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Lately most of my plans haven’t worked out and although I keep telling myself “That’s how life is, that’s what happens sometimes, nothing is 100% perfect!” I can’t stop feeling bad about things going wrong.

Today I had planned on finishing my Physics water gun project first thing in the morning so my mom could go to work early to come home in time to spend the rest of the day watching TV, the Oscars, eating popcorn, and having fun. What happened? Well…

My plans for the water gun didn’t work so me and my parents had a long argument on what I could use to replace some parts I had planned on putting on the project, spent the whole morning doing that, until a few moments ago we went to buy the things (again) and I am just finishing the project.

It’s 4:09pm and because of my failed plans on the project my mom won’t come home early from work because she just left and must stay in the store for at least 4 hours! =( Because of all we argued she even accidentaly burnt my quesadilla.

I feel horrible, I feel sad, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, just because my classmate didn’t want to come over to help me build our project and I had to do it all myself with the help of my parents. I should’ve known, she did it before in Elementary school, she’s done it last year… =/

I know that plans never turn out well, it’s like watching Tom & Jerry, Tom always has ideas to catch Jerry but they never work and he gets laughed at, but in true life when you’re Tom it feels sad =( What I’m trying to say is that life has a lot of roads to take and sometimes we take the wrong one but there should be no reason to laugh at others because everyone makes mistakes and when you take the wrong way we must learn from that and also learn that life doesn’t turn out the way we plan it, but even then we must enjoy it, bevmcause you never know what might happen next. So forgive, smile, try to make things right, and do your best =)

No one’s perfect, but we’re all unique! =D See you soon! =)

I decided to do something special for Doctor Who! =D

If you read my last post, then you know about it, but if you haven’t then here’s a mini-plan: each week I’ll post at least one song from any Doctor Who Soundtrack in my Forum Profile, buy if you missed any song then I’ll post the video here! =D I’ll keep posting songs and my goal shall be to post 50 songs before November 23, 2013! (Wow, 23 is following me too much… Anyways!)

Something I didn’t say: I’ll also post some pictures related to Doctor Who! (Also 50 pictures) Click Read More>> to watch (or listen =P ) Read more »

It’s been ages since I last posted something! I missed coming to SanrioTown! So sorry for keeping you waiting for another post! First of all, I caught a cold a few weeks ago and went tto a doctor butthe medicine he gave me just made me feel worse, just this Monday I was able to find the neighborhood’s doctor, she’s very good at her job and today I finally finished the medicine and I feel much better now! =D

Besides being sick my sister uses her computer more often to prepare what she needs to get accepted in the University of Glasgow to study her Master’s degree ( I… am… The Master! =O ) so I tried to post some pictures through my cellphone but it kept getting stuck for long posts and I figured out that I have to be extremely fast when writing, as I’m doing it now, to be able to post something.

You wouldn’t believe how much my head hurt when I was sick, add a boggie party to your nose and watery eyes and you have the worst two weeks of being sick! I couldn’t even pay attention in class and time got wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey and I wasn’t able to finish homework fast, but not ecerything’s back in time and I feel much better now! =)

So not many interesting things have happened lately… well… except that I have to do 3 Physics, 2 Chemistry and 1 English project due for March! =O For Physics I have 1) to make a water gun 2) to proove Pascal’s Principle and 3) to proove Archimedes’ Principle, for Chemistry I have 1) to represent tto molecules, I got sorted by picking random list numbers in a team with the two students in my classroom who don’t do anything, and 2) make a board game to learn tthe periodic table (or however that’s called =P ) and for English I have to sing a song in front of the classroom!

I already have some ideas for the projects, but the one that worries me most is the English project, the only time I’ve ever sung in front of a lot of people was when I got chosen for my Elementary School’s choir during 3rd, 4th and part of 5th grade! And I got to sing with others, but this time I’m singing by myself! I’m quite nervous, I don’t consider myself a good singer, or maybe like my English teacher said “I sing beautiful! It just doesn’t sound good!” =P

But I still have until March 5 to practice, I can’t decide which song to sing! =S Meanwhile, I should calm down and believe that everything is going to be alright and pray to Him that everything turns out well. He who took care of Princess… whoops… I don’t think I’ve told you that story! Spoilers! =) Until next post!

Right now I’m buying some chocolate waffles, ice cream and capuccinos to spend the rest of Sunday with my family =) I hope I hear from you soon! =D

NOTE: Hmm… Did you spot the Doctor Who references? Wondering why they’re there? =D Whovians keep reading!

As you know, this year we celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary! 50 years of time travel and space! I wanted to do something special on SanrioTown to celebrate, the event begins today!

This is what I’ll be doing to celebrate:
*Forum: Each week I will post a Song For The Day from the Doctor Who Soundtracks, in no real specific order
This shall go on until November 23, 2013, which is the show’s Anniversary, in total I will post 50 different songs

*Blog: If you missed a song or are having problems logging in, then you can go to my blog and in my post you can find out which song was chosen for the day.
Until November 23, 2013, the posts will have the title “”Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Celebration- Song Title (Song #)

*Dream Studio: I’ll try to make a video with pictures of ”Doctor Who”and, if I get permission, maybe even some clips, celebrating the 50th Anniversary. You can vote for your favorite song so it will be featured in the video
Release Date: November 23, 2013

These are the things I will do to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Make sure to visit My Blog and the SanrioTown Forum to learn more about the show! =D

I hope you have a great week! =D See you soon! =)

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