The last post was about telling you to think of all that happened during tthe year, well this is whay I thoight about:

I made lots of mistakes, I had a fight with a friend and felt so bad about it, but I forgave and that’s the best you can do.

I lost many friends, some because of argues, some because they quit, but that helped me find the ones that truly stay with me no matter what, I found my true friends.

I lost kittens, they’re also part of my family, Vanilla left on March 23 and Princess Katniss, Prince Graffics Cat, Prince Teddy Meowers, Misty and Pepper were given for adoption on July 23, the same day I had my First Communion, but I know that they were all adopted together (because the vet told me) so I’m happy they’ll always be family! Vanilla is lost, I still have hope that she’s safe and happy and protected always by Him.

I made many mistakes but I acheived good grades duuring the year. Though I had sad times I also had good times, I forgave and that’s what I’m most happy about!

I counted on people and some might’ve done the wrong thing but others were nice and I tried my best to not let anyone down and help everyone I could and saved a puppy who might’ve lasted a short time but he is still part of our family and we will always remember him because we saved him and made his final moments the best we could.

I might be sad because of things that happened to me and my loved ones, my sister wasn’t able to go to Scotland because of something very unfair and I’m sad for that too, but I’m also happy because of all the good times I had with my loved ones. I gave second chances, people might’ve done the right or wrong thing but I gave them a chance. We all make mistakes including those you think are “perfect” or try to be that but the truth is NO ONE is perfect! We’re humans! I think even people from other worlds aren’t perfect! Why? Because only He is and that’s why this world is so unique and we must enjoy every tiny detail He made.

This is what I’ve been thinking about, that nothing’s perfect and there’s a phrase I always like to share:
Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out the way you plan it for a good reason, just find it

That reason can be because something better out tthere is waiting for you, that’s why you must look for it, go and find it! Be happy! =) And enjoy every second of life! =)

~Never Give Up, Follow Your Dreams, Believe In Yourself, And You Will See That Anything Is Possible~
~The Past Is Just A Memory, The Future Is A Big Mystery, And The Present Is Magical~
~Stop Asking “What If…?”, Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks Because That’s What Makes Life Exciting And Wonderful~
~Enjoy Each And Every Second Of Life - Once Time’s Gone, It’s Never Coming Back~

Today is New Year’s Eve, the very last day of 2012, the last day we will be able to live in 2012 and be happy to say “I lived in the year 2012!”.

This day is a time not only for celebration, but for reflection too. A year gone by means you had 366 (leap year) days to make decisions, do what’s right or not, make mistakes and correct them, which is why we must look back at this year because it’s the last day we live it and we must remember it.

New Year’s Eve is for reflection. To think about all our acheivements and failiures, our promises made and broken, iour good and bad behavior, our family times and lonely times, happy and sad times, everytime we said “I love you” to our dearest ones and all the times we didn’t even realize that they were there for us all the time, even remember what we’ve forgotten, remember all the times you forgave and all the times you simply left a friendship broken, remember those who left this year and those who are still with us to feel the joy of another year to come, the times we enjoyed and the ones we wished we could just end the sadness, and to remember all those good and bad times we had.

Though sometimes it can be hard, painful or sad to remember, I’m absolutely sure there must’ve been at least one day that you enjoyed the most, if you lived every day and enjoyed each and every second of the year then I’m sure that if you look back you’ll remember every day and therefore remember a day you enjoyed the most. Whether alone or not, all day or a moment, I’m sure you acheived something good or had a beautiful day during the year. For there to be mistakes there must be deeds done well, for there to be sadness there must be happiness or joy, for there to be darkness there must be light, for there to be someone to dislike, there must be someone to love, for there to be bad things there must be good things. Everytime you believe you are having the worst time, when you think you’re never going to have a good time again, when you think all is lost, you should know that you’re just being prepared for the best time you’ve ever lived! Sometimes things might seem to not turn out well, but you know that if you try your best to make things right you’ll see that you can change your world or someone else’s and make your or their day bright again.

You’re life is full of mistakes, but it’s also full of acheivements, look back and see what you’ve donee. Are you satisfied with what you did? If you answer yes right away, that’s great! If you answered no, I’m going to ask you to look back and clear those clouds so you can see the sun, what’s in that sun? Who’s in it? What or who ever you see there is the reason you should be happy. Just one, ONE reason is enough to survive, because that reason, that one that makes your day the best, is filled with love that you give to each other. Love, whether it’s to another person, a job, your pet, your friend, your friend’s pet, your friend’s friend, your favorite toy, your favorite clothes, your favorite shoe, your favorite tie (bowties! =D ), your favorite jewelry, your favorite place to travel to, whatever it is or who ever it is that’s what’s keeping you here! You have a reason to love and a reason to believe or have faith, we all have a reason to believe, you just have to look well to find it! Harry Potter was saved by love, a newborn baby is saved by the love their parents give when they first hug the baby, love can save a lost animal: love is the reason to keep going! I’m sure you’ll find it, even loving a book can make your day better and by loving someone or something (even a chair or food!) you just made your day bright again!

So don’t feel sad, don’t feel down, because you must have at least one reason to be happy, one reason that’s all you need: find it I know it’s still there! Just do your best to find it! Nothing will come and knock at your front door! You must go out and find it, go and be happy, be free because that’s what it’s all about that’s what everything is about: being HAPPY!

Share a smile, a laugh, joy, and bring peace back to this world! It’s a time to do better in our mistakes and do the best to make things right and celebrate all those things we did well, because living a new year is a reward for all we’ve done during the year so make it be the best reward ever! =D

I hope you have a good day and remember to always smile! =D

Have a Happy New Year’s Eve and let’s all enjoy the last of 2012 the best and most we all can! Let’s all bring joy and peace! =D
Wishes for the best for you and all the people and animals around the world! =D =) Happy Day!

These are the first ever cookies I bake by myself (with some help to mix it from my mom after cutting myself with the grater D= )! Here’s a picture:

These are going to be the dessert for New Year’s Eve along with my mom’s Peanut Butter Cookies!

They have chocolate chips and grated orange peel with chocolate frosting! =D Yummy! What do you think? Have a Happy New Year! =D

Lately I’ve been remembering all the friends and family members I used to know and through out the years one by one they have left. It’s sad to live that, knowing that you’ll have to go on with or without them.

Friends are the ones I’ve been losing, they fight with each other, they get angry at me for making tiny mistakes or talking to someone they hate or in the Internet we simply stop having contact and slowly I lose yet another friend.

Now I know how The Doctor feels like every time a companion leaves. Trust me, it’s too sad to imagine and even worse to live that feeling. Why can’t we all just get along or be together? That’s a mystery of time, we lose and gain new things everyday, you might notice it or not but it happens.

But whatever happens, sad or happy, we must learn that if we have good health and a place to live and at least one person to love and loves us, then what else should we ask for? Yes maybe time separates us from our dear friends or family, maybe we make mistakes that separates us but who says we can’t get together one more time? Our friendship or family might be broken sometimes but as they say “One closed door opens another” and who knows what’s through that door? Maybe, just maybe, it’s something we didn’t realize before. Maybe it’s something better.

We should enjoy each and every second we have with someone or something, because once time is gone, it’s never coming back! Smile because it’s the key to open anything! =)

Merry Christmas to everyone! =D I hope you’re having a good time! Christmas (and every day of the year) is a time we should spend with the people who love us and with people we don’t know too! Why not spend Christmas meeting someone new? However you’re celebrating this day, I wish the best for you and all those around you!

This year I’m spending Christmas with my grandmother (dad’s family) because we spent Christmas Eve with my grandfather (mom’s family). Which is good because I don’t get to see her often during the year, my grandfather lives just around the corner but my grandmother lives in a small town in another state, it’s quite sad that I don’t see her often =( but now I will see her and the best part is: it’s Christmas! =D Perfect day to welcome back someone!

But Christmas is also a day to remember those who aren’t here physically but are with us in our hearts. That is why I dedicate this to: Munchkin and Vanilla (cats, lost), Salem, Boyo, Beetle, Princess, Moon, Snow Flake, Charlie, Lola, Angel, Oreo, Saladitas twins, Katniss, Graffie, Teddy, Pepper and Misty (cats, adoption), Licorice, Periwinkle and Tom (cats, in a better place), Icicle Ivy, Pinky Girl20 and Ellak205 (Club Penguin friends), my cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents who have passed to a better place and are with Him now, and all those who cannot be here, I hope you are being taken care of and no matter where you are you can know that we will always love you, you will never be forgotten and you shall always be in the heart of your family, friends and loved ones.♥

I hope you all have a good day and enjoy each and every second of it, for a day of your life, once lived, will never come back, the only thing left shall be your memories, and you shall decide whether you want them to haunt you or be your most precious lifetime treasure.

Merry Christmas! =)


Hi! This is the very first story I will write on my blog! In the Forum I asked you to vote if you wanted me to post stories on my blog or not and I got 5 positive votes and here it is!

Before posting the story, each book will have a cover and a page with the characters, every page will be the same size so if you’d like to print them out and join them then go ahead! =D

Each book will have it’s own category under the main Books category so you can find each one fast and in order!

My first book shall be a special book for Christmas! I hope you enjoy it!
“The Perfect Gift”: Christmas Special 2012-Cover




I will be posting the story during the week! I hope you enjoy it! Part 1 will be released later today! Leave a comment on what you think about it! =D I hope I see you soon! =)

It’s been a very long time since I last posted about Club Penguin! Ho ho ho! Santa Penguin is almost here! While we wait for him, we celebrate this time of the year where we should all be together and spend time with friends and family, in fact, we should be with them always no matter what time of the year it is!

I arrived to Club Penguin’s Home Page after about a month (been very busy with school lately, now I understand my friends who were older than me) and found that the screen has changed yet again! Take a look:

It’s great to see how Club Penguin grows along with ourselves! =) It might be sad to not see the Club Penguin we all remember, but in the end we all change, right?

What’s going on in this year’s Holiday Party? Well, as usual, there’s a 12 days of gifts! Instead, this year it’s 6 days but you still get gifts! My favorite one is the Christmas Teddy Bear! I’ve always wanted a Teddy Bear for my penguin and I FINALLY have one! Yay! =D Rockhopper is also in town to help for the Coins for Change and you can get a free Rockhopper Plushie on his ship! Looks like plushies are part of this winter’s fashion!

Speaking of Coins for Change, you can donate to protect the environment, provide medical help and build safe places! I think they should all get equal amount so I donated 1,000 coins to each. When I get more coins, I’ll donate even more!

Also, you can go to the Bakery (in the Snow Forts) and make cookies, after that you can eat one and transform into a toy car, reindeer puffle or Jack Frost for 10 minutes and all the coins you spend on the cookie will be donated to Coins for Change! =D I ate a toy car cookie!

When I arrived to my igloo I parked my car, trying not to run over any puffles of course! Which was a very hard job because there are puffles everywhere!

And when I was about to leave, I fed and bathed my puffles and played with them then I transformed back into a penguin:

I had and still having a great time! Mostly because there are many more surprises for everyone! The past years almost everything was for members but this time we can all celebrate! That makes this a very good Christmas at Club Penguin! =)

What do you think? Are you having a good time in Club Penguin? Waddle On! =D

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