Hi there! This time, I’ve found a trailer that will make you laugh! This movie is coming out on November, it’s going to be great (and funny)! Enjoy! (Click Read More>> to watch!) Read more »

Today was my first day in 7th grade, it was exciting and fun! (Spanish was boring though…) I was put in the same class as my elementary school friends and we made 3 new friends already! The classroom is bigger than the 6th grade classroom I had in the other school and the seats were BIG! I liked my first day there, I hope it gets even better tomorrow. I already got homework :( but at least I get less homework in this school! I wish I would have been there since 5th grade! :D

Hi there! It’s been a long time since I haven’t shown you things about Club Penguin, and Club Penguin is changing! Today, they have changed the website page!
Take a look:


They also changed the login page, now it has bigger buttons and they change whenever you point at them:

What do you think? Do you like the new Club Penguin or did you like the old one? Waddle On!!!

I’ve decided to make a new category for trailers of movies that come out during the year. I’ve posted Harry Potter trailers, now I’ll post more soon and you can also post in a comment the tittle of a trailer you would like to see here next! Here’s this trailer: (Click Read More>> to watch!) Read more »

I was walking around HKO a while ago, when I saw one of my favorite characters in New York: Chococat! I was so happy, I took a screenshot with him!
Here’s a picture:

(This isn’t a new picture, I’m not in that guild anymore)

He’s a cute kitten, I like him because he looks just like my sister’s kitten, Salem, and I even got a new backpack with Chococat! Now I will see Salem at school too!
Here’s a picture of the backpack:


I’m so excited to use my new backpack! :D I hope I can post more pictures soon!

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Hi there! I’m glad the blog is working as good as new! :D I was in YouTube today and I saw a funny video and I have posted it here for you to see! LEGO: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2 trailer! Watch! :D (Click Read More>> to watch!) Read more »

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