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Hello my friends! It is Lily Cat once again. I am quite happy today. Do you know why? Tomorrow is the day Usa, Shinelly, Pink and I get to move on to the next level of spell casting! Hurray! Shinelly is still on the look out for a good teacher.  She had given me a note a while back at the sleep over but I lost it while baking So I do not know what it says…it either ended up in the clutter all over the house or eatten by that gator of Badtz.  She was trying to tell me something during the sleepover party as well but the music was too loud, it either was ‘Elizabeth is a sky wizard and says she can help me’ or ‘Elizabeth says hi lizard and wear a belt please’, either way I am hopeful that she will find someone to help her further her training as she needs a pure Lightening sky wizard who like herself have both of their parents being lightening sky wizards. I wonder if there is a way to take her to the realm her parents are from, so she can go on to the next level of training by finding that help she needs? I have told Mrs. Casey Bear about the issue, she has been researching since several months now, but has found no leads on Shinelly’s family line. Shinelly also had a run in with some spell or curse that scrambled her speech for awhile and made her act a little crazy, but she is better now (thank goodness the basic spells have the ability to unscramble when spoken other wise she would have casted wrong spells and caused a few disasters @@ ). Pink has gone off to Blue’s house, it has been a couple of hours and I have not heard from her, I hope she is okay. *Shivers* Why do I feel like Autumn has gotten chiller some how? Well I better get ready, when ever a wizard has passed a level and is being promoted to the next one, they get an upgrade on their wand. Right now I have a wooden wand, the next one is a stone one. Teehee! I am so excited!*Runs off to get coat and boots on then heads for the door. Then on opening the door she sees standing their…Tommy?…*

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