Sorry for not posting this on the 18th, I was very busy uploading my latest Dream Studio project, but here is the next song on the list! In this post I’ll be talking about the first time we see the Doctor regenerate in the new Doctor Who era and more! Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

Yesterday, I went to the dentist to get another filling, then she said that she was going to put something between my molars to make some space between them before putting in something I’m not sure what it’s called but here’s a picture of what she put in between my molars:

And this is (I think) what the dentist meant to say when she said that she’s going to put in my teeth after she takes off what she put between my molars:

After that, my dentist told me that I’m going to have to wear braces for at least two and a half years. The good thing is that I might not need to get any teeth removed! =D I really hope it stays like that, I do like all my teeth!

Have you ever gotten to wear braces? Do you know someone who does/did? I hope I see you soon! =)

And I don’t mean the title literally because it’s just 7:07am where I live and because of Daylihht Savings Time changed the time one hour forward it’s still pretty dark outside =P

Anyways, what I really meant to say was that I’m feeling a lot better now. Yesterday I got very upset because my Physics teacher had asked us who wanted to go to an Earth Day exposition at a museum and help him talk about the batteries we made so I had asked him if I could go, I was the second one to ask him and the first one was my friend. Yesterday he talked to some classmates who never asked him if they could go and told them that he chose them to represent the school! =( I really wanted to go and felt bad because he didn’t even consider me as a sort of replacement if one of the others students didn’t go.

I started to believe that it was because of what happened in the lab, but then I had a dream, oh my dreams how they help me a lot, that I was in Chemistry class and didn’t finish my project then in Physics I didn’t finish my work either and that’s when the teachers really told me I was doing something wrong. Then I realized, I do all my work on time, I study hard and get the best grades in my class and second best from the whole school, I’m not as crazy as my other classmates during class, I AM a good student and if I didn’t get that opportunity then it’s probably because there’s an even better one waiting for me! =)

And guess what else? Yesterday I finally saw my true friends being together and happy again! If they were the “friends” I used ti hang out with last year, it would’ve taken MONTHS to see that, now I know I do have at least 4 friends that care about me and that seems like quite enough =)

For celebrating being happy again I promised I would smile at myself every day and smile to everyone too. Seeing that today is David Tennant’s birthday you get to see a new Doctor Who song and my Earth Day video contest entry today! =D I just finished it last night and I’m just adding the final touches!

I’ll see you after my after-school knitting class! =) Smile!

Ever since I came to my country it seems I can’t have a happy school ending =( This week hasn’t been well, first of all I had an argument with one of my friends here and it really made me feel bad…

Yesterday, guess what? My friends started acting weird again, one of them took her iPad to school just to show if off, something similar to what my best friend from elementary school did when she started hanging out more with the popular girls than she was hanging out with me.

Today, we were doing an activity in the lab during Physics, we were making a battery to turn on a small, green light. The teacher told us to ask him for some materials when we were done mixing some water with lemon then my classmates and I (we were a team) raised our hands to ask for the materials when everyone else was shouting for them then the teacher said “Team A passes the materials to Team F, then when Team F is done they pass it to Team C, then to Team B, and then to Team D”… what about us??

So the rest of them finished before us then the teacher comes to our table and asks why we weren’t doing anything, so we tell him that we were waiting for the materials, then he said we should’ve asked for them plus he already told everyone to pass it around O.o We tell him we were asking for them since the begining and they never passed the materials to us so one of my classmates just happens to take out her cellphone after we say that and the teacher tells us it was all our fault for not paying attention and for being distracted with the cellphone! I told him it was only her using the cellphone, we were waiting! Then he starts saying we didn’t listen to him and we don’t care about the activity! =(

This has made me feel very sad, then after all that, to make my self-esteem lower than it already is the art teacher confuses me with a 9th grade student during the time they let us eat before our after-school art activities start and says “Why haven’t you come to painting class?! You haven’t been there for TWO WEEKS! Do you want to fail?! You’re NEVER going to finish your painting!”. I’m too confused I don’t even know what to answer “But I went into knitting class, I thought I had already told you. And I thought my class had drawing class next, not painting class!”, then she answers “Well, YOU BETTER GO TO MY CLASS OR ELSE… wait… I think I confused you with someone else…”. There couldn’t have been a better way to make my self-esteem low? =(

It’s almost the end of the school year and I can’t wait to get out of there, I have straight A’s but I feel so sad now, just how I felt when I was being bullied by almost my whole elementary school in 6th grade =( I have a lot of friends on SanrioTown, but sometimes I feel the need of having a friend I can see too.

I hope everything gets better soon, there was a rumour going around before Spring Break that the principal told some classmates that we might have a new student in our class during the last months of this year, who knows if I can finally have a friend in my country that I can talk to? But I know that no matter what happens, smiles are the best way to cheer up and I should smile every day =)

I hope you are having a good week, remember to smile to make things even better! =)

It’s been a week since I last posted a song, and what a week it has been =/ Nevermind. In this post it’s time for a new Doctor Who era! Find out what happened after almost a decade without Doctor Who on T.V. and why it came back just in time for it’s 50th anniversary! Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

I can’t say this week has been 100% bad, nor has it been 100% good, so I guess it would only be fair if I said it has been 50% good and 50% bad. Why? Here goes a story!

Monday: My Chemistry teacher didn’t want to accept my model of C and N from the periodic table because I “included parts that don’t exist” when she told us how to make it and I did it exactly how she asked -_- All my classmates were being noisy and I got a bad headache and even my History teacher said she was bothered. Guess what? My English teacher didn’t go… yet again… Downton Abbey arrived!
Good= 20%, Bad= 80%

Tuesday: Started feeling strange, computers in Computer Lab weren’t working well, hit my head when I got out of the car to go to school =(
Good= 70%, Bad= 30%

Wednesday: Now my Chemistry teacher didn’t want to accept our periodic table board game because it was missing some numbers…? But did accept the game some boys made during her class… We got homework: write a story for our English class and write a card for Mother’s Day! =D Went to the doctor, turns out I had symptoms of migrane =S Don’t worry, I feel very good now. It was my brother’s birthday! =D Happy 22nd Birthday!
Good= 70%, Bad= 30%

Thursday: Been a fun day, studying for my periodic table quiz for tomorrow (Ni= N I bovvered?), writing Mother’s Day card, nervous for tomorrow’s visit to the dentist O.O Almost done with my Mother’s Day gift! ^_^ Feeling a little strange still, but not as much as the past days. Getting plans for my English story!
Good= 50%, Bad= 50%

It hasn’t been great or bad, but counting the annoying-ness of my classmates for being the very first week after Spring Break then I can explain why the doctor told me that on Wednesday. I hope you’re having a good week.

Anyways, no matter how good or bad your day might be remember to always enjoy the most you can from each day because it will only come once! =D

By the way, I am joining my friends elizabethbad and kawaiipanda12’s Earth Day video contest! =D So be sure to check the Dream Studio for my latest video coming soon! I guess I’ll post it some day around this weekend since the last day to post is the 18th O_O Although I’m not too worried because I have a slight idea on how to make it now! =D

This is the banner for my friends’ video contest! Join! =D Click here to learn more!

Before going back to school after two weeks of Spring Break here’s the ninth song on the list of 50 Doctor Who Songs! Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to come back to visit in the Forum (the first week is always busy) and maybe I’ll see you here again during the weekend! =) Click Read More>> to learn more and listen to the song! Read more »

For those who thought me going to the dentist was part of being Loki’d, I’m here to tell you it wasn’t. I am getting braces, actually went to the dentist yesterday to get a filling and the last time she told me I would need to get my last four teeth (last one from each side) removed because there was very little space in my mouth but this time a professional went to see me and said it wasn’t necessary! =D The only thing that will happen is that “you might get bigger lips because your bottom teeth are moved towards the inside, when they should be equal to the top (which I already knew =/ ) so when you bite your top teeth cover the bottom ones, right? Don’t worry! You’ll just look like Angelina Jolie! xD” O.o

Spring Break 2013 is coming to an end, then 8 weeks (or 7 and a half if you don’t count two 3-day-weekends in May) of school and 1 week of exams until 8th grade is over for me! =O Next year is going to be my last year in Middle School… of course I’m nervous! Wel… if I was able to pass 7th and 8th with straight 100’s and being the student with the highest grade in my class, I guess it’ll be easy! =D So far, I haven’t been able to finish my next Dream Studio video =(

Better late than never? Yesterday was Fish Fingers & Custard Day! =D But my Blog Dashboard never appeared! =/ No it’s not a strange combination, neither is the rice and banana my mom eats, try it and you’ll like it! I don’t really like the flavor of any fish so I eat it with custard or cream to make the fishy flavor go away.
Happy Fish Fingers & Custard Day!
Fish & Custard
P.S. Are you watching Doctor Who tonight?

Also, I’d like you to know that all Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration Songs from my blog are now available in a list on My YouTube Channel, just go to Playlists and click on “Doctor Who Songs” and you can see the songs I’ve posted until now, I might post some there before I post them here so spoilers =)

I’ll see you again soon! =D

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