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Want some font colors?

Pink Bear here with some tiny bit of assistance on font colors, yeah it took me long enough to figure out how to place a font color of my choose on my blog but I got there, and knowing how difficult it was for me I decided to help those of you still pretty lost like I was on how to use a font color of your choose.

1. For starters you have to go to your code on your ‘write post’ section, you know like when you want to write down a post you want to publish. If your still confused about the first step try going to your ‘write’ (not Right, the word that says write on that raspberry bar at the top of your main blog screen).

2. When you click on your write section you’ll see that at the top of your typing page below your title bar are two tabs, one says ‘visual’, the other says ‘code’, please click ‘code’.

3. Then here is where the tricky part is, see the codes at the below:

??? Pink: <strong><font color=”#ff99cc”>???</font></strong>
???Pink Purple: <strong><font color=”#dd0088″>???</font></strong>
???Purple: <strong><font color=”#990099″>???</font></strong>
???Vito purple: <strong><font color=”#9933ff”> ???</font></strong>
???lilac: <strong><font color=”#dd99cc”> ???</font></strong>
???Silent Blue: <strong><font color=”#0089cc”> ???</font></strong>
???Dark blue: <strong><font color=”#1133cc”> ???</font></strong>
???Night Blue: <strong><font color=”#220088″>???</font></strong>
???Gray blue: <strong><font color=”#006690″>???</font></strong>
???Green Sorrow: <strong><font color=”#669977″>???</font></strong>
???Olive green: <strong><font color=”#557700″>???</font></strong>
???green: <strong><font color=”#009900″> ???</font></strong>
???forest green: <strong><font color=”#006600″>???</font></strong>
???Brown: <strong><font color=”#775500″> ???</font></strong>
???khaki: <strong><font color=”#998900″> ???</font></strong>
???beige: <strong><font color=”#cc9900″>???</font></strong>
???Dark orange: <strong><font color=”#ff8900″>???</font></strong>
???Orange: <strong><font color=”#ff9900″> ???</font></strong>
???red: <strong><font color=”#ee0010″>???</font></strong>
???red brown<strong><font color=”#881100″>???</font></strong>

These are some codes I accidentally came across in my search for a pink font, I took the time to put them into rainbow order for easy compare, anyway you place as the first thing on your ‘code’ page any of the codes you like best up there, just copy the code or type out)  after the color name and paste on your code page, then begin to type away, once your done, return to your code page and place immediately after all your typing this: </font></strong>

Once you do that your font color will end and return back to the original black print. So basically you have do this every time you want to write in a different font or just another post. I’m just glad I found pink, and a couple of other color along the way. Hope this helps, and if I find any other font colors, I’ll let you all know. Good luck, Pink Bear is over and out!