Woo hoo! Almost to 20! I’m taking this post-more-often too seriously =P Anyways, hello there! Tomorrow I probably won’t be here in the afternoon because they’re going to take out my sister’s bottom left wisdom tooth because instead of coming out upwards it’s towards the side… funny… so I might have to go to wait too because she doesn’t want to be alone and I understand that. So, here’s the song, pretend it was posted on May 19 - 25, wow, so long since I was doing my final projects? =O Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

June 26… hello! =D I feel like posting something but I don’t even know what to say =P Have you ever gotten that feeling?

Well, we finished all the decorations for today’s party, I watched this cute clip of Despicable Me 2 and saw that a minion was holding a minion cupcake and look what I found! Recipes all over the Internet! =D
Aren’t they cute? ^_^

All you have to do is put two cupakes together with icing and cut them in a round, minion shape, use icing to make the body and the clothes, make a cute eye and smiley and you’re done! =D 

It has been very hot these past days, the sun is boiling and right now we’re around 33° C, the highest temperature to expect today is 39° C and the lowest is 24° C =/ At least it’s not as bad as those days, last year, I remember, there were days in which we would except 45° C as the highest temperature! I really want a cold glass of water now! =P

… And a cupcake… =D Erm… what else to talk about? =P Oh, I found some exercises on the Internet that say they help you get rid of sciatica pain so I did some last night and in the morning and it seems to really help. I get so angry lately when something hurts I don’t know why it makes everything wibbly wobbly =( But I start thinking about it and everything gets better =)

I should start finishing my books, so see you soon! How are you? =D

Hello there! How are you today? This week (June 28) is my cousin’s… well… my cousin’s daughter’s 5th birthday, happy birthday cousin! =D

So this is going to be a special day for her because it will be the first time that she actually gets a birthday party and not just a little cake like her mom, my cousin, usually does to her because her brother is usually the one to get the parties, and I decided to help her a little with the decorations.

My mom told me that she asked if we could help with the table decorations, so we took some flower pots (which were actually food containers) and my cousin gave us pink paint and another shade of pink I think it’s called bugambilia or at least that’s what it says on the paint pot =P and we made this:

You can tell that her party is going to be Strawberry Shortcake theme =D My mom found the small, glitter butterflies at the grocery store and we bought pink ribbons and pink roses (made of foami) at a fabrics and cloths store near the same grocery store, we glued them and my sister helped us with the butterflies and she put the chocolates in bags tied with a ribbon, inside the flowerpot there’s a sort of pink sponge and we put the notepad on a stick and put another stick inside the bag of chocolates and that’s how they are flying out. The pipe cleaners are just to see if it looks better with those or with pieces of colored paper.

It was fun making them, but it was quite hard to get all the decorations because we had to walk a lot around the grocery store and right now I have a slight pain in my lower back and some said it could be sciatica, but I can walk and do everything normal, I found some exercises I can do so I’m feeling better, don’t worry =)

Going out to walk a little while with my mom to do exercise and lose a little weight so the adipose won’t start walking away =D Currently writing another chapter of another book, reading the third book of Narnia, my mom found the circular needles I need to knit a Dalek, yay! =D How are you? See you soon! =)

Hi there! Have you been out to see the moon tonight? Tonight it is meant to be the night that the moon is seen bigger than usual, I’m out with my family right now and I can tell you it is bigger than you see it any other day! =O It’s not huge, not enough to call the giants from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask but it is big enough to enjoy it’s beauty and realize how wonderful this universe is =)


It’s said that it’s been… well… a very long time since this last happened so why not go and have a look outside? Nature, isn’t it unique? =D I’m not sure if it will still be like that tomorrow or tonight for those of you who are on the other side of the world and living in a different time zone, but why not search for the moon even through your window just to see? =)

Sorry for not posting anything this week, I got a little… sad during the first half of the week, I’m not sure why… well… I do now… anyways this week I’m thinking about finishing the first half of the ending of my book 1 in a series of 5 books I’m writing, well imagining right now =D

So the Ood and the Judoon built a hot-air balloon and went to the moon, what do you think about the moon? I like the moon, I like Earth and the sky filled with stars and different universes all around it! =D How are you? See you soon! =)

Hello again! =D So just pretend this was posted during May 12 - 18 and we’ll all be happy =P There is a car in front of my house that’s blue and I’m sure it’s not the TARDIS, hehe so here’s another song and more information from the past anniversaries of Doctor Who, click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

Woo hoo! I really want a cake right now… Hi! It’s me I’m back =P Monday was my last day of school and now in the mornings it’s quite quiet because my sister is at work and so is my mom and my brother spends most of the morning upstairs playing video games while I’m left with the kittens downstairs writing my books… and talking to myself in my blog =/

Yesterday I went to get my braces tight again and they took away the purple elastic things they put around them to replace them with just wires to go around them, the dentist said it will make my teeth get straight even faster, so I guess I won’t have green and golden braces when I go to watch Thor 2: The Dark World =(

As you might have seen, I have changed the blog’s theme… again… I really like to use this one during Summer, don’t ask why because not even I know =P but this is still Londonluv86’s Blog so don’t be frightened dear readers, if there is anyone there reading.

My “To Do” list for the Summer vacations of this year is quite small:
Knit a Dalek (EXTERMIKNIT)
Finish writing Book 1
Start writing Book 2
Try to get myself to watch “The Name of the Doctor”
Learn to wear eye contacts

…That’s it, I suppose, plus something not included in this list because it’s for the rest of the year - do exercise.

I guess you might want to hear something new this Summer, so why don’t you leave a comment telling me what new topic you would like to see in my blog or a category you would like me to bring back (I stopped some because the truth not many were reading) and the two options with most votes wins and gets a new post every Wednesday and Friday.

I hope I get to see you soon! =)

Just pretend this was posted during May 12 - 18. I’m very behind on these posts, so going to post a thousand this week =P Woo hoo! Good thing summer vacations started on Tuesday! =D Got my braces tight again yesterday, they hurt right now, changed my blog theme, now you’re updated, let’s START! Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

Hello! It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted, I missed you! =P Hehe no one is listening right? =(

Anyways, now that you know I’m still alive… well you would have noticed earlier if you were on the SanrioTown Forum… well I’m here to tell you that nothing much has been going on lately. On Monday I finally presented The Woman in Black play at my school for my Spanish class, I’m guessing it was 7/10, when they mentioned the votes for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Background, Best Play, and Best Costumes we were only mentioned in Best Background with one vote… from an actor in the same play… It was the first time so I think we will do better in the next play =)

=( Matt Smith announced that he’s leaving Doctor Who. Why?! It took me a season and a half to get over 9, then another season and a half for 10, now 11 is going?! I can’t imagine how it felt like when Tom Baker left, so me and my sister are planning on how we can get to watch the 50th Anniversary Special on the exact day it is released, the options are 1) travel to Cardiff for a week just to watch it in the theater 2) get BBC HD on our TV…

Another reason to like Doctor Who:

On Friday I took my final final exams (History) and because me and 5 other classmates got high grades on our past History exams we got to take our exams in pairs, I did it with a girl who was my “friend” last year… and tomorrow, because of the ENLACE exam in my country, they are only making us go to school to pick up our report cards with our grades on it. That’s not all, we have to go the WHOLE NORMAL SCHOOL DAY. The good thing is that I downloaded some books on my cellphone and when the teachers leave the classroom to “check something” for half an hour or when they let us run around like crazy because they’re “checking grades” I am able to read Sherlock Holmes =)

Tuesday is my first day of summer vacations, officially, and on Wednesday I get my braces tight again and I welcome my last year of Middle School (9th grade in my country) in August O.O They also announced in my school that they will add High School to that school so now I have two options. So many options… and I still haven’t found a place that sells mint chocolate chip ice cream! =(

I’ll post more during the week, how are you? =) See you soon! =D
*Bowties are cool*

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