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Whoa….never had a blog before…


;D A boldfaced one. I had a blog at livejournal, deadjournal, xanga, lots of stuff, before this. But they weren’t nearly as cute or amazing or funn-iful as this! ;D It makes me smile. And the email address that comes with it?! Full of WIN! ily sanrio-san! ((i say that like sanrio is a person, and not a company)) ;D

Anyway, since this is my first post, i thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Vanessa. That’s all you need. Get it? ((lochNESSA)) ;D

that’s it. bye! ;D

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  1. Ng Yunn Jia Says:

    Your blog really is intresting; full of smilley faces and all. I have a blog too. However, after I read your blog on your first post, I think it really was good because I also did my first post yesterday and I really think that yours is so much better than mine!

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