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Hi friends! I’m sorry for not blogging for so long, I’ve been so occupied with work and trying to figure things out about what is going on with Pink and Blue. Blue has been hanging around the salon lately a lot more since Pink started working there. I wonder if Blue has something to say to her? It would be a lot more reasonable to say something instead of starring at her through the window all day, that does not sound very fun, especially now that it is more sunny lately.
Well on other news, Pink has asked me for a request concering Mimmy, she asked me to use my sewing skills to make a more personalized version of an outfit Kitty (Mimmy’s twin siter) was wearing. I was very delighted to do it, I hope she likes it, I worked hard to make it, and so did Pink who has started geting better at computer stuff. Pink has sent me a computer scan or what ever you call it showing me how Mimmy would look in it.windowslivewriterwhoopeeanotherpictureofmysister-fad0hello-kitty-sanrio-117Ă—170-thumb211.GIF  Isn’t cute!^^.  I really hope she appreciates it, I’ve already sent it in the mail to her as a package, along with a few bead jewelry that Pink made with some of her favorite beads.  Well, I’ll try harder to get a post in as often as I can. You all have a perrrfect day. Meow now!

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