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My Family.

pink-bears-family.JPG Hey! Pink Bear here with a little report on my family. This is a picture of my mom, dad and little brother. I was the one behind the camera, they were all in such a rush to go into mommy bear’s new hair salon that I had gotten a motion movement picture (luckily the camera was set to that mode). Theres also a autobiography I place here for all of them, here it is:


Mrs. Casey Bear: The mother of Pink, her little brother Brownie and her elder brother Snow. She is married to Mr. Ras Bear, who like their daughter has very uniquely colored fur. She is the owner of a newly opened salon for hair, fur, feathers, wool and fleece. She also works part-time in a beauty school as a teacher.

Brownie Bear: The little bear with spunk and guts, his a little trouble maker who can get out of anything with his cute looks. He loves to follow his sister Pink up and down, but she always seems to find a way to escape from him.

Mr. Ras Bear: The loving father of Pink, Brownie and Snow. He has a huge love for children. He had always been a successful bussiness bear, which was his biggest influence to start his own business in Sarinotown. He works in his newly opened art shop, where he sales all kind of art supplies, materials, decorations and party jumpers. Theres always celebration in Sarinotown so business has never been better.

Incase your wondering who Snow Bear is, his my elder brother. His married and lives in ‘Daisyville’ with his wife Eveanna Bear. So yes I have a sister in-law, she has this habit of always wanting to take me shopping, I have no idea why, but according to her she so happy to finally have a sister to do ‘girl stuff’ with. I’m guessing she said that because she has five elder brothers who tried to turn her into a tom-boy. oh well, hope this little introduction to my family has gotten you to know about me a little more. Have a great day, over and out!