On Tuesday I got my membership for Club Penguin to celebrate the Medieval Party! It’s my second favorite party in Club Penguin! (My first favorite is The Fair) I can’t wait to buy princess clothes and defeat the Dragon King who’s been trying to take over the island.

When I read in the Club Penguin newspaper that the party was coming soon, I remembered that it was Zelda’s 25th anniversary last year and I wanted to do something special.

On May 27, I will be making a video at the Dream Studio about Club Penguin’s Medieval Party and The Legend of Zelda! Filming started yesterday and I can’t wait to show you the video!

Keep checking the page in my blog called Dream Studio Projects Today or the SanrioTown Forum for updates about the video!

So today I was looking for music to put on one of the videos I’m making for Dream Studio and I thought “Since it’s going to be in the medieval times and it has a bit of Zelda in it, why not use some music from a Zelda game?”. I used YouTube to look for music and just when I found the perfect music my mom turned on the TV and the Spongebob episode where Gary gets lost was on and I remembered the day my cat, Vanilla, ran away!

While I was listening to the music to see if it had a good quality, Spongebob was looking for Gary and he was crying and it reminded me of the day I went out looking for Vanilla, and listening to Zelda’s Lullaby reminded me of the days I used to play Ocarina of Time and “time” reminded me of “Doctor Who” which reminded me that we used to say Vanilla was traveling with The Doctor and she fell out of the TARDIS and landed in our home!

What else could have happened next? I started to cry! :(

I really miss my kitten, she’s a small siamese cat, she was about 8 months old when she left, she was the best cat ever! I just wish that she comes home before we move to another house.

NEVER listen to sad music when you’re remembering someone gone or else too many memories will come and you’ll make a river because of all the tears just like me.

It be ye free day today and ye olde Upcoming Events have cometh!


Starting today, ye Medieval Party! Prepare thyself, the Dragon King has cometh to ye olde Club Penguin island. Ye brave ones, beware…

Starting today, new play at the stage! Ye olde Fairy Fables have come, actors needed for this magical play at the stage!

Starting May 24, Chapter 2 published! Find out if ye olde knights can defeat this legend Dragon King, will the island be trapped in darkness?

Starting May 31, new Penguin Style Catalog! Protect thyself from darkness so ye can see the new vestments at ye olde Gift Shop!


Forgiveth me, thus I don’t have the hidden pin dates, but I hope ye celebrate this Medieval Party as much as ye can! Darkness is on the island, so waddle on carefully!

Since I’m starting the Videos/Trailers category again in a few days, I thought it might be a great idea to show you this for all you Legend of Zelda fans out there!

IGN made a trailer for the video game you all enjoy but this time they made a trailer for A MOVIE! What I want you to look at is the costumes, the makeup, the backgrounds, the places, the monsters, everything around them and see that it does look like the actual video game, even Ganon! Look at every tiny detail, isn’t it a dream come true?

Sadly, this is just an April Fool’s Day trailer :( Don’t you think Nintendo could actually make a movie like this? The trailer has every important part of Link’s story in it and it’s a dream come true for every fan. We should get together and keep asking Nintendo to make this a real movie! It would be awesome!

Watch it yourself and tell me if you think this should be real or not! I think you’ll all agree it should be real! It might not be real, but I’m sure it’ll bring back happy memories of waking up early in the morning, being a kid, just to play your favorite game… Enjoy! (Click Read More>> to watch!) Read more »

Last weekend, there was a Mother’s Day Card Making Contest announced on the SanrioTown Forum. We had to make cards to show how much we love our mother and to celebrate her on Mother’s Day. So I decided to join the contest. I don’t know much about EST time, so I finished it in around 8 hours because I had to send it right away. I thought I wouldn’t finish it, but I believed in myself and I finished it. I thought that my card wouldn’t be chosen as a winner but I was happy that I decided to join the contest and actually try rather than do nothing at all.

Today, the winners were announced on the Forum and Blog and to my surprise, my card is on the list of winners! :D I couldn’t (and still can’t) believe it!!! All the winner cards are very lovely and I’m sure that all the cards that were sent in are lovely too because it doesn’t matter how many or which gift you give your mother, she will always love you and you will always love her no matter what.

This is my card:

I’m very happy! Thank you! Now I will receive 3000 SLP as a prize and I will finally be able to buy me more shoes!

Remember: A hug, a kiss and taking good care of you mom is enough to show your mom how much you love her, and your smile says it all: I love you! Celebrate your mom not only once a year, celebrate her everyday! That’s why it’s never too late to say:

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my Mother’s Day card for the contest. I made it myself with happiness and love :)


(You can click on it to see it full size)

It’s Friday! Time to party and have fun because the weekend has just started! Hurray! I don’t have school on Monday and Tuesday! :D I’ll be posting pictures those days, but right now it’s CP time!


Starting today, new Better Igloos Catalog! Prepareth thyself for ye olde party coming sooneth! Buildeth your own medieval castle!

Starting today, new Igloo Upgrades Catalog! Celebrate this medieval time by buying the brand new Medieval Manor now available!

Starting May 17, Fairy Fables at the stage! This magical play will be coming back to the stage, don’t miss the magic!

Starting May 17, Medieval Party! A legend has been spoken of… shadows have been spotted… armor is being sold… the quest is ready… heroes are needed…


Find the hidden pin!

Hidden Until: May 16
Next Pin Hidden: May 17 - May 30


Shadows have been spotted on the island, be sure to be extra careful this year at the Medieval Party, things are changing… Waddle On!

Today, May 10th, in Mexico we celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a great day to thank your mom for everything she has given you and mostly to thank her for giving you the most important thing: life.

It was our mothers who took care of us when we were born, it was her who has taught us almost everything we know, she’s always there to make you feel happy, even if you think she might be too mean she’s always there for you, she works hard every day to make our day happy, she helps us when we most need help, she’s the one who takes care of us when we’re sick or we don’t feel well.

Our mother is our best friend, she’s our hero, she protects us, she guides us through everything, she supports us in everything, she never asks for anything in return when she does us a favor, but most of all, she loves us no matter what.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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