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8 Responses to “Milk can be nice when relaxing.:).”

  1. sounds like you have alot @@ good luck

  2. Oh Poor Lily! you have so much to do! :(

  3. Good grief Lily! Why do you work yourself so hard? @@ that’s why I’m always worried about you.

  4. WHO R U CALLING OVERLY ANXIOUS?!!!???!! (oh yeh, btw, don´t overwork urself. it is bad for ur health and whatnot)

  5. SaraJane: Thank you.
    Spottie-Dottie: I am not worried about it, it all for a good cause. :)
    Pink: Please do not worry about me. :(
    Fenn the fire fairy: You are very anxious, but I guess that is what makes you who you are. :) And thank you for the concern, I am glad to know you can be very kind and think of others. ^^

  6. Heey Lily! let’s have the sleepover on this saturday? :)

  7. Spottie-Dottie: Okay.

  8. Okay today is today :D

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