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Last Week of School!!! *suspense*

I’m obviously not a regular blogger. ;) But whatever. SO. Final exams are next week, and I’m freakin out. I’m not really worried about the Biology one, or the History one, but the precalc will KILL me, and the spanish one is…….uh, not so sure about that one. I’m terrible at math. I’m gonna fail. Like, no lie. It’s pretty sad, really. I’m just gonna study as much as possible, and that’ll be that.

Other than that, I’m gonna be on tour with some of my old friends this summer! We’re gonna traverse the country….witnessing about Jesus to people, doing plays, and it’s gonna be fun and amazing and stuff. ;D I can’t wait. I’ve been pretty frustrated with some people lately though, cuz they’re all….”are you sure you’re gonna be okay? You’ll call home scared after a day” It pisses me off, but whatever, i try not to say anything because I’ll be gone eventually anyway. ;D The bad thing about it though is that it’s all summer, and I won’t have time to do anything else. I’m gonna miss my little sister’s birthday, and that’s sad. D;

It’s gonna be really interesting! ;D I really wanna make a series of blog posts the entire time I’m there, ((maybe in weekly intervals? or maybe less than a week, I’m not entirely sure….)) but i’m gonna do what I can. ;D Read if you want, if you don’t then oh well, I won’t stress over it. ;>

Last, I’m gonna start posting some of my drawings. ;D I’m a kind of sucky artist, but I wanna see what some of you cool peeps here think about it. ;D But next time. I have to draw something specific for here. Just for this blog. hoyes. ;D It’s gonna be fun, just like everything else will be this summer. ;D

K, this is getting long. I guess I’ll stop. Lawl. Be good now, kthxbai!

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