Hi! You’ve probably been wondering why I didn’t come online this week, well, if you paid attention I think I might have posted on my previous message that I was going back to school this Monday! =D

The week was great, had some time getting everything organized, it took quite a while to get used to having three new grades there too (10th, 11th and 12th) but I think we’re almost becoming friends with some of them, or maybe still just classmates to them =P

We had 3 classmates gone this year but 2 new classmates, one used to be a student of my sister in another school. We didn’t get a lot of homework but I wasn’t well organized and ended up finishing it almost at night, but I did hand in every homework complete and on time! =)

I’ve been fangirling a lot about Thor: The Dark World lately because of the new featurette that came out and yesterday we watched The Avengers so hehe =D Fandoms!!! Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special coming SOON TOO!!! =O !!!

I finished all my homework for the weekend yesterday hehe and they also took out my dad’s wisdom tooth yesterday so he’s staying at home for the weekend =)

Right now something happened that I don’t quite want to talk about here because I think it might make me… well…

How was your week? Did you have fun at school or when do you start school? =) See you soon! =D

Today is my last day of Summer vacations! =O Am I nervous? Yes! Am I excited? A little. Am I happy? Well… I’m like The Doctor, I don’t like endings =P But something must end in order to start csomething completely new, right?

Anyways, here’s what happened today. As I mentioned in the title of this post, I finished knitting the body of the Dalek in the morning, right after I woke up, here’s a picture:

Woo hoo! =D After I finished the final row of p2tog and only 8 stitches were left, I cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, and used a smaller needle to pass it through the eight remaining stitched then I pulled it together and passed the tail through a small hole that was left at the center and made a knot and ta da! =D Here’s how it now looks like while standing up:

Now all I need to do is knit the arms, eye and base and put in the filling and I’m done! =D Woo hoo! =) I’m so happy that I finished that before Summer vacations ended, that made me really happy =) I almost fell down while going downstairs for breakfast, my leg hurt a little but it’s better now. We went to the mall in the morning to buy pants for my brother since he’s going back to school too, he graduated from school now he’s a chef and he took an exam to apply to become a vet and now he’s studying to become a vet! =) Spent most of the afternoon finishing my new Dream Studio video, writing and studying a little Math (just in case =) ) and now it’s almost time to go to sleep! =O I don’t like endings! =( The good thing is that the first two days of school we don’t do much, just “How do you do? How do you do? How do you do?” days, but school is good because you learn new things so you can be prepared for when you study a career =) I hope everything goes well tomorrow! =)

Are you in school already? How are you? =D See you soon! =)

Tomorrow is my last day of Summer vacations =( Then it’s time for 9th grade… wow =O How has my weekend turned out so far? Well… today in the morning we were having a lovely pancake breakfast together, my dad was at work though, but it ended a little… with a little discussion… my sister again

Ah well, but everything seems to be back to normal now, problem solved, I think, I hope so. Today I’m planning on doing the final test of my new Dream Studio video “Plant Hope”, which is the second video in my “Save The World” video project.

Today I also finished getting all my school supplies ready… I think… =P Although, on the first two days of school we usually just get to know each other and color random things the teachers make us color. I’m getting a little nervous about going back to school but I know it’ll be alright =)

I also need to finish reading the third Narnia book, I told myself I would finish it during Summer vacations hehe and I need to start my Day Left Until Christmas calendar for this year.

Speaking of countdowns, I just found out that Thor: The Dark World has different release dates all around the world and *fangirls* It says it comes out on November 1st in Mexico!!! =D That’s my birthday! Now all I need to find out is if we’re going to have school on that day or not because of “Día De Los Muertos” celebrations. Woo hoo! =D I don’t want a “Sweet 15″ party (It’s at 15 years old here, not 16) because I seriously think they overreact here, making HUGE parties, and they spend a lot of money on them, especially those dresses that they use, which look like cakes (really!), instead I just want a calm party with my family and kittens, at my house, a small chocolate cake, and a nice afternoon with my family is the best party I could have =)

How are you spending your days of Summer vacations? Or are you already in school again? How are you? =) See you soon! =D

♪ Head! Neck! Shoulders and Body! Shoulders and Body!
♫ That’s! What I have to! Knit! To make a Dalek!
♪ And Eyestalk! And Manipulator Arms! And Bobbles! And… Blast-Gun and Base!
♫ Head! Neck! Shoulders and Body! Shoulders and Body!

Hehe! Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post, it’s almost time for me to go back to school! =O Going to 9th grade makes me feel a little nervous but I’m sure everything will be okay, I just need to study hard =D

I want to finish knitting a Dalek before going back to school, remember the last picture I posted? Well, here’s a new picture! =D

I just finished knitting the neck, which is the black and silver section, and the red yarn at the top of that are the first rows of the head! =D Right now I’m knitting the little lights at the top of the head so I’m nearly done!

I’m also reading the final 2 chapters of The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Horse And His Boy and I’m finishing the final 2 chapters of my book, but I’m listening to music right now to be inspired =)

Are you in school now? When do you start school? See you soon! =D

During August 10-13, there will be meteor showers that you will be able to see! I’m not sure if one of these pages is talking about the same meteor shower I am talking about (click HERE or HERE or HERE), but I found this in one of my fandoms’ website and I wanted to share it with you! =)

What do you think? Are you going to try to watch it? Have you ever seen a meteor shower before? =) See you soon! =D

Wow! It has been a VERY long time since I posted a trailer here! =O Let’s celebrate! *dances* Ok! Now that I’m done fangirling about that I am going to fangirl about something I just can’t stop fangirling about, the new Thor: The Dark World trailer!!!!!

Many of you might have already seen the previous trailer, the one they released around March/April, probably some of you have already seen the new trailer they just released this Wednesday, but if you are one of those who haven’t seen the new trailer then get ready to fangirl!!! =D

Before the new trailer was released, they released some new pictures of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) on set, which make a little more sense now that the trailer is released. Click HERE to see those pictures! =D

I woke up very early in the morning on Wednesday because of some THUNDER, then when I got up I saw that it said the trailer was going to be released at 2pm BST and it was still 1pm BST so I spent that hour watching Master Chef-Australia with my mom and then I checked MARVEL’s YouTube Channel and it was there! =O

It was released during YouTube’s special Geek Week! Happy Geek Week! =D Yes I am part of it, I am awkward and different and I like it =) And they also released a new poster along with the trailer:

Poster 1
Poster 1

Poster 2
Poster 2

And here are both of the trailers! =) Click Read More>> to watch! =D Read more »

Hello! I hope you’re having a great Friday! I’m trying to catch up because next week will be my last week of Summer vacations then here comes 9th grade! =O The last year (in my country) of Middle School! Wow! Anyways, I’ve been fangirling a lot lately mostly because the new Thor: The Dark World trailer was released on Wednesday, something else I’m going to talk about soon, so here’s another song to keep fangirling! This was for week July 7 - July 13! Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

Shh! Don’t tell my sister, I just ate a penguin. No… not literally a penguin… not a REAL penguin… it’s just what they call them it’s a small, chocolate cupcake well it looks like a cupcake… I’m not really sure what it is. Anyways, it’s chocolate filled with vanilla icing and it has chocolate icing on the top and some swirly vanilla icing on the top too with some ooooo patern. That’s a penguin! =D It’s a dessert, my sister got mad because we bought doughnuts again but I think she forgot I already had those treats so hehe =D Anyways, ready to hear another song? This was for week June 30 - July 6. Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

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