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Hello friends, sorry for not posting as often as I should, it is not very nice to leave friends without saying something first. I had the most wonderful Christmas, I mean I am still suffering the human transformation but it is not as bad as I first thought.¬† Well on a more important note, my friend Pink travelled back to Daisyville for the holidays to spend it with her elder brother’s family.¬† So yes I was a bit sad about that.¬† Vito and my¬†sister Bluebell¬†made sure that I¬† was not sad for the holidays, as I usually spend a little part of my day with Pink Bear.¬† I woke up on Christmas morning very drowsy still because I did not go to bed on time (I stayed awake singing karaoke with my big sister Bell :) ).¬† I wanted¬†to just stay in my pajamas and stare at the ceiling but Bell would not allow me, she dragged me up from my bed and pushed me into the bathroom to get ready for something she alone must of known about.¬† Well I got ready, and came out trying my best to smile.

Bell: Get out of your tired state miss goomy, don’t be as lazy as a fat cat!

Lily: *Thinking to myself* But I am a cat, just not a fat one. *Speaking out loud* Oh alright, but I don’t see what the fuss is about.

Well I got myself together enough to follow Bell into the winter airs of the outdoors, surprisingly Vito was waiting for us to come out.¬† He looked so handsome in his winter coat and boots *day dream for awhile*, alas I still have to coupe with his memory lost about our pass relationship.¬† I rushed back inside to change my flip flops to snow boots (I still don’t understand where all this clothes is coming from might I add).¬† Then reappearing Vito said: Vito: Shall we my fair lily of the spring?

Silly female traits, all I could respond was: Teeheehee…
Is that even a word! I believe I must of turned a bit red, but I think Vito thought I was just blushing. Bell then decided that we all go to the town center to see the Christmas barn fires and caroling. When we got there it was so beautiful and lively that I just fell in love with it all. :)¬† After singing along with the crowds a couple of carols I noticed Bell got talking with some handsome fellow, Vito caught site of it too and suggested we sneak away so that they could have some ‘alone time’, hehe ;D .¬† So Vito and I took a walk into the park and talked a bit, I told him about my crush on Jun Kun and how he responded to my fan post, he thought it was cute and told me he had a crush on a female actress himself.¬† I was glad we could share such silly things with each other.¬† Well we returned to the town center but Bell was long gone so Vito walked me home.¬† For awhile we keep up a conversation on the front porch, it felt like that time we had our first date just before the whole transformation and memory lost thing happened, then when we finally exchanged good byes, I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went in.¬† I was so happy on Christmas, I e-mailed my day to Pink and she was happy for me.¬†¬†I guess all this change only pointed out that good things can come with funny packages, now I can look forward to the New Year, it must be full of adventure.

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