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*It’s been several days since Tommy sat in the Bear family living room with Mrs. Bear explaining his reasons for not letting his parents know what he has discovered about their family. Apparently he was trying to avoid responsibility since being a chosen holder requires you to train to a high level of magic usage and constant responding to specific activities. He started his training the next day, to Mrs. Bear surprise he had thought himself up to a pretty good level and had gotten his final stage wand within a week! Although the training doesn’t stop there he is now known as a Junior sorcerer. He is allowed to practice on his own but tends to spend more of his practice time working on his parts in his band or secretly watching Pink Bear train with her mother. Lily has watched this happen within a short period of time and the message that Tommy had started passing to her that had gotten him caught by Mrs. Bearwas slowly beginning to be forgotten, until…*

Tommy:*After praticing a few fire spells*Hey Lily?

Lily:* In the middle of a spell for a miniature whirlwind*Yes Tommy?

Tommy: I hope you haven’t forgotten what we talked about. ¬†

Lily:*Suddenly stops what she is doing and gets a really ashamed look on her face*Oh-no, I…kind of___well I….um…

Tommy:*Sigh* I knew it…you already forgot.*trying not to get upset*.

Lily: Well how could I remember with all this training?  You have not been working as hard as the rest of us because you know a lot already.  You are already a Junior sorcerer, the rest of us have to get pass three more levels just to catch up to you. *sniffles* Tommy: Awe-gesh!  Sorry, I just really wanted someone besides me to keep that secrete in mind.

Lily:*Feeling sorry too*Well-I should have remembered something as important as-um-what was it I was suppose to remember?

Tommy:*Face palm*You have got to be kidding me…

Pink:*Over hearing to word SECRETE a little while ago and pops up out of nowhere*Whats this about a secrete?

*Tommy and Lily jump.¬† This is the last person they want to be hiding things from but the first person that shouldn’t be told*

Tommy:¬† Nothing, there’s no secretes or any hidding going on here.*Sweating like a Christmas goat in the Summer*.

Pink:*Squinting eyes at Tommy then looks at Lily*Come on, you’re my best friend, you can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

Lily: But I can not remember what the secrete is so even if I wanted to say something I could not.

Pink:*Disappointed a bit, then perks up, she turns to Tommy*Please tell me Tommy, I’m usually not this nosey but I want to know.¬† Is it a surprise party for someone?¬† Did you finally find a really cute girlfriend?¬† Did something funny happen?¬† Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Tommy:*Gloating*You’re so cute when your curious…wait did I say that out loud?

*The two girls stare at him in a bit of a shock and nod ‘yes’*

MB:  Pink!  Come here, I need to talk to you about something.

Pink;*Groans*Oh no fair, I wanted to know what the big secrete is.  You guys have to tell me when I get back.*Runs off to answer mother*

Tommy:*Breathe sigh of relief*That was a close one.

Lily:  For you that was a close one, I had no idea what to say so I do not have to feel guilty for not saying anything to her.

Tommy:*Gives Lily mischievous grin*Well not for long.  The secret you so conveniently forgot is that Pink Bear has a secrete that she knows nothing about, something to help us find the Seal Holder of Water.

Lily:*Eyes get wide*Are you serious?  You mean the way to find the holder is locked away inside of Pink?

Tommy:  Exactly, I confirmed it when Mrs. Casey Bear allowed me to do some history research in the old books of magic and family lines of the Elemental Holders of Seals, which later was shortened to just Seal Holders.  If we get the chosen leader of our group which happens to be Pink close enough to a place where the seal holder of water is, there is suppose to be a kind of sparkle in her eye because the two have been star crossed lovers apparently in a few pass lives, husband and wife, brother and sister, best friends and even friendly rivals.  But get this, if she is near the seal holder of darkness that sparkle will give her eyes a kind of smoke haze.  She is literally a tracking device!  That is why she is not informed of this  because what ever she knows can be used  against her.

Lily:  But then that is all the more reason to let her know.

Tommy:*Gives a confused look*Did you not hear me?¬† We can’t let her know because it’s dangerous for her to know.

Lily:¬†Look Tommy, I do not know much about magic yet, but I do know this.¬† If that Leetan guy was able to get into Mrs. Bear’s house and attack her, what makes you think he has not read any of the history books and picked up that information?¬† Remember he is an advanced sorcerer and can easily do shape shifting magic so to deceive Pink into helping him find the holder of darkness.¬† If she is aware of her ability she will be able to be even more careful about who she trust out here.¬† Sanrio is no longer safe, many evil things are happening.¬† I have gotten messages from Mimmy and several others that Zombies are walking the streets at night, the winter air is bone chilling but every thermometer reading is on the normal temperatures for winter, Keroleen has not seen her boyfriend and freinds since Halloween, this is just before those zombies started moving about the town, there are strange activities in the realms and Sky Wizards are trying their best to handle the situation.¬† If you have noticed these are just a few sighs that the Seal Holder of Darkness is starting to gain more and more strength.¬† We have to be more than cautions now, we have to be aware of everything going on.¬† Thanksgiving was calm, but it may have just been a way to throw us off of what really is going on.¬† So if you have understood, you best tell Pink, it would be better for us to find the holder of water than for Leetan or any other secret agent of the holder of darkness to find him before we do.¬† Got it?

Tommy:*Tommy impressed how far Lily can reason within a matte of seconds* Got it miss Lily of the wind.*Charming smile*.

Lily:*Blushes and gets very embraced*Do not look at me like that!  I have a boyfriend you know?  And he will clobber you for giving me such looks.*Goes off*

*Tommy laughs to himself*

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