It’s that spooky day again! Time to go trick-or-treating and it’s time to eat candy (but remember not to eat too much candy or else you’re going to the dentist)! Sadly, I don’t get to go and say “Trick-or-Treat” in my neighborhood because in my country we don’t celebrate Halloween much, we celebrate Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 2. I’ll tell you about it on Friday.

Anyways, how are you celebrating Halloween this year? I’m celebrating by eating some candy, I wanted to dress up but I thought “I’m dressing up as myself, because I think that’s what I most want to be!” and it’s true, you shouldn’t dream of being someone you aren’t, be yourself because there’s only one of you in the world! =) Although, I would’ve liked to wear a princess dress or a cute, black dress I found at the store the other day.

And what I like most about Halloween is that the next day. November 1st, is my birthday so that means I get candy one day, then the next day I get cake! =D I’m so excited! This year I’m turning 14 =O

No matter what you’re doing today or where you’re going, remember to have a lot of fun! Holidays only come once a year! =D

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, by the way, but lately in my family, birthdays just haven’t been the same!

Let me go back and find wheb this all started. I guess it was on my brother’s 20th birthday, when he never left his room during the day and only came out for the cake but ate it in his room playing video games on his computer.

After that it was my dad’s birthday and he was angry because of something that happened at work, but that’s no excuse for ignoring his family the whole day, right? Then there was a year where he said that he had a buissness trip on, guess when? My birthday, and another on my sister’s birthday and a last one on my mom’s birthday! =/

And so on each birthday has been getting even lonelier and unhappier. I could tell you about evet sad birthday, but I don’t want too many sad memories to start my day (and I would need a whole blog to write about all of them!).

But I’ll tell you this: my sister was acting as if she were everyone’s boss yesterday, but a very annoying boss, she got angry just because her cake didn’t turn out EXACTLY how she wanted it and started yelling at us when SHE made the cake! Oh! But when her cousins came she was happy! But she got mad at them because they “lied” when they said the cake was good (and it actually was). Hey! I wish my cousins would at least talk to me or even turn to look at me!

But that’s my dear sister, always getting what she wants when she orders it, giving orders to everyone, getting so many good opportunities and then waste them because “she didn’t like the people/idea/other simple things that don’t matter too much!

I wonder how my birthday will turn out on Thursday (THOR’s day hehe), all I want is to see people smile! =) But let’s see what’s waiting for us!

I hope you have a smiley day!

I was at Club Penguin’s Halloween Party the other day and I saw something new: a haunted mansion! =O *scary music* So I decided to enter and find all the hidden keys. I opened the box and found some goggles (not googles). I put them on and saw ghosts! So I wandered around the mansion and found a hidden door and I got a suit and guess what it does? It catches ghosts!

Still don’t get what I’m talking about? Here’s a picture:

Now do you get what I’m talking about? Doesn’t it look TOO similar? That TV show most of us watched during our childhood: Danny Phantom. It seems that there are many things this year’s Halloween Party has in common with the cancelled TV show. Catching ghosts in a cup of coffee, ghosts are all around the place, you can turn into a ghost!

But that’s just an opinion. What do you think? Anyways, have fun at the party! =)

On October 23, it was Club Penguin’s 7th Anniversary! I had so much fun!

Just like the past years, they hide a special pin and party hat to celebrate this day. Wow, 7 years! I remember that the first anniversary I celebrated was the 4th anniversary! Everyone grows up so fast, right? =,) Anyways, this year the pin wasn’t actually hidden because it was there for everyone to see, unlike last year where you had to pop balloons.

This year’s colors were blue & yellow. It’s pretty sad that the Coffee Shop wasn’t as colorful and decorated as last year. Last year at least they made the room spooky and birthday-ish at the same time, on the 4th and 5th anniversary they changed the whole room for a day, but this year it was only a cake, the year book, the hat, and some treats on a table with very few balloons hanging on the ceiling. It was fun, but I wish they would have focused more on the anniversary than the Halloween Party in the Coffee Shop, since the Anniversary Party is a 2-day-party and the Halloween Party is a 2-week-party.


I hope you all had a great time at the party this year!
Happy Anniversary Club Penguin! Also, Happy Birthday to my favorite actor, Ryan Reynolds, who’s birthday is also on October 23!

Waddle On!

Yay! I finally bought The Avengers! It’s one of my favorite movies! I like all the characters and how they did a very good job with the auditions because they ended up with some of the greatest actors/actresses in the world! Don’t forget those fantastic special & visual effects and all the action scenes are just amazing! Seeing Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans , Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson all in one DVD is just like a dream come true!


I tried watching it last night, but I forgot how long it was and fell asleep after an hour =P so I’m going to watch it earlier today to get through the whole movie and make sure I don’t end up like Tom & Jerry when Tom is falling asleep and Jerry gets closer every time he blinks!

Since Thor & Loki are my favorite characters, I wanted to show you something I found on Joseph Senior’s Gallery:

Aren’t they cute? =D You can see more cute Hello Kitty costumes like these by clicking HERE

Have a nice week! =)

My book set arrived last week! I’m so happy! And I guess I’m lucky too, they told me that it wouldn’t arrive until November 5 because it takes a long time to get here.


The set comes with The Hobbit:

And, of course, The Lord of the Rings trilogy:
Book 1:The Fellowship of the Ring
Book 2:The Two Towers
Book 3:The Return of the King

I can’t wait to read them all! I just began reading The Hobbit, which is the very beginning of all the Lord of the Rings books! So far, it’s very exciting! I always wanted to read these books but my brother only has the last book so I had to order the whole set. Have you read these books before?

Something that really made me angry today is that my “Civics and Ethics” teacher was talking about humans and our rights and that when we are born with all the freedom in the world because freedom is a right that all the living have, then a classmate asks the teacher “If it’s kinda like a rule that all the living should be treated equally, then animals should have that right too. So why do people say that animals don’t have any rights? Why don’t they do anything to the owners of animals who mistreat them?”.

There was silence, everyone was staring at the teacher, all she said was “That’s different, let me explain this first”. So she kept saying nonsense and laughing for the rest of the class, ends the class 10 minutes earlier, takes her bag, and before we could ask her about animals and their rights, she leaves the classroom. O.o

Isn’t she supposed to know all about that? Hey! It’s not fair! She’s making the rest of the kids think that it’s okay if they go around mistreating animals, poisoning them, killing them, when I know (and everyone should know) that animals are just like us!

The teacher’s worst mistake is that she didn’r remember that we’re learning from her and that whatever she teaches us is going to, somehow, affect our way of seeing the world! Especially in her class! We’re supposed to learn to see the world in a positive way and learn how to protect it, when all she’s saying is that it’s okay to think that we’re smarter than anyone else, when we’re not! We have a lot to learn! In science, we aren’t separated in a different group than animals, we’re labeled as animals! If we’re animals too then what stops cats, dogs, birds, turtles, whales, and 1,000,000 species more, from having the same rights as us?

I hate kids when they mistreat animals. “They don’t know what they’re doing at that age” you might say, “It’s just for fun!” you might think, but there is no excuse for doing something like that! You clearly understand what’s good and what’s just mean since the day you’re born, but not acting right is just something different!

We must all do the right thing! We’re are the same, maybe different in personality, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have freedom and rights! Protect animals and I’m sure that you’ll see how nice it feels like when you save a life. Protect animals!

Protect Animals-Make A Difference

Today is my sister’s cats’, Moon and Snow Flake, 2nd birthday. It’s been almost a year since we gave them to another family. We miss them a lot and I’m sure that their mother, Jaydee, misses them too. I don’t know where they are right now, but I’m sure that they can hear me.

Moon & Snow Flake:
I remember the very first day I saw you, small, white and gray just like your mother. I gave you your nicknames “Moo” and “Meow” because of the sound of your voice. Moo, you used to play with your grandmother’s, Paprika’s, favorite toy mouse, Gerry. I remember how you used to carry her around in your mouth anywhere you would go. Meow, I remember how you always wanted to steal my sister’s plush Hello Kitty because she reminded you of your mother whenever she would go out with her kitty friends and leave us to baby sit you and your sister. You were both so kind to your aunt Princess, who was also your best friend (picture: right) and hardly seemed like sisters because you never played fight with each other. I want you to know that, just like you never let go of your favorite toys when you were playing, I will never let go of you because you will always be in my heart. I will always remember you and no matter where you are you will always be part of our family.

Happy Birthday!

I will never forget you!

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