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Hello there, right now I’m typing from Pink’s mini computer, Pink, Blue, My darling Vito and I are in Kuromi’s castle. We all decided to come and find Kitty and her boyfriend Daniel who according to the many distress e-mails Pink got, is still locked away somewhere in the castle. Vito has been reassuring me that we will be fine as long as we all stick together. I believe him. Pink has been restraining herself from giving Blue a smack over his head. I guess she got tired of asking him questions and him stammering the replies back to her. Vito is talking to Blue in a corner in low tones, I’m guessing Vito is trying to advice him or something, he most certainly is not planing to ditch us females and run for the hills…well I would not expect that from Vito anyway @@… The guys are done having their one on one talk with each other, and Blue is not that shaky anymore. So I guess it was a talk to calm him down. In fact he has gone up to Pink and held the following conversation:

Blue: My dear Pink, I apologize for my discouraging behavior so far, will you for give my selfish act.

Pink: *starring confused a bit at him* O-K…but what selfish act are you talking about, all I asked you to do is hold the flashlight.

Blue: I’m talking about how I’ve been so consumed with fear for my own life that I’ve not catered to comforting you knowing well enough that you must be afraid too.

Pink:…Did you sniff glue or something? I’m trying to choose a door, I’m not scared anymore and you most certainly don’t have to comfort me, I’m fine now.

Blue: Oh my dearest love, denial is very much expected *grabs Pink and wraps his arms around her* You are safe with me my love fear not, for I your daring Prince will shield you from all that goes bump in the dark!

Pink: *struggling for freedom* If you don’t let of go of me I’ll bump you all over your head in the dark!

Blue: I know you feel you shouldn’t be venerable around me, but we both can be as free as birds when we are toge…*BLAMMO!!!*

Pink: *She stands over blue who is on the ground from her terrible punch* When I say let go I mean let go!

Yes I must be honest that Pink can be a little rough, but when she says ‘up’, she means ‘up’, and Blue has been told that many times. I wish Pink however would give Blue a chance, he really takes a lot of beatings and heart breaks from her. Oh well, she did say she wasn’t ready for a relationship. Blue and Pink remind me of these¬† two, best know as ‘Pepe la Pew and Penelope:love.jpg
I know that the skunk could care less if the cat were a real skunk or not, what he knows is he loves her, but she is not looking for anyone, skunk or no skunk, at the moment, and he can’t get that into his head that she needs time before she sees he is the one. (Not that I’m calling Blue a skunk, he smells nice, I’m thinking about asking him his cologne so I can get one for a gift to my dad on his Birthday, and Pink is no cat). Well I ought to be helping Pink find a map, I’m sure there should be one since this is such a massive place. Good meows for now.^^.and keep rooting for us!

Hi there! I am very much relieved right now since later on yesterday evening. Yesterday early eve I was feeling heart broken over a letter my boyfriend Vito wrote me, telling me how I truly have made no time for him. I had no clue what to do because I was so sad, but two darling friends told me what I should do. Iheartbadtz told me to talk to Vito, Pink my dear friend from childhood told me the same thing. Pink actually took me inside to talk to me. She told me that even though she does not have a boyfriend of her own yet, she understands how both Vito and I feel, from his point of view he must feel like an extra tire that is not needed while in real life he is the key to my journey of love, while in my view I am so caught up in a rain storm of events that I have not realized how much time I’ve spent looking for the car ignition to actually start the drive to that journey. (I find it both beautifully poetic and funny how she compared the relationship to a car.^^.), In other words I’ve had good reason why I have not set time aside for being with the very one I love (search for the ignition to start the car and the rain storm), but it is time that I stop concentrating on the events and start involving him (the key) in the events so we can face them together (the journey).¬† I never thought about allowing Vito to go through the many things happening along the way with me.¬† So I went out, a bit hesitant at first, I was not sure if he wanted to talk to me but I went to him anyway:

Lily: Vito, can we talk?

Vito: *Gives a surprised look then relaxing his face into his depressed mood* Sure.

Lily: *sits down next to him* I know that I have not been hanging out with you for awhile.

Vito: If it’s about the letter, I should of not written it, I did not mean for it to sound so harsh…

Lily: No, no! The letter was not harsh at all. It made me realize what I was doing to you.

Vito: Don’t worry, I know it’s because you have so much to do, I understand.

Lily: No you don’t, I’ve been pushing you away without knowing it, thinking I was avoiding any stress from coming to you. I did not tell you what was going on, or try to even involve you so you can share with me in my journey, and that is what I want to do the most with you, share my joy, share my sorrow, share my up and down with the one I love…you.

Vito:…Really? You worried about stressing me? You can never stress me, we’ve been through a lot together, and it has been crazy but I always was happy to know that I can be there for you, and you can be there for me. I love you, love isn’t about always being happy everyday, it is about knowing someone cares enough to go through anything with you, to be that person standing by your side when the storm is over. *takes Lily’s hands*, never ever be afraid to involve me in your experiences, no matter how horrible they are, I will not run away and leave you alone to face them. Besides, if you have your best friend Pink backing you up, what makes you think that your knight in shining armor won’t do the same?

Lily: Oh Vito, I’m sorry for not letting you in on things happening with me.

Vito: I’m sorry for not asking earlier.

After that we stood there for awhile, starring into each others eyes, at one with nature, until I noticed a couple of flashes, turned in the direction of the front door to Pink’s house, and saw her standing there with a big smile on her face, and camera in her hands. We all laughed and she sent me the picture this morning by e-mail, I think it is one of the most beautiful pictures she has ever sent me.^^.lovely-night-of-love.jpg

Hello there. I am not to happy at the moment, not because I am still having to take care and worry over Pink my dear friend, she has fully recovered of which I am glad to know, it is not because something has happened to anyone else since the pond, nor is it the fact that Blue Grrya, Pink’s admire, has been sweet talking Pink and she has been raining insults on him (mysteriously he acts as if he is deaf and can not hear her calling him a ‘blue leech’ for the pass 8 hours:().¬† It is because I have not been spending time with my boyfriend as I’ve wished too.¬† For as long as I’ve started being his girlfriend we have had no quality time spent together, it is always either work for me, or trying to help someone, or even being too tired from helping and working that I have no energy to go anywhere but home. ¬† The reason why I am so sad is the letter Vito (my boyfriend) left for me on the table next to Pink’s birthday cake:


My Lily of the field, to who I’ve never wanted another. Why do you not come to me and stay for at least a moment? I ponder on this so, night and day. Our friendship before this new level was unfailing, and I wanted it to be more than just a friendship, but your busy life has excluded me from you. I am lonely even when with friends because you are never by my side, tell me what I have done, or do you regret my interference with your very complicated life? If so, I would rather be friends than to be shut away from you.


Tell me, what do I do? I am at the entrance of the door to Pink’s house, watching Vito as he sits on the grass, breaking my heart, making me feel as if I don’t deserve such a patient, loving, and caring being. Any other guy would be up and gone, even as a female I probably would have called the relationship quiets if the guy was not spending any time with me. What do I do? I love him, and I know he loves me, how do I make things right?


Hello there! I am glad your still concerned enough to read this.^^. Please be comforted that Keroleen and the froggies have been found safe and sound. Of course being safe does not necessarily mean normal. Right now they are all feeling quiet sad and strange, the froggies have lost there home during a very big fight at Donut Pond. Which worries me.:(. I am with Pink taking care of her ever since she fainted, she is doing well ¬†now and I am happy about that, we are trying to figure out what is happening with all our friends in Sanriotown, unfortunately Kuromi is still missing she was last seem flying over the pond during the great battle, My Melody since her strange flying lesson has vanished, we don’t know where she is anymore. It seems all the bunny people are disappearing, maybe it is something seasonal.@@. I have made a new friend, a puppy named Purin, he came to visit Pink while I was here and he is very friendly.¬† Mimmy however, even thought she is not a bunny has gone missing as well. Pink keep telling me something about this icky bug that has been flying around and so she would be happy I have refrained from squishing it, although that clicking noiseis quiet irritating and¬†getting on my nerves, I will do anything to make my friend get better. I hope that everything gets better soon. Meow for now.

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