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*For a minute Lily stands dumb founded by the unannounced visit of Tommy, a member of the band Basement and also Pink’s ex-boyfriend*

Lily: Hello Tommy…what brings you to my home?

Tommy:*Fidgets a bit*I know you and Pink are real close friends, so she must of told you about what I am, on the other hand you may not remember being human now.

Lily:*What in the world is he talking about*Pink told me a lot of things about you, but the one you are referring to is not all that clear.

Tommy: Do you know anything about Seals and maybe Holders of Seals?*Scratching head nervously*

Lily: If it is about me being a Seal Holder yes, after all us seal holders have to work together.*Places hand his shoulder*.

Tommy:*Stops scratching*You mean your a seal holder too?  All this time I was thinking you were a human with a magical aura or a median.

Lily:*Surprised and realizes that Pink told her that Tommy was a seal holder but¬†Pink didn’t tell him that she was one too*Oh goodness…I guess she forgot to let you know.¬† I am the seal holder of wind, I know your the seal holder of fire.

Tommy:*Excited*Oh that totally rocks!  Wind and fire inhance each other when they work together.

Lily:  Yes, I have been thought about that by my teacher.

Tommy:*Lost again*Teacher?

Lily: Yes, Mrs. Casey Bear.¬† Pink’s mom.¬† I am going to get my upgrade from beginner sorceress to novice.¬† I am supper excited.¬† Would you like to come along?

Tommy: Sure, it will give me more time to tell you something really important.

Lily:*Notices worried expression on his face*Well let us go. I want to know what has brought you here, since we have never been close enough for visits.

*The two begin to walk down the road toward The Bear Family House*

Tommy:¬† I don’t know if you sence it but…something is not right since Pink Bear’s return to this realm.

Lily: How so?

Tommy:  If she has told you about me, she must of told you about Leetan.

Lily:¬† Yes, he is a horrible being.¬† If I ever see him I will *punches fist into palm and harsh gust of wind blows sand into Tommy’s face*…Sorry…

Tommy:*Spits out some sand*That’s-just fine.*cough cough*Anyway, he has disappeared again.¬† Nobody knows where he has gone and he has the Fegaharu from Fairytropolis, it’s one of the three keys to fully unlocking The Seal Holder of Darkness.¬† Then theres Pink, she is gaining some popularity unknown to her in the magic world, people believe she is the reincarnation of¬† Katherin Connela Bear, the one responsible for sealing off the darkness so that it would not destroy Daisyville and eventually the world, to be honest I believe Pink is her too, which makes her another key, and a very easy target. But now…

Lily: What?  What is wrong?

Tommy:  That leaves only one key left to be found.  And none of the magic users I know including myself knows where it is.

Lily: But what is the third key?

Tommy:¬† Since the legends of where two keys would be found are most likey true, the last one lies with the Seal Holder of Water, the keeper of¬† The Halo of Crystals.¬† But we don’t know where to find that person.*He gives a solid look at Lily, it was like starring into a barn fire that was burning out of control and it kind of scared her, so she looked away*.

Lily:  So what are you trying to say?  What made you come to me?

*They stop at the front of the Bear’s Home just at the door step*¬†

Tommy:¬† You’re Pink’s closest friend.¬† She has a secrete even unknown to her herself.¬† I’m sure her mom knows too.

Lily:*A secrete she doesn’t even know about herself?*What secrete is this?

*Door opens and steps forward Mrs. Bear*

MB:¬† Welcome Lily.¬† Hello Tommy, if your here to see Pink she has gone over to Blue’s house.

Tommy:  Hello Mrs. Bear.

Lily: Hello Mrs. Bear*notices strange look she is giving Tommy, she knows that look, it’s the same one she gave Shinelly when she recognized she was a Sky Wizard*.

MB:*Gives Tommy strange look*.¬† You’ve done well to hid your aura from me young man.

Tommy:*Surprise but trying to hid it*Aura?  Do I smell funny, haha!*Sweat drop*.

MB: It took me a while but I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about-Seal Holder of Fire.

Tommy:¬† But that’s just silly; I don’t own any seals.¬† Where would I keep them, in the freezer?

MB:*Brings out wand and points it at him*Now see here little one, I maybe elderly but I’ve not lost my mind.¬† I can tell who you are and how long you’ve been aware of your abilities, plus you’ve not been getting training to further your studies in the art.¬† I’m sure you’ve even keep it secret from your parents that you’re well aware of what your family has.

Tommy: You crack me up Mrs. Bear, that’s a good one! I’m leaving now, goodbye Mrs. Bear.*Tries to run away*.

MB:*Points wand and says*

Ice and cold

frozen seas

take a hold

and freeze this being!

*Tommy freezes in place, icy breathe blowing out of his mouth*

Lily: That was so cool! How were you able to use a spell outside your element and not get weak?

Tommy:*Through chattering teeth*LILY!  That-wa-wa-was-no-no-not-co-coo-coo-cool!

Lily: Sorry..

MB: Now if you want me to lift the spell are you going to start telling me the truth or do I call your parents?

Tommy: NO! I-I’ll-Be-be-be-be-have.

MB: Good. RELEASE!*Like a pool of water falling out of mid air he drips drenched from head to toe, but sure enough no longer frozen*.

Tommy: Thank you Mrs. Bear.

MB: Don’t thank me, come in and get warm, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Tommy:*Mumbling* Good grief you sound just like my mother when she’s peeved at me.*Lily giggles*

*The two go in, Lily to receive her upgrade, and Tommy to do a bit of explaining on why he is not sharing his abilities with his family*…

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