My sister has a calendar and on each day of the year it has a message for us. It’s supposed to be for Catholic messages, but it doesn’t matter if you have a different religion, the messages don’t say anything religious. It’s kinda like a fortune cookie! Anyways, today’s message was so nice that I wanted to share it with you. Take a look:

A pioneer must be
willing to stop being what they are,
what they have been and even
what they consider being.
They need to venture the
unknown and risk what they
are to be more than that

What does this mean? Let’s study the words. I think the first 4 lines don’t need to be explained. So I’ll jump to the last 3, which are more important. If you make it short, it will say “Venture the unknown, risk and be more than that”. I think this makes the message very clear now. It’s saying that if you take risks you can learn to be better than what you are. If you never take risks because of “What if?” or because you worry too much about thing that simply aren’t an excuse to not do what you want to reach, then you’ll always have negative thoughts about you not being able to do anything and you’re really not gonna make it! But if you TRY to make things right, you take risks and don’t regret taking them, and you think positive, then you’ll see that life turns out evem better than the way you planned it.

Believe me, I have experienced so many “What if?” decisions with my family and I always give the same answer “Don’t worry about that! If you think you can do it and just DO IT! Maybe you’ll like it or maybe you’ll hate it, maybe it will turn out right or maybe it will turn out wrong, but what’s important is that it’s YOUR decision and whatever happens it will teach you something in the end! You decide either you want to be haunted by “What if?” for the rest of your life or not!”.

Before I study for tomorrow’s exam, I’m gonna take a small break for 30 minutes, during these minutes I’ll write this blog post and eat then the entire afternoon and 2 hours of the night shall be used for non-stop studying!

This week has been filled with “Study this!” “Read that!” “Memorize this!” “More studying!” “More memorizing!”. I’m just happy that a 100 or 90 are there to tell me that it was worth it (and what also makes me happy is that in the morning the water is finally warm so I don’t freeze when I wash my face =D ).

But tomorrow I have my chemistry exam and it’s harder that all the other subjects! I have a lot to study for tomorrow, the teacher just gave us our notebook back after 2 weeks and we haven’t been able to study for the exam! We only have one afternoon to study, we don’t have a book for that subject, and so far we’ve used 30 pages of our notebook.

I know I might not have enough time to study everything, I know that maybe I’ll get at least an 80 on my exam, but it’s not about how high your grades are, if you get a 50 (F) it’s not bad either (unless you get an F in every subject), no one is perfect and we learn from our mistakes it’s okay to get something wrong every once in a while, the important thng is that you try your best and school is about learning to BE someone. My math teacher always says: “I don’t care about the answers you got right, I care about the ones you got wrong because you learn more from your mistakes; I don’t care if you learn math or not, I care about you learning to be someone, and not just anyone, I care about you learning to be yourself”.

See you on the weekend! =)

The rain, the winter, cloudy days, cold weather, and the weekends are all my time machine. Somehow, whenever a day has one of those characteristics I start thinking about the past and memories start coming to my mind filled with many other questions about the past.

Today has been one of those days. It’s cloudy, the weather is cold when last week it was boiling (in fact, last week I drank so much water and ate so much ice cream because of the boiling weather and noe it’s so cold that I’m wearing long sleeves and drinking coffee!), it was raining yesterday and today there are still a few drops of rain, and it’s a holiday weekend.

How are these things like a time machine? Like I said, memories come to my mind. Yesterday I downloaded a game called Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children and I used to play that with my brother and it reminded me of the times we used to play together, especially the days I played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with him, which made me remember the beautiful ending of the game, which made me remember I needed to finish my book, which made me remember different times I’ve had with my family.

Then I didn’t remember my Gmail password and I remembered that it had something to do with my lost cat and I remembered the days she was still with us. I logged into MaraPets and I sent my pet to school and it reminded me of my days in Kindergarten and Elementary school. I’m in 8th grade now! And next week are my first 8th grade exams!

I don’t know why, but I started to look for celebrities that are my age and I have seen in movies or TV series and saw pictures of them when they were younger and thought “I grew up at the same time they did, I had my childhood at the same time, and look now! We’ll be 15 next year!”. My Club Penguin account (Candypeep200) is already 3 years old! I looked through pictures of me when I was smaller and asked myself “Why does time go by so fast?”. I haven’t seen shirt and earings I’m wearing since last year and they bring me memories too.

I normally drink coffee during winter or extremely cold days but I drank some today and it made me feel like Christmas! That made me remember a Christmas where my sister wasn’t in the country, she spent that Christmas with her friends in USA.

I was getting ready to go to the book store to buy, of course, a book that I have wanted to read since I was almost 10 years old, it”s called “The Little Princess” and there is a movie based on it and it’s beautiful but I haven’t watched the begining and it’s been a long time since I last watched the movie so it would be nice to buy it. Anyways, I was getting ready when all of a sudden, guess what? Jaydee jumped again! I had to go get my uncle’s ladder so we could get her down. You think that that’s the problem of the day but it’s not. The real problem is that my dad and sister don’t know how to be patient so they get really annoying and make the situation worse! They get so angry and make the cat get really nervous and it’s harder to get her down! We ended up NOT going to the book store because of all 3 of them!

My friend called me because she wanted me to go to another friend’s house with her. She sounded really nervous on the phone so I told her I would go. She said that our friend’s sister wanted to watch Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1 when we arrived O.O who wouldn’t be scared?! Well, that reminded me of her birthday party last February, her sister made us play Mario Kart with her… strange… awkward moments…

The day is ending, my sister made mug cakes which AGAIN reminded me of Christmas! So you see?

This weather brings me back memories and makes me reflect about what has passed. A strange question came to my mind during the day which no one could answer: “Of all the animals that exist or have ever existed in this world, why were primates the only ones who evolved so much to turn into what’s supposed to be ‘The smartest species on Earth’?”. I mean, there are millions of cats, dogs, horses, birds, fish, cows, chickens, zebras, etc. around the world and why were we the only ones who evolved so much? There has got to be a reason! We weren’t the first species on Earth, we aren’t the only species on Earth, and we surely aren’t the oldest species. Why humans? Surely everything has a reason! Why can’t anyone find a reason for this? Prove that you’re the smartest species! You can’t even answer that simple question that I’m sure has been asked by many others during the +2012 years that we have existed!

Well, let’s think about it. When you fail a test you must know why you failed, you didn’t study or you didn’t know the answer but it all goes back to the day you didn’t pay attention to the class and you just realized how a small thing can have big consequences. Humans have done many things too, remember the day that you dropped a piece of candy wrapper and forgot to throw it away in the right place? Remember when you left the light on when you weren’t even in yoir room? Remember the day you used the computer during the entire afternoon? Well, because of that tiny thing you “forgot” to do, there are polar bears SWIMMING in the ocean, without food or a place to live, BECOMING EXTINCT!

But let’s rewing the tape just enough to recycle that wrapper and turn off that light bulb and computer, grab a book, and go out and enjoy nature. Now we could see the future of that version and you can see how polar bears are LIVING in their natural habitat and the world would be at peace. Unfortunately, I said “We’re supposed to be the most ‘intelligent’ species on Earth”, but I didn’t say it in affirmative because sadly most humans do not show what we have inside and inside is much better than the outside! Nature reacts to us the same way we treat her, if we use too much electricity there will be global warming, but if we take care of nature then she shall protect us too. Everything happening around Earth is caused by US!

Now the answer I have gotten for my question is that we were all brought to this world with the same special gift: we can change the world. And we’re using our gift the wrong way. We’re changing it evety second with every small decision we make, but we’re bringing bad consequences. We have, in some way, a brain that is more developed than other species on Earth and we should use that brain to think about what we’re doing, we’re supposed to understand our world better than other animals, we’re supposed to be conscious about what’s happening!

Together we can change the world little by little, no matter where or who you are or what you’re doing, it’s never too late to realize what a beautiful world it is you’re living in and realize than you can help save it. Maybe you won’t rescue the entire planet today or tomorrow or in 20 years but you’ll know you’re trying and you care about what’s going on and you’ll be proof that humans can truly have an answer when they ask “Why was it our species the one that became the most developed species?”, you’ll answer when”Because we’re able to change it and make it a better place for every species to live in”.

I hope you understood what I was trying to say.

Lesson to learn: Learn from the past, live the present, save the future

It hasn’t stopped raining since last night! How much has it rained? Well, just by telling you that almost every street is flooded, my backyard’s door is made of wood and it’s completely wet, people are wearing garbage bags instead of carrying an umbrella because they still get wet with umbrellas, and I arrived at school and there wasn’t a single car nor person outside it and when my mom called the school from her cellphone the principal said that today we aren’t going to have school because it’s flooded INSIDE, then I think you have a slight idea of how much it has rained since last night.

And I say slight because you still haven’t heard about the loud thunder that made my cat, Snorlax, cry all night and you haven’t heard about all the water that’s falling off rooftops and you haven’t seen it with your own eyes! I checked the weather on the Internet, it says 66% of rain today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and there’s still 22% of chance that it’s gonna rain on Monday too!

The rain just started calming down a little, but the sky is still filled with grey clouds. On Monday there’s no school because we celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day (September 15, 1810) so that means a 4 DAY WEEKEND!!

I just like rainy days, they inspire me for a book I’m writing and they make me feel calm! =)
What’s your favorite weather? Have a nice Friday! =D

My mom just made the most delicious chocolate muffins in the world! Here’s a picture of how they looked like when she was cooking them:

They just came out and smell yummy! She also made banana muffins. I can’t wait to eat some! This reminded me of the day my sister went to Mexico City and brought us Cinnabons and I ate one with cold coffee. Of course I took a picture of that too! Here it is:

I just like desserts! Especially with coffee! What’s your favorite dessert?

Good night! =)

3 weeks of school have passed already! =O So fast and in about 3 weeks I’m going to take my first exams of the year, and I’ll have to study a lot more this year because school’s getting more serious. I got new subjects that replaced old ones (Chemistry and Physics instead of Biology, Universal History instead of the history of my state) and lots of other new subjects. (Now I know why my Club Penguin friends don’t visit often, the same reason I haven’t played Club Penguin since August: school gets VERY busy after 6th grade! =S They are 2 years older than me but I finally understand them)

I met a new friend, her name is also the name of a flower, and we spend a lot of time together but I haven’t forgotten about my old friends! I met new teachers and new classmates and I also met the new 7th grade students (first year of middle school in my country) and they’re very nice. I miss the students that were in 9th grade last year =( they left because 9th grade is the last year of middle school here. Next year, I’ll be in 9th =S time goes by fast, doesn’t it?

Today in P.E. they made us run around the school (in the yard, of course) 30 times straight! And whoever stopped running would have to run 10 more times! My head, legs, knees, back and feet hurt, my classroom is on the second floor and I couldn’t go up the stairs! =( Good thing it’s Friday!

I know I haven’t posted much in the past 3 weeks, I haven’t been on Club Penguin nor Pottermore in these days, I’ve only been here a couple of times and on MaraPets because those are the only accounts I can access on my cellphone. My sister hasn’t let me use her computer unless I have to do homework. She didn’t get to go to Scotland this year so she stays at home and that’s why she uses her computer 16 hours a day =/ the only time she doesn’t use it is when she’s taking a shower or she’s sleeping!

I hope everything is going well for you readers. I will try to post more during the weekends. For those who just went back to school or those who will go back to school very soon: Good luck!
And for all the others: Have a nice Friday! =D

I found this cute set of a notebook, pen and ruler at the store in August and it has Hello Kitty! It was on sale, 10 pesos (which is like 0.75 dollars)! I bought it to write down my ideas or important things. This is what it looks like:

I just opened it yesterday and when I opened the notebook I thought it was going to have blank pages but it didn’t! It has cute pink pages with drawings of Hello Kitty and cute clouds!

I like it a lot! I can take them anywhere I go! =D

What do you think? =^.^=

It’s been almost a week since my last post. It is now September and a new month always means that something new is to come. (Also, a new theme for the blog)

What has happened this week? Nothing different. School, new teachers, new school subjects, learning, homework, and I still have a teacher that hates me =P

Yesterday, something great happened I was watching a movie with my family (just like any other Friday) but this time we watched The Artist and it was like no other movie I’ve ever watched! The entire movie was silent (except for the end) and it was in black & white which made you feel like you had jumped into a time machine and went back in time!

I’ve never watched a black & white silent movie before, but it’s fun to try to guess what they’re saying and to hear the music that makes the situation perfect! I realized what actors go through and how tough it can be to become an actor. This movie inspired me, I’ve wanted to become an actress for a long time and now this movie makes me feel more like becoming one!

I think you should all watch it! It’s amazing! It brings back memories and teaches young ones about the past! This movie has made it into my top 10 favorite movies! =D

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