released in my country but we had bought the tickets on Tuesday:

I wore my green and golden owl earrings to the movie theater. I listened to Elvis with my mom… Hehe… We both like him… She’s the first one who didn’t laugh at me when I told her I listen to “I Swear” by John Michael Montgomery or however you spell his name =) (I have only told two people though, my sister and her) They had the posters at the cinema!!! =D I really liked the movie, but I’m warning you that you might want take a box of tissues, just in case… Why?… Because… Of… Spoilers! I’m just going to say that, in my opinion, I give this film 5/5 =)

We ate chocolate cake but my mom has those pictures =) And in my country instead of celebrating “Sweet Sixteen” we have “Quinceañeras” which is sort of like “Sweet XV” so today I was a quinceañera. At this age they usuallu make big parties but I have always told my parents (and it’s true) that I didn’t want a big party, and being with my family and the people I love and care about was the best party I could have =) Going to the movies and being with my friends and family was THE BEST! =)

So this is what I did today, happy birthday Hello Kitty and Mimmy too! =) I really did enjoy my day, it was the best! Thank you to all those who have made thks day the best birthday I could have asked for and thank you for making it not exactly how I wanted it, but even better! Thank you so much! =)

See you soon! =)

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