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I feel all….ugh-like. Mommie-dearest issues. ;D

I wanna go to the mall with my mom. I don’t want to buy anything, I just want to spend time with my mom. For real. I guess maybe I’m just jealous of how cool one of my friends is with her mom, they go to the mall all the time, and have lots of fun and whatevar, but when I go with my mom, it’s like she doesn’t like it. I don’t know why. :o So I asked why she didn’t like it so much, and she got all pissed with me, but fish, she’s my mom, and this is the internet, so I won’t go into detail, lol.

But still. I feel all bad, and selfish now . She says she’s too tired to go to the mall. The first thing I thought was ‘too tired to hang out with me’ but I didn’t say it, cuz that’s disrespectful-esque, right? I don’t really say any of what I think to them. It’s really…..frustrating, because she doesn’t really get it. I think she thinks she does, but she really doesn’t. All I wanted was to just chill out with her, y’know, she’s my mom! But if she doesn’t want to, and she goes just to make me be quiet, she’ll just stand there while I look at stuff, and cross her arms and have that general “I don’t wanna be here”look, y’know? It’s not cool. I want her to come and have fun. I want it to be fun. But we’re not into the same stuff, so it’s just….ugh…x.X.

So I was all….cleanin and foldin clothes and dryin dishes and all, and trying to clean up, so she wouldn’t be so stressed out and all, but she just got mad at me, I musta overkilled it or whatever. It’s like I can’t do stuff right ever. Sucks lots, yo. D; And she was tellin me how she always brings me stuff like frappuchinos and candy and sushi and stuff, and how come I don’t ever think that’s enough and stuff. I appreciate it and all, but spending money isn’t the same as spending time, right? I guess I’m wrong, and that’s the only thing I can assume, because I’m the only one I can go by. Everytime I try to say something to her, she interrupts, and makes me feel worse. I feel like a monster. ((not the cool lochnessa one I am, a sucky one that’s selfish and not coo. at all. )) I don’t know what to do, my dad says the christlike thing to do is go apologise, and I know he’s right, but………I don’t think I can do it. I haven’t done it yet. xD

That’s it I guess… I’ll think about it some more, and try to do what my dad says. Cuz i know he’s right, even though I don’t like it. lol.

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    Hello! I got to your site via the updates they show on Sanriotown and I felt compelled to write a little something to cheer you up.

    For a very young person (I did the math: 20-9+5), you are very insightful and mature. The fact that you realize that money should never be equated with time is soooo unlike most young people these days (who only thinks that if their parents spend more money on them, it’s all they’ll ever need) and I applaud you for that.

    I know you hurt, but I also feel you love your mom very much. Give her space, my dear; perhaps there are other things going on in her life right now. Just be there for her with a hug and a kiss, and soon, she’ll realize that you appreciate her far more than material things. And maybe, you can write to her and explain your side without going into her shortcomings. Just tell her you love her and that you miss your alone time with her.

    I’m a mom too, so I like to read what young people think about their parents. It helps me set my course straight when it comes to dealing with my sons. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to link you up.

    Happy day, dearie. There are others listening, if you need to talk. And God bless!

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    well i feel your pain sometimes its like that with my mom i just wanna get out of there fast any who u have my sympathy

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    why don’t you write her a little note and give it to her. she’ll like that. whenever my mom and I are having problems and i just want things to smooth over. and you should try treating her sometimes, just surprise her with little things.

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    ay ay ay nessa :] !
    i found your blog :} ! !

    well. . maybe your mom is like that, because she`s got a lot of thing to worry about ? since, i know you &&` your family are gonna be doing a lot of thing over the summer.

    &&` no. i doubt your mom would be too tired to hang out with you DD: ! ! you`re a very fantabulous person :] ! ! &&` i know you &&` you`re mom aren`t really into the same stuff but maybe you can try to get into some stuff she likes ? &&` see if you like it for yourself :]

    mm;; maybe one day both of us &&` our moms can go to the mall or some other place together so, it can be a way for us to have fun for awhile O: ?

    lol. i`m sorry if i`m not very helful D’x !

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