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Hi! I’m back! =D I’m very sorry for not posting before! I was very busy at school. This week was exam week and I spent most of the afternoons studying, these were my first exams of 9th Grade =O And I still have my History exam on Monday. So far I’ve gotten good results, I got 102 in Physics (2 extra points for making good projects), 100 in Computer Lab, 97 in Math, and 96 in my Spanish and Reading exam. Yesterday I had my Chemistry exam, I studied for 5 hours for it and it wasn’t too hard, I hope I get a good grade!

Some things but not too much has happened lately, but each and every day of our lives is important so in the next post I’ll tell you a little more about a certain day (Tuesday) and the events that happened on that day. If you have seen my Forum Profile then you might now what I’m talking about, if not “spoilers”! =)

Speaking of spoilers, a lot of Thor: The Dark World clips have been coming out lately and a friend has told me they have big spoilers so I’ve decided I won’t watch any new clips. I’m waiting for my Delayed Gratification for November 1st!

While you wait for more Doctor Who Songs and a new post, and to make this post a little more colorful, because it’s October and I’ve changed the Blog’s theme to a Halloween theme, here are some pictures I found of kittens with their Halloween costumes:
Kitty 1

Kitty 2

Kitty 3

I have changed the blog’s theme, but this is still Londonluv86’s Blog! =) Are you preparing for Halloween too? =D How have you been? See you soon! =) =D

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