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Hello, I’m glad to say that my dear friend Mimmy White has understood that I am not interested in causing our friendship to break, I love her dearly and do not wish for a guy to come between us for anything. Of course I’m still worried about her new interest. @@. She has decided to become a bunny for awhile, I like bunnies too but I don’t think I could become one without meowing by accident, on the other hand I am human right now so I haven’t been doing much meowing. Vito has asked me (again) to be his official girlfriend, I’m very happy right now so fellows out there who have been asking me for a phone number, back off, I did not give it to you then and I won’t give it to you now! I’m very glad to also say that my friend Pink has come over to my house for a sleep over, she is pretending to be a seal to make Bell and me to laugh and doing a good job at it. :D . I do want to get back to the ghost stories we were telling, it is very interesting. well meow for now.

Hello there all! I’m not to sure what is happening but I believe that I’ve been put in a very funny position. I have a great friend named Mimmy, she is such a sweet and lovable cat and is very talented like her sister Kitty, but just recently I got a very upsetting response to my blog from her. I love her dearly and do not wish to loose her as a¬†friend. Here is what I mean, in my blog titled ‘I have a crush on someone you may know (don’t worry, I’m still in love with Vito)‘, I talked about my crush on Jun Kun, Mimmy happens to have a liking for him as well, which is just wonderful! Of course I guess it got misunderstood in the long run, as I¬†fear she thinks I’m in love with him! @@. I think his sweet and all but I’m am very bond to Vito *smiling lovingly at the thought of Vito*. So I want to let my dear friend know, I’m not after Jun Kun, I just have a crush as many females would have a crush on a singer, actor or athlete. I would love to see you and Jun hit it off someday, but as for me I’m fine with only one and that is Vito. Please don’t think that I’m after the guy of your dreams, I really do want your dreams to come true. Tell me if you understand please. Meow, I’ll be waiting for a response my dear friend Mimmy. :)¬† If anyone should see her before she can read this let her know, I will highly appreciate it.

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