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I’m Just Disappointed with the World right Now….((ranting.))

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

I can’t understand it.  I can’t stand it.  Why are people so…..undependable? It’s like I can’t make more than three dependable friends ever. I was already really mad from two days ago, because this girl who was supposed to be my friend practically kicked me to the curb. She would always come to my house and chill with me and my sisters and eat our food and dinner with us. She’s been telling everyone that her birthday is coming up, and her party was gonna be so chill and all. So, she comes to my bus stop the other day, and gives this guy an invitation, says hi to me, then completely turns her back to me, and talks to him. He’s like “Well, are you gonna give her one?” He’s a freshman, and barely knows her, and me and her are juniors and know each other pretty well(or so I thought) and she’s just ignoring me. I was pissed, and I was like I didn’t wanna go anyway. I had stuff to do. ((that part was true. lol)) But she gets in class with me and just acts like nothing is wrong, and I’m not really talking to her, and she came to my bus stop again today and tried to talk to me, but I don’t really want to be friends with her. So that’s disappointment number one. Number two is my mom. Again. She always promises me things but postpones them till it’s really REALLY frustrating. I babysat for some kids at the church and my sisters like a month ago, and the church kid’s parents didn’t even really tell me. I did a good job, and she said she’d give me thirty dollars, and I just asked for a new jacket, and she was like okay. I want the jacket, and that’s it, that’s all I want, but all she does is put it off and get mad at me for bringing it up. I guess that’s how much she really cares that the house didn’t burn down while they were gone, and everyone is still alive and fine. <_< I’m so sick of always being the last priority.I just hate my sister right now. I won’t even get INTO that. It’s so sick, I want to just bang my head against the wall.  UGH I can’t stand people, I wish I was just a plant sometimes. I love Jesus, and he’s like all I have right now, and three friends that actually listen, and don’t just USE me. UGHHHH.