Yesterday the results for the Reading Contest were published on the newspaper and guess what?! *drumroll* I DIDN’T win! The three winners from 8th grade were from the top three most expensive schools in my town. I feel kind of sad, but I tried, right? And that’s the most important thing! I got to be a finalist and almost 200 students didn’t make it to the final! I had a great time and my rewards are better than those three students’ rewards, I got something that will never leave nor break, I got great memories and experience that will last forever! =)

The winners are going to get a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, an Xbox, and a gift certificate of $1,000 mexican pesos to spend on books =O And the rest? We got orange juice! =/ At least they should have given each finalist a new book so we could keep reading!

I tried hard, that’s what matters, losing shouldn’t make us feel bad even if we feel sad sometimes, it just tells us to keep trying our best. Never give up! Try your best! Enjoy every second of your life no matter what! Have a nice week! =D

My school entered a contest about a month or two ago and in the contest the newspaper people send a newspaper to the school each Tuesday and Thursday and we have to look for a special story they write for us, one for 3rd grade, one for 6th, another for 8th and the last one for 11th, and each story comes with 8 or 9 questions about it and depending on what we answer we get either 1 point or 2 points or none at all.

The newspaper people have been sending us those stories since October and 2 weeks ago it was time for our teachers to add up our points and the three students who got the most points would enter THE contest and guess what? I was one of those three! =O

You know how in The Hunger Games they have so many names in that box but they end up choosing only two and you ask yourself “Why did THEIR name come out?!”, or in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire that you finally think it’s going to be a normal year for him when his name just had to show up out of nowhere?! Well, now I finally know how that feels like! 27 students in my classroom and I thought I was going to be the three with the lowest points and turns out that the students I thought were going to be in the three first places turned out to be the lowest and I turned out to be the highest!? O.O

The contest starts at 9:45 am tomorrow and we’re only allowed to bring ourselves, I’m so nervous I can’t sleep! =S I’ve never been in a contest this big! 27 schools with 3-9 students representing them all in the same place at the same time! And the worst part is that when we’re asigned our seats we get seated with people from other schools that we don’t know and two students from the same school can’t be seated together!

Think of all that plus skipping Chemistry because of the contest gives you a huge worry and a hundred butterflies in your tummy! Well, at least there’s no time limit so I can concentrate on what I’m reading and what I’m answering.

So scared still! I know there’s very little chance that I end up in first, second or third place because of all the other students that are going to be there, but I know I have to try my best because you never know if the opportunity you have will ever come again so you should just do it with no fear and enjoy it the best you can! Experience and memories are our most precious things! I don’t care if I win or not, I just know that I should have fun! =D

Have a very nice day today and tomorrow and all the days to come! Wish you luck and wish me some too! =P =D

Today there’s no school because we celebrate La Revolucion Mexicana on November 20 and since it lands on the middle of the week we get a day off after the nearest weekend so if it lands on a Tuesday like this year we get Monday off (That sounds confusing =P ).

And it’s also the only weekend in the year where EVERY store has sales! We were going to buy nee beds yesterday, ours are borrowed, but you know how dads always want to “save money” or wait a long time to do something because “maybe there’s a better one in another store” so we didn’t buy them. But think about this: a bed costs $1,499 mexican pesos, with a discount it goes to $1,299 mexican pesos, and with a second discount the store gives you plus some points you earn every time you buy something which also give you discounts the bed ends with $299 mexican pesos! And he still wants to wait for a better price! *sighs* I guess I’ll have to wait until next year… again… for the 5th time…

So look at what I found at the store yesterday:

Yep, Edward ken-sized Cullen. It actually scared me, but I know that’s something my 26 year old sister has on her list for Santa.

Talking about Christmas, there was a huge Christmas Tree in the mall, I couldn’t upload the picture, but I’ll describe it: it was placed perfectly in the center of the mall, two stories tall, over 200 lights and ornaments as big as a bowl for your cereal and a gigantic star on top which made it even brighter, at the bottom there was a chair where Santa sits waiting for children to tell him what they want as a reward for being good the whole year, around Santa was his toy factory and his letters were perfectly ordered on his desk, and above his factory were his reindeer getting ready for Christmas day to come.

So that’s how I describe =D What do you think? I like describing things, I like writing books. Have a nice week! =D

Yay! So it was partly over on Tuesday, when we took our final exam (test), but today was our music presentation so we didn’t get our Music results until today which makes this the day we stop worrying about not sleeping because we’re too busy studying! That is, until exam week 3 comes in January :-/ … Anyways, let me tell you what’s been going on lately:

MONDAY! Was a nightmare! Chemistry exam with Mrs. Hatesme but the scariest part was that she was trying to look nice in front of everyone else so she gave me some very creepy smiles… =S Also, English results! 60/60 Woo hoo! But it wasn’t so good for my friend, she got 29/60. I stayed with her to try and make her feel better, telling her that what really matters is that you know you’re doing bad/good in something and that’s the only reason those little numbers are on that piece of paper! We know how to do many things that millions of people can’t and that’s what really matters: what we can do!

TUESDAY! Our last exam: Spanish. Got my results the same day: 80/100 I knew I wasn’t going to get a very high grade, yo no comprender español todavia =P Anyways, it was our last day of our singing after-school class. So I was eating a snack before the class started and my mom waits for me at school until the class is over, so my friends come to sit with us and we talked about all the classes then my friend, the only friend I’ve ever told that I like acting, the same girl who got 29/60 in English, said “Oh I don’t like singing, that’s why me and londonluv tried to convince the principal to add a DRAMA CLUB”. I was like O.O I wanted to tell my mom by myself that I liked acting! Well, I guess it was also my fault for not telling her that my parents didn’t know yet, but good thing it was my mom and not my dad, she seemed to agree that it would be fun to learn to act so no problem! =D

WEDNESDAY! Doom doom doom! Chemistry results! *drumroll* 68/70 Yay! I was so nervous and I got so scared because my exam was the last one she checked! My final grade is a 98! Woo hoo! Last time it was an 89! =D My final grade for Spanish turned out to be a 100 because I’m in a reading contest and turned out to be a finalist! =D Went crazy all afternoon looking for a mexican skirt to wear the next day!

THURSDAY! It was our music presentation today! I found a very puffy, yellow and blue skirt and this cute white shirt to wear, first, we put on our outfits, then a girl did our hair (beautiful!), then we went out to sing in front of the whole school and everyone’s parents! I don’t know if we did it well, but everyone was clapping and I heard so many cheees at the end. Some lady took our pictures and another one asked the contest finalists if she could take our pictures and they were to be published in the newspaper!!! I’ve never been on the newspaper (was going to once, but they changed their mind and chose another girl :-/ )! It was a great day! We got out early, well… 30 minutes before… but that’s early!

So, enough about me, what about you? What have you been doing? Tomorrow’s Friday! Yay! Have a great day! =D

I haven’t been online this week because it was the 2nd week of exams. It doesn’t end until Tuesday, but I’m taking 5 minutes off right now. The hardest exam is on Monday and it’s Chrmistry! Yay! It’s my teacher who hates me! =P

Today she asked us to go to school from 10-11:30 am because of an “experiment” we had to do but we did things that we could do in our house and not necesarily in a lab!

Anyways, how have you been? I’ve changed the blog’s theme now, so don’t be scared if you don’t recognize it, this is still Londonluv86’s Blog!

Sorry that I didn’t post anything when I told you I would, I hope you can understand that I was too busy and I think most of you know how it’s like to be extremly busy and not able to come here! I’ll try to post pictures on Friday or Saturday! See you soon!

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