Today it’s April 30th and in Mexico we celebrate “Día del Niño“, which means Children’s Day. On this day, kids take control of everything! They get to go to the movie theater for free or half price, they get to go to special parties only for kids, they get gifts and toys today, and everything else that makes a kid happy!

I’m already 13 so I don’t celebrate this anymore :( but when I used to celebrate it, my dad would take me to the movie theater because they would give him free tickets at work because that’s the gift they gave parents that have kids that are 12 years old or younger. Then, when the movie was over, they would give us a toy and some candy!

It’s a very fun day to celebrate with the children around you and it’s fun no matter how old you are, so why not try to celebrate this day?

Happy Children’s Day! :D

It’s a little late but it’s still Friday and the Club Penguin upcoming events are here!


Starting today, new play at the Stage! Detectives needed at the Stage to help solve the case of the missing ruby, can you find it?

Starting May 3, new Penguin Style Catalog! Find ye olde vestments at the Gift Shop for a party coming soon!

Starting May 10, new Better Igloos Catalog! Build thyself ye own castle with dragons and wizards with new furniture coming sooneth!

Coming in May, Medieval Party! Prepareth thyself for quests, dragons, wizards, and princesses coming to ye olde island sooneth!


Find the hidden pin!

Hidden Until: May 2
Next Pin Hidden: May 3 - May 16


These be the only events I have for ye this week. Come back sooneth to find out about ye olde party coming in May!
Until then, Waddle On!

Today’s the 23rd and it’s a sad day for me because it reminds me that one month has passed since my cat, Vanilla, got lost. We haven’t found her and we already searched the whole neighborhood and we told everyone we know to help us look for her but we still haven’t found her.

Vanilla is a Siamese cat, she’s small and fluffy and she’s a very nice kitten. She has beautiful blue eyes and a mask. I remember she used to steal our socks and hide them somewhere in her room :( She went away on March 23 and hasn’t been back ever since and every day I remember her and that’s what makes this a sad month for me.

But today in the morning, my mom said that she saw two cats in our front yard, she said one was white and orange and the other looked just like Vanilla! She said they got scared and ran away but the second cat looked EXACTLY like Vanilla.

If it was her then it’s normal for a cat to be scared after leaving their house for a whole month. I hope it is her! I still believe that Vanilla is alive and that’s what I want to believe until I find her. I’m not giving up because that’s the worst thing I can do!

Never lose hope!

On Friday I made some apple yogurt at school for my Biology class. We mixed milk, sugar, apples and yogurt (without flavor) in a blender and we each got a bottle full of the yogurt we made. I had to wait a couple of hours after I got home to be able to try it, but I didn’t try it until today because it wasn’t ready yet. It was too watery and it doesn’t even taste like apple! :( I guess we added too much milk. The good thing is that the teacher didn’t ask us to bring it back on Monday because I threw it away :P

This reminded me of a movie I watched a few weeks ago with my mom, it was about people cooking and they made it wrong the first time and another movie where people got sick because of the food they ate. Movies and food gave me a great idea for my blog! Have you guessed what it is?

Yes! I’ve decided to add a new category to my blog! I will start posting recipes of delicious and healthy food & desserts! I will also bring back an old category with new updates! Movie trailers are coming back soon too!

This is going to be very exciting! New categories will arrive in May-June! Remember to check my blog for more updates! See you soon!

It’s Friday at last! This was my first Friday after Spring Break so everything’s back to how it used to be: school, homework, projects, posting Club Penguin upcoming events!


Starting today, Earth Day Party! Celebrate this day by protecting ALL the animals of the world not only today but forever! Find new costumes and more information about endangered animals!

Starting April 26, Ruby and the Ruby at the stage! Look for a new play at the stage next week and solve the mystery of the lost ruby!

Starting May 3, new Penguin Style Catalog! Come and buy ye olde vestments for kings, queens and knights!

Coming in May, ???????? Party! Prepareth thyself for ye olde party with more quests to come…


Find the hidden pin!

Hidden Until: May 2
Next Pin Hidden: May 3 - May 16


There are so many things coming up! See you next Friday! Until then, Waddle On!

Today’s my twin cats Charlie and Lola’s 1st birthday! Sadly, we gave them to another family because we had too many cats :( but they will always be in my heart.

Charlie & Lola:
Even though you aren’t here, you’re in another house, I will always remember the day you were born. You were born very early in the morning, your mother was very brave because you were born outside and she knew how to take care of you while we woke up.
Charlie–I remember I was the first one to hear your very first meow. You had cute shoes. You could open all the doors and I hope you keep opening doors into a great future!
Lola–You liked to play a lot with us. You love your mom more than the tuna we gave you in the mornings. You liked to play with Hello Kitty. You always had a smile on your face and made me smile too and I hope you keep smiling no matter what!

You’re not here, you’re in a new house. Wherever you are, I will never forget the lovely times we spent together and all the times you made me smile. You’ll always be in my heart and you’ll always be our kittens!

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow’s Monday and that means that there’s only a few hours left until it’s time to go back to school! After 2 whole weeks of having fun at my house and other places while I was on Spring Break, it’s time to go back to school and learn more things to be able to be prepared for what’s coming in the real world when we grow up.

But the last day of Spring Break doesn’t mean that we have to be sad, it means we have to be happier than any other day and enjoy the few hours we have left! Today I went to the movie theater and, finally, I watched The Woman In Black, I had to wait for a long time so it could come out in my town and I didn’t regret it! I watched it with my mom, we were very scared and I haven’t been scared like that since I was smaller and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the first time!

Then we bought candy and soda and we went to buy things for the kitchen and we even looked at clothes! We had a great time together at the mall! My sister went out with my cousin, my dad went to visit my grandma  and my brother stayed at home so it was only me and my mom at the mall this afternoon and it was very fun!

Don’t be sad! There a few more hours until it’s time to go back to school so let’s celebrate it the most we can and enjoy every second we have! I’ll be back in a few days and don’t forget to check my blog for updates!

It’s Friday the 13th! :-O But there’s nothing to worry about, you won’t get any bad luck because I’m about to start posting the upcoming events of Club Penguin again! It’s your lucky day because these posts are coming back starting now!

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!


Starting today, Igloo Contest Winners are announced! Check out the Club Penguin Times to see all the names of the winners! Good luck!

Starting today, new Better Igloos Catalog! Members check out the new special furniture for Earth Day and help protect the planet!

Starting April 19, Earth Day Party! Buy new costumes of endangered animals and learn more about them! Help the planet!

Starting April 26, Ruby and the Ruby at stage! Help find out who took the missing ruby by joining this fantastic play at the stage!

Starting May 3, new Penguin Style Catalog! Head to ye olde Gift Shop to buy new clothes for ye olde penguin!


Find the hidden pin!

Hidden Until: April 18
Next Pin Hidden: April 19 - May 2


I hope that this time the Upcoming Events posts stay for a long time! Sorry I didn’t post them for a long time, I was very busy. The next week I might post this later because of school but I’m sure they’ll be there!

Waddle On!

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