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5 Responses to “Two months ago…”

  1. Don’t worry Lils, Pink Bear is plainin’ dis awsome-wha!…*Pink clamps hand over his mouth n drags him off somewhere*

  2. Oh my goodness. Just like me. Don’t worry. I’ll try to make it up to you somehow ‘v’

  3. Awww… Thats so sad. D:
    I’ll try to do something *thinks thinks thinks*

  4. Aww well..Happy late,birthday? ^^;

  5. Blue: *Gives blank stare as Pink drags him away*
    Spottie-Dottie: Do not worry, I am fine now, not every birthday has to be celebrated. :)
    Tsunko: Do not worry, I am glad you made an attempt at all. :)
    Bright: Thank you very much. :)

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