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Getting stuck with Blue becomes a good thing. :D

Pink Bear her, yes I’m still a human girl thank you for asking, no I have not gotten over the newer fact that Blue has been turned and is more forcefully annoying (what is slightly comforting no matter how mean it sounds is he does not remember me…the discomfort is he is now twice as determined to gain my interest *shudders with irritation*). Well Lily has talked to Vito, he doesn’t remember still but now he has re-developed an interest in her and has asked her out on a date, well she still loves him so she said yes, even if it is slightly strange to have already established a relationship and yet you have no solid proof of your memory over something you so cherish. Well I’m happy that Vito wants to give re-dating Lily a try, I’m sure he won’t regret it.

 Now back to the situation with Blue Grrya, he is very convinced that I’m a new girl in the neighborhood who happens to be a good friend of his best friends new girlfriend…he is very silly and I can’t help saying it, I really can’t, it’s hard enough as it is being anywhere near him without tearing my hair out (can’t say fur because I’m human now). He has now grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to some music house or something and now I’ve discovered something new about Blue…BLUE IS THE LEADER OF A ROCK BAND! How that happened I have no idea, but he is now trying really hard to write a song dedicated to me, no matter how many times I told him not to bother…new discovery, he actually can sing, how could someone so forceful and clingy be blessed with such a voice? I’m starting to get why Sparkle and Speckle are so into Blue (no it is not because of his good looks, his not ugly, he is quiet handsome, I’m just one who is not, I REPEAT, not ready for a relationship outside of friendship with him). Well I’m being held prisoner by Blue in this music studio thingy or what every this practice place is, along with several other guys and completely lost at how casual everyone is, my parents don’t know I’ve been turned intoa human girl and I miss them already (even if it has only been a couple of hours @@), I’m still worried over the reaction they may have when they see me…what a minute, who are these two brodes? I swear they look familiar…


Redhead twin:Hey Blue, sounding nice, are you writing that for m-I mean us? *Wink wink*.

 Blue:*Rolls eyes*Look you two, I’ve told you time and time again, I don’t want anything to do with you! And now that I’ve found the love of my life *scoops Pink’s hand into his*, I really need you two to leave me alone.

Blond hair twin:Who is she?! *Walks up to Pink*. Your not even the least bit pretty, just plain and ugly. Who are you, I demand to know. *Knocks Pink’s hand out of grip of Blue*.

I knew it, I knew I know these two witches! It’s Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz…wait a minute…these two didn’t go into Kuromi’s castle with Vito, Blue, Lily and me…how did they get turned into humans? @@ ?

Me: Okay, I don’t know what is going on you two stalkers, but if you want Blue like I’ve always said you can have him!

Sparkle: What are you talking about, Blue is already ours, you little man-snatcher! I suggest you go find your own boyfriend.

Red head boy: Hey you two knuckle heads, leave her alone.

*Thinking to self* Who is that guy? *Eyes go dreamy* Well who every he is, he sure is cute *turns red* AM I CRUSHING ON A HUMAN BOY?!!! @@ !!!

Sparkle: Oh Tommy…*turns red and becomes shy* I didn’t see you there *plays with hair a little and stares at ground with grin on face*, how are you?

Tommy: I would be better if you two would leave us alone to pratice. *Gives a firm look*.

Speckle: *Also shy and holding arm* But you promised us tickets to the concert this weekend, we would really like to see you and Blue on stage.

Blue:*Shocked* You promised these two loons tickets to our concert?!

Tommy:*Goes close enough for Blue to hear whisper*It was the only way to get them out of the practice room in the first couple of weeks.

Blue:*Letting loose a sigh of disappointment* Fine, give them the tickets so they can leave.

Tommy: Cool dude, I can get them out in no time now. *Rushes over to his bag in the corner and pulls out tickets, then goes over to the two suddenly giggle filled twins and gives them their tickets*. Here, we’ll see you at the concert, NOT HERE WHILE WE PRACTISE, understood?

Speckle: But that pink-haired freak gets to stay, why can’t we?

Tommy: That’s because she-um-is-er-she was asked to-um…

Blue: She’s here to give us a hand with the equipment, Striker’s friend. *Points to drum player with black hair, you can’t tell if he is shocked because his hair covers his eyes*

Sparkle: Oh good, and all this time I thought she was trying to get an autograph or take our guys from us, I knew she was to ugly to attract anyone here, well good bye fellas. *twins blow kisses at the same time and winks before finally leaving*

*Fighting not to jump up and strangle Sparkle, but calmed down enough speak to Tommy*

Me: Um…thanks for coming to my aide-um-what’s your name again?

Tommy: Tommy, I’m the band’s bass guitar player and violin player.

Me: *Blushing*Really, You play violen and guitar?! *Almost wants to melt*, wow that is so cool…

Tommy: Thanks. I didn’t get your name.

Me:*Thinking* OH GOSH HE WANTS TO KNOW MY NAME!!!hearts_ani.gif41700138.gifhearts_ani.gif*Finally speaks*My name is Pink.

Blue: WHAT! And you couldn’t tell me your name all this time? @@ ?

Tommy:Nice, easy to remember, maybe we could go out sometime.

Blue:*Getting irritated and steamed* OKAY ENOUGH CHIT CHAT, LETS JUST GET BACK TO PRACTISE. *Drags Tommy away from Pink*. Listen to what we got my love. *Winks at Pink who is trying not to faint from gittiness because Tommy asked her out*.

icon_lol.gif So I’m just going to end this talk with…WOWOWOOOOWOWWOOOOOOWOOOW!!!!!!

I am so head in clouds right now!

Response of the Froggies, misterious curtousy of Brownie…@@

I got a set of e-mails on my Mini computer just an hour ago, a couple of them appealed to me more however. I got one from Brownie (strange feeling when his nice to me), but it wasn’t his letter, it was a scan of a handwritten letter. It was from the froggies, a response to my offer for a home until Donut Pond returns:

Dear Pink Bear,

I really appreciate all your help and support, but we have to decline on your offer about the pond at the back of your father’s shop. We are going on a journey as well. It’s time to see the world at a whole new light.

After what has happened, we came to realize that life is short. There are still a lot of things to do and see, more people to meet, more lessons to learn…I hope this journey will make us stronger and better creatures.

Take care of yourself, my friend. We’ll see each other again…I’m sure of it. Our paths will definitely cross once more.

Your slimy friend,


I understand, the world is more than the four walls of a home, and I hope they have plenty of lovely experiences on their journey. I hope Angie will be able to do something about the beetle problem  Mimmy is going through before the froggies go, so that they can be happy over one thing before they leave. I also got a personal e-mail from Brownie himself (don’t worry I thought him how to use the ’spell check’ on his e-mails and a dictionary to avoid pass mistakes, since the four year old knows his ABC’s backwards and forward, he picked up easily, but he also picked up more complicated ways to insult people, oyee….@@….):

Hello sister, I’ms happy that yous still okay, mommy bear is working double time since yous and Lilies are not at the salon today, daddy bear bought me a new shirts today, when yous come homes I will show yous! Tell Blue not to bothers yous, I will not allow any bearfriends to take up my sisters times with mes. Wait until I’ms fourteens like yous (I”M TWELVE, TWELVE YOU FISH STICK!!!) Well when yous comes back, get me somethings. Good bye sister.

Your Lil brothers, Brownie.

Okay, he still needs to practices, but believe me his a lot better now then he was before.  I also got one from some bears I really haven’t heard from for awhile ( in fact I haven’t wanted to hear from them in the first place), the witchy twins that are the meaning of the word harrasment:

Hi miss ugly, you do know who this is? (well yeah! The wicked witches of the east and west.) Well if your dense brain has forgotten, it is the glamorous, fabulous, never lacking Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz! Yeah, we do have to apologize to you for not checking on your scheming little self to make sure you have not taken our darling Blue Grrya away (this is another reason why I can’t find myself with Blue, he has all the town’s bears back at Daisyville drooling over him anyway, he should choose from one of them!) Well since we don’t trust you we’ll simply keep on sending e-mails, keep you distracted with checking them so you won’t have time to steal Blue away from m..I mean us. Oh, speckle wants to type to you too, guess she has something to say. (Oh good grief, is it not enough having one of the twins being so dang type-happy?!!)
I so like, don’t know why I like didn’t type you earlier. I guess I was so not in the mood to talk to you when you left and dragged Blue away (again you can have him!). You really like have to take up a new hobby, snatching bearfriends are like really shallow or something, you like don’t even seem worth it. I so wish you would like crawl into your ugly hole and croak or something. Of course knowing you, you might just rise up from beyond again. Well I don’t feel like saying anything more, you keep your grubby paws to yourself and stay away from my…I mean our Blue.

Definitely watching you,
Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz.

Okay, now I’ll have harassment from the internet and Blue, and the sounds of these evil bats! Why must the drama come when I least need it too?  Well there is a little good news, my friends and I found one tower, now to check it out.  Pink Bear trying hard to recover, over and out!


I’m sorry but I just realized that my blog has not been logged out for three days or so! This is why I’m really shocked over the previous post my little brother Brownie wrote (especially since he can barely spell). I never thought that my attention was so important to him, especially since his so use to telling me that I should leave him alone, or plays tricks on anyone who came to visit me because he preferred me to go away when I’m with friends unless he wants something. Its actually kind of sweet, but at the same time its a bit worrying for me. If he only likes to spend time with me to toucher me then there is really something wrong with our brother sister relationship. When did he get so possessive!!! Then theres the minor (major!!!) problem of Sparkle and Speckle, the twin witches bent on giving me a headache everyday of my life, these two witches found out my e-mail address! I am not happy to receive a letter from ‘Daisyville’s’ least enjoyable brats! They sent this to me two days ago:

sparkle-and-speckle.jpgHey formal least beautiful of Daisyville, sorry we weren’t about to write you earlier, I guess we were to busy trying to remove all the brain washing you did to poor Blue for the last month or so. Don’t worry Pink loser, your friend Lily has temporarily taken your place as the least pretty in town. Daddy has decided that its time we moved to a town more exciting, I don’t know why he thought that the very town you moved to would be just perfect, anywhere you are just seems dull, although I will admitted it much more fun to make fun of you than it is to make fun of that dumb cat friend of yours, she barely flinches! Oh Speckle says she found out about your blog thing, well be monitoring your movements there, especially since we know our beloved Blue is moving over there as well, so you better not try anything funny to take him away from me-um-i mean-us. We’ll see you in a couple of days, bye. And don’t try to make yourself seem innocent of not snatching other bears’ boyfriends.


Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz

Couple of days is today! There coming today!!! What am I going to do if I have torment from both inside and outside my home? I really need to seat down and talk to my brother about some certain rules at hand, he might even direct his destructive nature to something more useful, like informing when ever the twin witches are just around the corner. Pink Bear is over and out!

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