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It has been a while since I last put a blog. I wonder how everyone in the cyber world is doing. Hopefully everyone is well. ^^ I have been going on may errands since my birthday party surprise and that is simply because I want to cover more of my own responsibilities. I have to take care my work at The Hare Salon, attend my daily and weekly when the schedule is very tight lessons, and put more effort into my my relationship with Vito, especially since he cannot remember any of our animal days in the past like Pink, Blue and me. However life has been good, there has not been any heavy duty drama for a while and I am quiet enjoying. Meow for now my friends. Let me know how you are. :3

Hello friends, so glad to be going home now. Pink and I spent hours in the mall, frankly I was getting really tired when she keep insisting we check the next floor after about three floors of exploring (she also keep sneaking into the bathroom, I guess we did have to much lemonade at that drink tasting stand). @@ But I was happy all the same¬†and did quiet enjoy it because I got to hang out with someone special to me. :) We are going to take the bus home, we over shopped and it really is a hassle getting all these bags together over a distance of ten blocks. :( I got a phone call from Vito, he said that he’s on his way to my house and waiting for me to return. I do not know if it is just me but I have been smelling a lot of baked good since we got outside, the last i smelt so many was the last time Melody was baking up a storm. I should probably stop by for a visit to see if she is home later. Meow for the moment. :3

Hello there friends. I have been away from my post for a few days but it feels like years! So I apologize for this. I am so excited, I’m going shopping today and it’s the best thing to go shopping especially with a close friend. :) I wonder why I feel like this should have happened sooner but all is well. I am going to make sure I get a surprise gift for Pink today since we both planned to get each other one, maybe we might get the same thing (which would funny since we both like a lot of very similar things already). *Hears door bell ring* Oh that might be her now! *Runs off to answer*.

Hello dear friends. I am sorry that I have not posted since August, August was Pink’s birthday and even though she did not remember mine, I wanted her to be really happy so I bought her a gift. She told me not to worry since no one else beside her mother and little brother remembered to say happy birthday (and Blue Grrya, but he had to say it over the phone since he travelled to some state for a concert). So I am feeling much better about no one remembering my birthday, Pink was not bothered by everyone forgetting hers so¬†I know I do not have to worry about people forgetting mine.
Anyway I have this shopping spree that I am going on with Pink tomorrow, she thought it was a great idea when I told her about a week or so ago. She said we should both buy something to surprise the other with but not let each other know, teehee! XD I think thats a great idea too, so we will be shopping together but neither of us will know which one of the items we buy is for the other until we get home. Vito has sent me a card wishing me a happy birthday two days ago, he also travelled with Blue but they both came back last week. So I am looking forward to a visit. X3 Well I am going to help my sister Bluebell bake one of my favorite cakes, she says its for some special occasion she can not miss tomorrow. Well good day my friends, meow for now.

Two months ago was my birthday, nobody remembered even me…enough said… :(

Meow my dear friends (I have not said that in a long time, tee-hee!), it is I, Lily Cat.¬† I am very sorry that I have not been posting in ages.¬† (I have been practicing so seriously that I have lost track of how much time is happening around me :( ).¬† Vito had called me yesterday on-guess what- VALENTINE’S DAY! XD¬† I was so taken by surprise at how quickly it came and he thought it was so funny that I could be so into my ‘training’ that I would forget one of my favorite holidays of the year. I was so embraced that instead of saying Happy Valentine’s day Vito, I said ‘Vito day Valentine’, he just giggled and said ‘your adorable sometimes’, I¬† am just glad he did not take it as an insult *Blushing over how embraced she was*.¬† Well So far, that is all that I am embraced about.¬† Pink has been moody lately and I worry that it may have to do with the¬†introduction of two very unlikely candidates to the chosen seal holders.¬† (Of course Tommy was an unlikely candidate too but let us not go into that *^^*).¬† Just recently ending last year the Seal Holder of Light literally ran into Pink Bear’s house, come to find that Pinkand her¬†know each other from some previous meeting, she says her name is Yu-ri,¬†I say it is quiet a small world for such things to happen, do you not agree?¬† Well since we found almost all Seal Holders the only one we were searching for is another one of the very important ones, The Seal Holder of Water, who ever it is also holds the Halo of Crystals.¬† I do not know what the Halo of Crystals can do or why it is so important but I do know that it is very necessary to keep it away from the bad guys. Then right under our noses we found another Seal Holder…I had to say when Pink finally opened up to me today she seemed both relieved and worried, our possible candidate has only a 50% chance of being who we are looking for but if he is not than we have opened the door to a great and powerful enemy. *Sigh*¬† I really hope he is a good guy because I really believe Pink and him belong together.¬† Well goodbye my friends, I do hope to update soon.¬† And by the way HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !*winkles and kisses*

*It’s been several days since Tommy sat in the Bear family living room with Mrs. Bear explaining his reasons for not letting his parents know what he has discovered about their family. Apparently he was trying to avoid responsibility since being a chosen holder requires you to train to a high level of magic usage and constant responding to specific activities. He started his training the next day, to Mrs. Bear surprise he had thought himself up to a pretty good level and had gotten his final stage wand within a week! Although the training doesn’t stop there he is now known as a Junior sorcerer. He is allowed to practice on his own but tends to spend more of his practice time working on his parts in his band or secretly watching Pink Bear train with her mother. Lily has watched this happen within a short period of time and the message that Tommy had started passing to her that had gotten him caught by Mrs. Bearwas slowly beginning to be forgotten, until…*

Tommy:*After praticing a few fire spells*Hey Lily?

Lily:* In the middle of a spell for a miniature whirlwind*Yes Tommy?

Tommy: I hope you haven’t forgotten what we talked about. ¬†

Lily:*Suddenly stops what she is doing and gets a really ashamed look on her face*Oh-no, I…kind of___well I….um…

Tommy:*Sigh* I knew it…you already forgot.*trying not to get upset*.

Lily: Well how could I remember with all this training?  You have not been working as hard as the rest of us because you know a lot already.  You are already a Junior sorcerer, the rest of us have to get pass three more levels just to catch up to you. *sniffles* Tommy: Awe-gesh!  Sorry, I just really wanted someone besides me to keep that secrete in mind.

Lily:*Feeling sorry too*Well-I should have remembered something as important as-um-what was it I was suppose to remember?

Tommy:*Face palm*You have got to be kidding me…

Pink:*Over hearing to word SECRETE a little while ago and pops up out of nowhere*Whats this about a secrete?

*Tommy and Lily jump.¬† This is the last person they want to be hiding things from but the first person that shouldn’t be told*

Tommy:¬† Nothing, there’s no secretes or any hidding going on here.*Sweating like a Christmas goat in the Summer*.

Pink:*Squinting eyes at Tommy then looks at Lily*Come on, you’re my best friend, you can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

Lily: But I can not remember what the secrete is so even if I wanted to say something I could not.

Pink:*Disappointed a bit, then perks up, she turns to Tommy*Please tell me Tommy, I’m usually not this nosey but I want to know.¬† Is it a surprise party for someone?¬† Did you finally find a really cute girlfriend?¬† Did something funny happen?¬† Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Tommy:*Gloating*You’re so cute when your curious…wait did I say that out loud?

*The two girls stare at him in a bit of a shock and nod ‘yes’*

MB:  Pink!  Come here, I need to talk to you about something.

Pink;*Groans*Oh no fair, I wanted to know what the big secrete is.  You guys have to tell me when I get back.*Runs off to answer mother*

Tommy:*Breathe sigh of relief*That was a close one.

Lily:  For you that was a close one, I had no idea what to say so I do not have to feel guilty for not saying anything to her.

Tommy:*Gives Lily mischievous grin*Well not for long.  The secret you so conveniently forgot is that Pink Bear has a secrete that she knows nothing about, something to help us find the Seal Holder of Water.

Lily:*Eyes get wide*Are you serious?  You mean the way to find the holder is locked away inside of Pink?

Tommy:  Exactly, I confirmed it when Mrs. Casey Bear allowed me to do some history research in the old books of magic and family lines of the Elemental Holders of Seals, which later was shortened to just Seal Holders.  If we get the chosen leader of our group which happens to be Pink close enough to a place where the seal holder of water is, there is suppose to be a kind of sparkle in her eye because the two have been star crossed lovers apparently in a few pass lives, husband and wife, brother and sister, best friends and even friendly rivals.  But get this, if she is near the seal holder of darkness that sparkle will give her eyes a kind of smoke haze.  She is literally a tracking device!  That is why she is not informed of this  because what ever she knows can be used  against her.

Lily:  But then that is all the more reason to let her know.

Tommy:*Gives a confused look*Did you not hear me?¬† We can’t let her know because it’s dangerous for her to know.

Lily:¬†Look Tommy, I do not know much about magic yet, but I do know this.¬† If that Leetan guy was able to get into Mrs. Bear’s house and attack her, what makes you think he has not read any of the history books and picked up that information?¬† Remember he is an advanced sorcerer and can easily do shape shifting magic so to deceive Pink into helping him find the holder of darkness.¬† If she is aware of her ability she will be able to be even more careful about who she trust out here.¬† Sanrio is no longer safe, many evil things are happening.¬† I have gotten messages from Mimmy and several others that Zombies are walking the streets at night, the winter air is bone chilling but every thermometer reading is on the normal temperatures for winter, Keroleen has not seen her boyfriend and freinds since Halloween, this is just before those zombies started moving about the town, there are strange activities in the realms and Sky Wizards are trying their best to handle the situation.¬† If you have noticed these are just a few sighs that the Seal Holder of Darkness is starting to gain more and more strength.¬† We have to be more than cautions now, we have to be aware of everything going on.¬† Thanksgiving was calm, but it may have just been a way to throw us off of what really is going on.¬† So if you have understood, you best tell Pink, it would be better for us to find the holder of water than for Leetan or any other secret agent of the holder of darkness to find him before we do.¬† Got it?

Tommy:*Tommy impressed how far Lily can reason within a matte of seconds* Got it miss Lily of the wind.*Charming smile*.

Lily:*Blushes and gets very embraced*Do not look at me like that!  I have a boyfriend you know?  And he will clobber you for giving me such looks.*Goes off*

*Tommy laughs to himself*

*For a minute Lily stands dumb founded by the unannounced visit of Tommy, a member of the band Basement and also Pink’s ex-boyfriend*

Lily: Hello Tommy…what brings you to my home?

Tommy:*Fidgets a bit*I know you and Pink are real close friends, so she must of told you about what I am, on the other hand you may not remember being human now.

Lily:*What in the world is he talking about*Pink told me a lot of things about you, but the one you are referring to is not all that clear.

Tommy: Do you know anything about Seals and maybe Holders of Seals?*Scratching head nervously*

Lily: If it is about me being a Seal Holder yes, after all us seal holders have to work together.*Places hand his shoulder*.

Tommy:*Stops scratching*You mean your a seal holder too?  All this time I was thinking you were a human with a magical aura or a median.

Lily:*Surprised and realizes that Pink told her that Tommy was a seal holder but¬†Pink didn’t tell him that she was one too*Oh goodness…I guess she forgot to let you know.¬† I am the seal holder of wind, I know your the seal holder of fire.

Tommy:*Excited*Oh that totally rocks!  Wind and fire inhance each other when they work together.

Lily:  Yes, I have been thought about that by my teacher.

Tommy:*Lost again*Teacher?

Lily: Yes, Mrs. Casey Bear.¬† Pink’s mom.¬† I am going to get my upgrade from beginner sorceress to novice.¬† I am supper excited.¬† Would you like to come along?

Tommy: Sure, it will give me more time to tell you something really important.

Lily:*Notices worried expression on his face*Well let us go. I want to know what has brought you here, since we have never been close enough for visits.

*The two begin to walk down the road toward The Bear Family House*

Tommy:¬† I don’t know if you sence it but…something is not right since Pink Bear’s return to this realm.

Lily: How so?

Tommy:  If she has told you about me, she must of told you about Leetan.

Lily:¬† Yes, he is a horrible being.¬† If I ever see him I will *punches fist into palm and harsh gust of wind blows sand into Tommy’s face*…Sorry…

Tommy:*Spits out some sand*That’s-just fine.*cough cough*Anyway, he has disappeared again.¬† Nobody knows where he has gone and he has the Fegaharu from Fairytropolis, it’s one of the three keys to fully unlocking The Seal Holder of Darkness.¬† Then theres Pink, she is gaining some popularity unknown to her in the magic world, people believe she is the reincarnation of¬† Katherin Connela Bear, the one responsible for sealing off the darkness so that it would not destroy Daisyville and eventually the world, to be honest I believe Pink is her too, which makes her another key, and a very easy target. But now…

Lily: What?  What is wrong?

Tommy:  That leaves only one key left to be found.  And none of the magic users I know including myself knows where it is.

Lily: But what is the third key?

Tommy:¬† Since the legends of where two keys would be found are most likey true, the last one lies with the Seal Holder of Water, the keeper of¬† The Halo of Crystals.¬† But we don’t know where to find that person.*He gives a solid look at Lily, it was like starring into a barn fire that was burning out of control and it kind of scared her, so she looked away*.

Lily:  So what are you trying to say?  What made you come to me?

*They stop at the front of the Bear’s Home just at the door step*¬†

Tommy:¬† You’re Pink’s closest friend.¬† She has a secrete even unknown to her herself.¬† I’m sure her mom knows too.

Lily:*A secrete she doesn’t even know about herself?*What secrete is this?

*Door opens and steps forward Mrs. Bear*

MB:¬† Welcome Lily.¬† Hello Tommy, if your here to see Pink she has gone over to Blue’s house.

Tommy:  Hello Mrs. Bear.

Lily: Hello Mrs. Bear*notices strange look she is giving Tommy, she knows that look, it’s the same one she gave Shinelly when she recognized she was a Sky Wizard*.

MB:*Gives Tommy strange look*.¬† You’ve done well to hid your aura from me young man.

Tommy:*Surprise but trying to hid it*Aura?  Do I smell funny, haha!*Sweat drop*.

MB: It took me a while but I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about-Seal Holder of Fire.

Tommy:¬† But that’s just silly; I don’t own any seals.¬† Where would I keep them, in the freezer?

MB:*Brings out wand and points it at him*Now see here little one, I maybe elderly but I’ve not lost my mind.¬† I can tell who you are and how long you’ve been aware of your abilities, plus you’ve not been getting training to further your studies in the art.¬† I’m sure you’ve even keep it secret from your parents that you’re well aware of what your family has.

Tommy: You crack me up Mrs. Bear, that’s a good one! I’m leaving now, goodbye Mrs. Bear.*Tries to run away*.

MB:*Points wand and says*

Ice and cold

frozen seas

take a hold

and freeze this being!

*Tommy freezes in place, icy breathe blowing out of his mouth*

Lily: That was so cool! How were you able to use a spell outside your element and not get weak?

Tommy:*Through chattering teeth*LILY!  That-wa-wa-was-no-no-not-co-coo-coo-cool!

Lily: Sorry..

MB: Now if you want me to lift the spell are you going to start telling me the truth or do I call your parents?

Tommy: NO! I-I’ll-Be-be-be-be-have.

MB: Good. RELEASE!*Like a pool of water falling out of mid air he drips drenched from head to toe, but sure enough no longer frozen*.

Tommy: Thank you Mrs. Bear.

MB: Don’t thank me, come in and get warm, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Tommy:*Mumbling* Good grief you sound just like my mother when she’s peeved at me.*Lily giggles*

*The two go in, Lily to receive her upgrade, and Tommy to do a bit of explaining on why he is not sharing his abilities with his family*…

Hello my friends! It is Lily Cat once again. I am quite happy today. Do you know why?¬†Tomorrow is the day Usa, Shinelly, Pink and I get to move on to the next level of spell casting! Hurray! Shinelly is still on the look out for a good teacher.¬† She had given me a note a while back at the sleep over but I lost it while baking So I do not know what it says…it either ended up in the clutter all over the house or eatten by that gator of Badtz.¬†¬†She¬†was trying to tell me something during the sleepover party as well but the music was too loud, it either was ‘Elizabeth is a sky wizard and says she can help me’ or ‘Elizabeth says hi lizard and wear a belt please’, either way I am hopeful that she will find someone to help her further her training as she needs a pure Lightening sky wizard who like herself have both of their parents being lightening sky wizards. I wonder if there is a way to take her to the realm her parents are from, so she can go on to the next level of training by finding that help she needs? I have told Mrs. Casey Bear about the issue, she has been researching since several months now, but has found no leads on Shinelly’s family line. Shinelly also had a run in¬†with some spell or curse that scrambled her speech for awhile and made her act a little crazy, but she is better now (thank goodness the basic spells have the ability to unscramble when spoken other wise she would have casted wrong spells and caused a few disasters @@ ). Pink has gone off to Blue’s house, it has been a couple of hours and I have not heard from her, I hope she is okay. *Shivers* Why do I feel like Autumn has gotten chiller some how? Well I better get ready, when ever a wizard has passed a level and is being promoted to the next one, they get an upgrade on their wand. Right now I have a wooden wand, the next one is a stone one. Teehee! I am so excited!*Runs off to get coat and boots on then heads for the door. Then on opening the door she sees standing their…Tommy?…*

Hello friends! It is I Lily Cat (that sounded very close to an introduction that Pink Bear would make, Tee-Hee!). I am glad to say that I will finally present the story I told at the sleep over party that Spottie-Dottie had. My story was very short but it was fun to tell, so here it goes:

It was a dark and stormy night, and there were loud crashing noises of thunder and lightening all about. Inside a house there were three sisters who had been left alone because their parents both had to work a night shift. So they entertained themselves with T.V. and music and video games, but all of a sudden…THE POWER WENT OUT! (you were expecting something more scary, no?)The three sisters quickly put on all the flashlights they could find and lite some candles so they could see. Then they gathered together in the living room and waited for the storm to pass. Scratch scratch scratch!¬† What was that noise?¬† They all looked around…Scratch¬†scratch scratch!¬† They heard it again, the sisters grew curious, the noise was coming from the front door, they inched bit by bit toward the strange noise Scratch scratch scratch!¬† They were by the door now, each one wondering what could possibly be outside making such a silly noise, Scratch scratch scratch!¬† Finally¬†one of them gained the courage to open up the door and saw exactly what it was, to her surprise it was…A BUNNY!

So that was my story, it scared the girls at the party until they realized I said it was nothing more but a lost rabbit, they all started to laugh at how funny it was to expect something very creepy behind the door.  I got buried in pillows for that story, tee-hee.  

Now onto more troublesome news, Pink had visited me a few days back and it was after seeing Blue since he was not feeling fine.  She did not want to talk to much about her experience with the visit, she seemed so troubled and it got me thinking that something had to be wrong.  Maybe I should visit Blue myself to see what was bothering her so much after seeing him.  I will go with Vito, that aught to cheer Blue up. :)  Well meow my friends, thank you for reading my story, no matter how silly it was.

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