Hi! Yes… Yeah I know I said I would post this sooner but I had final school projects to hand in and this week is exam week so I should post this before Monday because exam week doesn’t end until June 5 and June 7 is my last day of school so you wouldn’t see me until Summer Vacations but I think that will be a long time.
Anyways, here’s a song (Just pretend this was post during May 5-11 =P ) Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

Lately this is what has been in my mind, a true friend is the one who makes you laugh even when you feel bad, the one that is there to make you feel happy and safe, and they are the ones who know that you’re different and like you because of that.

But, how do you know if you truly are a good friend? How do you know how your friends feel about you? I wonder this because I think that sometimes I think a little too much about me and believe that “my friends are annoying” or “they have nothing in common” or “they don’t even talk to me”, and I’m sure I’m not the only one around here who sometimes thinks that their friendship isn’t very good.

Yes, sometimes we might think that our friends make too many mistakes and when they are sometimes mean to us we don’t try to talk about it first when the truth is that even friends will disagree with some things you might say or do, but we should be the ones to help them get it right or be with them to make them feel good about who they are even though they’re different from us.

Sometimes we take more time thinking about how our friends don’t get along well with us than the time we spend thinking if we truly think about our friends first and the good personality they have instead of thinking about what we don’t like about them.

That’s why, from now on, I will make sure I care more about my friends, and you should always be there for your friends. Just by seeing their smile and forgiving, you know that you are a good friend! =)

On Wednesday I didn’t go to school because in my country we celebrate Teacher’s Day on May 15, but that afternoon I went to the dentist to get my braces! =D

The first day she told me that I couldn’t eat anything crunchy or hard to bite because they might fall off and my teeth could hurt, but today it doesn’t hurt so much, although I still have to eat only soft food.

It didn’t hurt much while the dentist was putting on my braces, it wasn’t until a few hours later and the next day that my teeth hurt, but I guess I got used to it when they put on my expanders so it wasn’t so painful anymore. Talking about my expanders, I had my bottom expanders removed on the same day that I got my braces because my gum was getting swollen and a wire from the expander was getting stuck around the same area, the dentist said that she won’t put them on again until I get my bottom braces, which will be when my top front tooth covers a bottom front tooth that is in front of the top one when it should be a little behind it.

Yesterday at school my classmate asked me “What did you have for breakfast today?”… sounded strange at first… until I noticed that he got braces too! =D He got them on Thursday, one day after me, and told me that he couldn’t have breakfast because they hurt =P I’m not the only one who just got their braces now! =D Other classmates also got their braces this year =)

I wanted my braces to be green and golden (Loki!!!) or TARDIS blue, but I decided to ask for purple ones because I want to use the green and golden ones when I go watch “Thor: The Dark World” and since I’ll usually go to an appointment every 15th or near that day of the month I’ll ask for blue ones after I go to watch Thor because after that, on November 23, I’m going to (maybe) watch Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special! =D


Do you wear braces or have you ever worn braces? Do you know someone who wears braces? See you soon!

Also, today is the final episode of Doctor Who before the 50th Anniversary! =D I’m so excited! I can’t wait! Watch “The Name of The Doctor” soon! =D

In my country, we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th. Sorry for posting this late, I had a few problems with the blog and I couldn’t open it but it’s there now! =D

Mother’s Day is a day to show your mom how much you love her, how much you appreciate everything she has given to you, it’s a chance to apologize if you have ever done something wrong to make her upset, it’s a day to appreciate and thank her for the first thing she ever gave to us and without it we wouldn’t be here: life and love.

But Mother’s Day shouldn’t be celebrated just one day, it should be celebrated every day of the year because our mom does her job not once but 24 hours a day every day of our lives!

Here’s how we celebrated Mother’s Day this year.

Every year in my school, as I mentioned in my last post, we make a Mother’s Day event, and we have a Mother’s Day card/letter contest and the best one from each classroom is chosen and the author gets to read it in front of everyone during the event. My card was chosen this year from the 8th grade, along with another girl’s card from 9th grade and no one from 7th grade =P

My teacher asked me to keep it a secret for my mom so I could surprise her when I read the letter, so I told my mom that I was just going to help my teacher say some small poems during the event. I was so nervous, my stomach started feeling nervous and I was worried about my pronounciation.

But when my teacher made the sign to tell me it was my turn to read my letter (they mentioned that mine won frst place =D ) as I walked to the microphone I felt my fear slowly going away and when I finished I forgot if I even read it with good pronounciation and I went to give my mom some flowers and my card and as I went to where she was sitting I saw tears in her eyes and she got up to give me a hug.

No one said anything and even a photographer got near us on the moment we hugged and a lot of people were taking pictures and the woman sitting next to my mom was crying too. I felt something that I can’t even explain when I went to hug my mom. Then my crazy aunt yelled “THAT’S MY SISTER!” =P

A lot of people were saying how nice my card was and it was the one that made them cry the most, I actually never thought that they were going to react that way and less was my hope that my card would be chosen. I felt so… satisfied and full of joy that they liked it I suppose but I still can’t explain it right =D

But when I saw that my mom was still crying from the letter she told me that she couldn’t believe that those beautiful words came from me and she thanked me for loving her so much.

I’m thinking that my card’s last paragraph is true, because I wrote “Maybe I won’t remember this card tomorrow, but the message it leaves will stay in my memory and everyone’s memory forever: anything can be forgotten, except the love your mother gives to you. That love will stay with me forever” and I don’t remember every single word that I wrote, but what I do remember is all that my mom has done to give me a good life, all that she has done to make me feel happy, I remember that she loves me.

Mom, thank you for making me the person I am, without you, I would have never been myself, I can’t imagine where I would have been without you. Mom, I love you so much and I will be with you forever, during the good and bad moments of life, I will always remember you and I will always love you. Thank you for being my best friend and the best mom =)

Happy Mothers Day!

How do you celebrate this special day? =D See you soon!

Yesterday I had a terrible headache so when my teacher first told me that my Mother’s Day (celebrated on May 10 in my country) card was chosen to be read during the special event my school makes every year for Mother’s Day and that tomorrow (meaning today) I had to practice reading it.

Every year my school makes an event, usually one day before May 10th, to celebrate Mother’s Day. The students are told to write a card for their mother and after the teacher in charge of checking the cards gives it back to you with all the spelling right you have to decorate the card. But as they say “It’s what’s inside that counts” the teacher reads all the cards and chooses one card from each grade and the author gets to read it in front of everyone during the Mother’s Day event. Last year my card wasn’t chosen but the card my cousin wrote was, and this year I have to read mine! =D

I’m so excited! I didn’t think my card was so special =P I thought I was bad at poetry, although my card was one of the longest from my classroom. Today I practiced reading it but I still have a little trouble pronouncing some words because of my expander, especially the words that have an “s” in it, but it seems that my teacher says that I sound great.

Now that my head doesn’t hurt much I have realized that I am very nervous! =S It has been almost a year or more since the last time I talked in front of my school, now imagine talking in front of my school and the students’ parents! Well, at least I’m not going to be the only one reading their Mother’s Day card. Also it’s something special for my mom =) She doesn’t know… shh! It’s a secret because no mom knows which card might pop out! I’m going to give her a rose after I finish reading her card (of course I’m going to hand her the card too!) and I’m nervous and happy! =D

How have you been? Have you ever had to read something in front of your school/classmates/parents/family? =D

Yesterday was a great day, I think it’s the day that we have been outside the longest time.

First, we only had two hours to watch Iron Man before we went to the movie theater to watch Iron Man 3 in 3D! =O The good thing was that the movie is mostly based on what happened after The Avengers and we knew how Iron Man became who he is so the movie made sense. While we were waiting to watch the movie they passed the trailer for Thor: The Dark World and I saw Christopher Eccleston =D and Tom Hiddleston! ^^
Of course it wasn’t Steve, he looks nothing like Tom Hiddleston! Steve has Wendy =D
(Click on the picture to meet Wendy =P )

Then there was another trailer, I don’t even remember what trailer it was (I think it was Star Treck?) =P but Benedict Cumberbatch was there and then Iron Man started =D Too many favorite actors/characters together!

After that we went to the museum quite far away from my town to see a dinosaur exposition but the museum was already closed when we got there =( so we only saw the dinosaurs that were outside, maybe we’ll go again on the next weekend, they say there are 80% real dinosaur bones inside the museum, this isn’t my picture but it’s from the outside of the museum:

After that we just came home to watch T.V. and I ate so much popcorn at the movie theater that I didn’t eat anything until this morning! =O In total I guess we spent around 6 or 7 hours away yesterday, we left to the movie theater at 1:30 p.m. and when we were on our way home it was around 6:45 p.m. and I didn’t see the clock when we arrived until after I went to check on my cats and it said 7:30 p.m.

It was a great day, the good thing is that I get a 3-day weekend because of “5 de Mayo” and most people don’t want to work because “they’re celebrating” =P

How have you been? See you soon! =D

Hello! Now that I have almost introduced you into Doctor Who I seriously don’t have any idea of what else to tell you about the show… good thing there’s something called improvising! =D Seriously… this was a last-minute-Internet-researching post =P Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

Two songs today! Also a new episode! =O Clara you made me fill my bedroom wall with theories about how you’re possible =P Just kidding, anyways are you ready to meet the current Doctor (so far)? Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

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