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I so want to punch Blue right now…’_’

Pink Bear here, and yes I have start with operation ‘CHEER UP LILY’, I called a meeting with all the other Seal Holders (without Lily of course) and told them the situation, all of them decided they’d like to help me out so we started making plains.  Of course through out the meeting Blue keep asking me questions he already knew the answer to, like ‘What are we celebrating again?’, and ‘Who’s birthday is this?’, and even ‘How about we invite Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz to the party?  They’re jolly good fun!’  HE WAS JUST ASKING FOR TROUBLE!!! >:( After all that (excuse my french)idiotic monkeying around he finally settled down long enough to tell me that the only reason he keep doing that is because I’ve been ignoring him lately. Who’s ignoring him? I’m just super busy all the time, there is no time for roma…I er mean…playing around when something as important as a birthday party is involved (plus I have my mom’s salon to help run, for some reason the off holidays are very booked up, mom has decided to hire Yu-ri and one other magic user who just moved to Sanrio two weeks ago and is trying to make ends meet), then there’s practice, errands, keeping Brownieout of trouble ( I have to tell you sometime what he did this week…it wasn’t pretty), Sparkle and Speckle have just come back from their Summer in Paris and I have to pull all the strings to keep them from finding out about Lily’s party, so who has the time to pay any attention to who? Tell me Blue doesn’t deserve a punch for that stunt now. Anyway I have to get back to what I was doing, making a list of the guest to invite with the group. Pink Bear is done for the day, OVER AND OUT!

Spring Break

Pink Bear here and first things first, I apologize for not updating in like…forever. But I have a good reason, my mother decided it best for me to have my spring break away from Sanriotown and DEFIANTLY not in Dasiyville. You know why? Because the stress of this quest is getting rather overwhelming for me and I needed a break but keep refusing to go on one. (talk about being a workaholic :( ). It was always between the battle to prevent the rise of the dark lord and handling shifts at Mommy Bear’s hare shop, and to top it all off the constant training was like lemon and pepper on an open wound! Lily was sent along with me, and it was suppose to be just me and her but than her boyfriend called and found out then decided to tag along, so I was like “Sure he can come along. What’s one more person?’”, of course I should have know what was bound to happen next, Vito invited Blue, Blue invited his band, Tommy from the band invited the other Seal Holders, the other Seal Holders invited a few cousins and other friends and now I’m sent on this relaxation vacation with piratically half the towns’ children. It was like an exodus of a whole nation when I was leaving @@! And all I was going to was the beach to camp out for a while. So my spring break was full of people boogie boarding, surfing, bonfires every night, partying, pranks, getting woken up at odd hours, people knocking over my tent when I’m inside-by now you should get the picture, my spring vacation wasn’t so relaxing. Blue being the rock-star that he is keep everyone too lively with his constant guitar playing, Tommy was getting really huffy about not having a chance to talk to me because there was always some random guy already in his way, even when I tell them go away, Lily was nervous because she thought I was going to blame her for this mess, but it wasn’t her fault, it’s just that everyone thought it was suppose to be a time to go wild vacation I was having, so it went a little over board (NO IT WENT PASS OVER BOARD I’M JUST TRYING TO SOFTEN IT!) So I’m back, more exhausted then even before I went on this break. Mommy Bear knew what happened, she had sent a messenger butterfly over everyday, and I was literally sending her back SOS messages because it was just way to much. Of course she has said let me spend a week just relaxing in the house. At least that way, if someone wants to invite themselves over they have her to get permission from first. Pink Bear is pooped! Over and Out!

Breaking the news.

Pink Bear her, and yes I am very glad to be able to get back to you on the last issues of my previous post. If you re-call my mother had told me about Blue’s special situation (which still has me caught in a whirlwind all it’s own), the case where he maybe the final Seal Holder we’re searching for or the one we’re trying to avoid. Blue has not gotten a reply to what my mother had to tell me about him and he has been waiting, in fact he went home because I had not surfaced since I got the news about his double trouble (and no I’m not talking about Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz). His being very patient which isn’t like him and is making me feel more and more guilty (especially as I have not broken the news to him in over a week). So today I’m going to tell him, I’m right by the garage where he has band practices and all, just waiting to over him say ‘take five guys’. Wait…the music has stopped and I can hear a bit of murmuring. Maybe it’s a good time to interrupt them for a few seconds.*Goes into garage, there is a bit of rapid talking and three band members, all except Tommy and Blue exit the room. A few more seconds and…*

Tommy: WHAT?!  It’s a lie, tell me it’s a LIE!

*Pink runs out the room followed closely by Tommy and Blue, she is pleading for them not to freak out and cause a scene.  Blue however seems calm, all thought it could be told that he’s very disturbed by the news, Tommy is more upset than anything and can’t control his facial expressions.*

Pink: Look it’s not like I had hoped for Blue to be a 50% chance of the enemy!  If there is anything wrong, that is the only choice we have.  But until than, his required to start training with the rest of us.*Gives Tommy a stern look*.

Tommy:*Finally calming down*I don’t like it, if he is the enemy than we’ll be getting to close to him, if he isn’t we have to baby sit him.  either way it’s drama!

Pink: Well there’s nothing we can do about it until we find out what he can do.  No more, no less.

Blue: Okay you two have been going at it since Pink said something, don’t I have a say since I’m the one who will live or die?

That was a good question, but I couldn’t stay there.  Tommy was taking it way over board and I already was to scared to say anything at the least, so I left.  It all depends on if they’ll show up together at the house or not today or tomorrow because if Blue is that much of an issue we need to handle it right away.  Pink Bear is upset, OVER AND OUT!

It isn’t possible is it?

Pink Bear here, and with good and confusing news (more like shocking and unexpected but hey, what hasn’t been shocking and unexpected since I found out I was a sorceress?). Today Blue Grrya came over to my house, well actually I had invited him earlier in the week to come over because I could no longer deny the fact that he might just be a magic user. It still boggles me however that he can’t recall being a bear before, nor did he seem to know that he was transformed to a human being (how I missed my fur during the winter :( ) and the fact that he just recently recalled the magic stories I’ve told him without thinking he’d remember after a full moon.  Well I told my mother about this strange case and she suspected that there was a little more to him than  just being an ordinary magic user, in fact she has been trying to track down during her spear time a very overwhelming magic power source that just seems to disappear when she gets to his part of the neighborhood, like the magic source is trying to hid itself or something.  Anyway he came over today and mother had performed a revealing spell on him, she got a result that was similar to the one I got some days ago when I checked him myself.  A golden yellow alternating with this ugly shade of green.  It was the oddest thing ever!  Well mother bear left him in the living room and called me aside.  She seemed so calm and it was like nothing special had happened.

Mom: Dear, are you sure that there is NO ONE you have strong feelings for even if it is intense irritation that is unexplainable?

Pink:*Thinking than answers*No, no one.

Mom:*Clears throat*Well you must be trying to hid it but we have found someone we must protect as much as you dear.

Pink: Do you me Blue is… no it can’t be possible.*Laughs at the thought*

Mom:*Beaming*You really couldn’t tell could you?

Pink: Mom stop pulling at my leg.  Blue, of all people?  It has to be a joke.

Mom: I can reassure you this is no joke.  In fact I always suspected that there would be something between you two but I know my daughter.  She wouldn’t be able to admit that she could-well- you know.  Like someone as proud and self praising as a boy like that.

Pink: I do not like Blue in that way.*Turns nose in air and closes eyes as she pouts*.

Mom: Look right into my eyes and tell me that isn’t true.

Pink:*Looks at mother for a while then takes eyes away*It isn’t true.

Mom: I knew you couldn’t look at me and fib like that.*Giggles* How adorable, now I’m confident you’ll marry.

Pink:*Shocked and turns red*MOM!

Mom: Oh come now, it is possible.  He happens to be a seal holder.

Pink: I don’t want to believe that, maybe his just a very sensitive to magic human.

Mom: Oh no Pink.  This time you have to accept the facts, that boy right there he is a seal holder, but here is the thing.  He has two sides of him.

Pink: Two sides?  I could of guessed that, he has the crazy side and the hot air head side.

Mom: No Pink, he has a good side and a hidden dark side.  I suspect both his parents are magic users but from different lines, and even opposing sides.  Of course some how, the dark one of his parents must of converted to light but because of the type of magic line the darkness is still passed on.  I’m hoping that I can identify what side of him is tied to a seal holder, hopefully it’s the good side of him that is a seal holder then he just might be the seal holder of water, the keeper of the Halo of Crystals but if his dark side is tied to his seal holder’s magic well…

Pink: Well what?

Mom: We might have to destroy the poor boy.

What?  This can’t be happening, Blue is a seal holder?  He has two sides?  There’s a 50/50 percent chance that we’d have to destroy him?!  This is crazy!!!  Why couldn’t he still be naive old Blue Grrya the guy that got on my nerves and made me want to deck him every three minutes?  When did he become this quickly maturing young magic user, a possible candidate for the Halo of Cyrstals that could have any girl he wanted (actually that girl thing has been an issue since we were babies in the sand box) that only has eyes for…for me…who am I kidding?  I guess I sorta-kinda like him-I MEAN SCRATCH THAT!  Okay I have to get off the computer, I’m saying things that make no sense now.  Pink Bear in a state of shock and 50% chance of good news, OVER AND OUT!

PS:  Spottie requested I post a picture of Yu-ri in human form, I actually got her permission to take the photo so here it is  yuri-human-form-holder-of-light.png 

Compare to her original picture that she brought along with her and still couldn’t believe how different she looked from her animal spirityu-ri.jpg.  BYE FOR NOW!

The Seal Holder of Light…not who I thought it would be.

Pink Bear hear with another report on the latest events for the search and find of Seal Holders. It’s been a while since I last updated, and it seems a lot of people have gone on to face the cheer of the festive month of December regardless of the madness at hand. Well I’m here to tell you that even though we had taken a break from training for the holiday of lovely Christmas and the first two weeks of the New Year (by the way Happy New Year everyone and Happy belated Christmas) it appears that training has not taken a break from us. Let me further elaborate:

It was the day OF Christmas and all through the house, my brother Brownie was sugar hyped and acting like a mouse. The stockings hung with love and care were emptied fast by the youngest bear (Brownie ate all the chocolate and candy canes in the stockings :( ). Than at the door came a rapid petter pat, like someone was running from someone with a wand wearing creepy underpants. So young Pink Bear went to answer the door, only to find a brunet panting like a boar. 

“Hide me! HIDE ME!” shouted the girl with fear, as she rushed behind the girl formally known as Pink Bear. 

“From what?” Asked I, as this girl’s face was red with terror, like she was being chased by a mummified dead Pharaoh. 

“From the wizard’s magic gremlins!”  She says pointing outside, while Pink Bear began to pounder on hearing noises near her abide.  Pink knew that even though this girl was strange her knowledge of magic was enough to come to her aide.  So she ready her wand and waited for the approach, although her throat felt dry like it had been torched.  Then in came the first gremlin snarling and mean, his skin was scaly and ugly and green.  It said

“Give me the girl for she bares light, that’s all we want and we will take flight!”  Pink was astonished and went onto ask

 ”The girl bares light? Is that what you said?”  The gremlin snarled again than chuckled with surprise

“How could you not tell when in you a sorceress lies?”  Than it became clear that Pink must protect not because this strange girl knows magic but she is meant to be called friend.  So a battle broke loose and guess who won, Pink had turned each of the gremlins into a sponge.

(Yeah i know I didn’t rhyme everything but hey I tried my best)  So now there’s this brunet girl who is sitting in the living-room talking to herself about “How she could have done better since her father trained her”.  I asked her what her name was and this is where the shock comes along…does anyone re-call a brown pengiun that moved into Sanrio a while back?  Her name is Yu-ri, and this girl happened to have the same name.  Now maybe it was co-incident is what I thought at first but when I started asking more questions it became more and more clear that this was that same bird.  She remembered everything about once being a penguin, she had a mystery dinner with a secrete admire that she says I helped her with, and she keep requesting for fish sticks because she was hungry (I’m glad my mom keeps lots of packs of those in the freezer, however it was a bit creepy that she ate them raw @@ ).  Finally I asked her about why she was referred to as ‘the girl who bares light’?  She tells me that she is a Seal Holder of Light and was told by her father to search for the Seal Holder of Life so she can aide whoever it was, she was sad that she couldn’t even help herself so she told me that she felt she would fail on her first task given to her by her father.  I wanted to tell her who I was, that she had found the person that she was searching for but she needed to recover so I told her to go rest up and everything.  So now it’s been three weeks, and I don’t know if I should let her know that her search is over or not, especially as she has the ability to probably sence other seal holders and maybe that’s why she has stayed so long.  She’s seen that other Seal Holders come here for training as well, Tommy, Lily, Usabunnbunn and she has even seen me training as well, but to my surprise nobody has told her what seal I bare.  What do I do?  Pink Bear is pondering, OVER and OUT!

In the belly of the Blue…

Um…Pink Bear here…I’m at Blue’s house right now but he went into the bathroom to take a shower so I’m making a quick entry on my mini laptop. I’m a little scared right now. Blue has been really quiet since I came in and is not at all trying to start a conversation, of course he looks like he is trying to keep himself from making any suddent movements as well. I’m worried that if I should open up my mouth what happened last time will happen again, so I’m simply being extra cautious. He’s coming back right this minute so I’ll be getting off now. Over and Out!

The realms of Magic: Dark encounter…another seal holder revealed!

It’s been some time since Mimmy and Pink left the city, they were looking forward to getting to the doorway that would lead them back to home. All there friends were waiting for their return, both were missing their families terribly and the encounters they’ve had would leave them telling stories for months!

Mimmy: I can’t wait to get home!

Pink: Yeah, I miss Mommy Bear’s cooking so much.*Imagines smoked fish with freshly baked bread, mixed veggies covered in her mother’s special sauce*.

Mimmy: I miss my mama’s cooking too.*Imagining dumplings with smashed potatoes, gravy and crab soup*.

Both friends sigh at the thought of home cooking, it had been awhile since they ate anything home made. Luckily they were already at the field of blue sunflowers they had crossed when they first came to the realm of magic so just on the other side of the field would be the doorway back home.  They began to cross the field, smiling with relief that the journey was about to soon end.  After awhile they simply began to run through the field, the sweet smells of the field they breathe in deeply as they ran, as if trying to make a mental memory of the fields in case they don’t come back anytime soon.  Just then Pink heard a loud yelp just behind her where Mimmy was suppose to be and turned around to see that some hooded being had blown her away with a huge gust of wind, Pink froze in her shoes.

Pink: Mi-MMMYYY!

Hooded: I wonder why you carry along such a useless thing when your much more power than any simple protection such as a fuzzy dinggy cat.

Pink: How dare you!  Who are you and what do you want?!

Hooded: Isn’t that obvious young seal holder, I want you…

Pink: Wha-why, I’m not going anywhere with you?!

Hooded:*Removes it’s hood to reveal a pale face that if it weren’t so pale with creepy red eyes it would be thought to be a handsome young man* Your quite a beauty, just like your mother.  Now *brings out a wand*come peacefully with me and you just might not get hurt.

Pink:*Gets her wand ready, she recognized the voice as the same hooded being who attacked Mimmy and her in Market City*I will not go with you!

Hooded:*Sigh*I also guessed that you would be as stuborn as your mother. Oh!  Before I forget my name is Leetan, I figured you’d be more comfortable knowing who will over power you since your still so weak in your magic use.

Pink: How about we find out if I’m as weak as you say I am.

Leetan: I do enjoy crushing the hopes of the weak.*Evil grin*. DARK CLOUD COVER!

There is an enormous mass of thick smoke that blinds Pink to all her surroundings, her eyes dart about in this plum of confusion searching for even the slightest movement.

Pink:*Darn it! I can’t see through all this smoke…I know*ILLUMINATION!

A light appears from her wand blowing the smoke away, to Leetan’s surprise her illumination spell is ten times more powerful than the one he encountered from Pink’s mother, the light almost burns like fire on his skin and he quickly puts on his hood to shield himself from the intensity.

Leetan: Little witch!  I’ll show you not to burn me, *whispers to wand then shouts* NIGHT RAINS OF ILLUSION!

Everywhere becomes so dark all of sudden, there is a strange creepy moon that blocks out the sky giving off this strange green glow.  Pink stands in awe, she had never seen something like this or even heard of such.

Leetan: Your impressed?  Well it’s not nearly as impressive as the one the Dark lord does, it actually is suppose to slow down the ability you have to draw from the three elements you use specifically, water, light and earth.  So you might not be able to beat me as long as this spell is in place.*Evil laugh*.

Pink:*Thinking and worried*Oh no, what do I do?  What do I do!

Leetan: Now *points wand* fall under my power so that I can release the Dark lord! MOTHS COCOON!

From Leetan’s wand a ghostly image of a giants ugly moth appears then begins to shot out a threat that heads right for Pink.   Pink tried to deflect it by casting a reverse spell but her spell light beam was shattered utterly weaken by the night rains illusion spell that was casted earlier.

Pink: No!*Shields self with her arm as she does not know another spell to use*.

Leetan: Yes! HAHAHAHAHA!*suddenly stops laughing*…wha-whats this?

Pink who had closed her eyes looked to see what Leetan was surprised at, there was a force field surrounding pink that was composed of …fire?

Another hooded being: I wouldn’t get so cocky if I were you.

Pink:*That voice, it’s that hooded person that explained what happened to Market Town…wait…I know who this is…*

Hooded:*Removes hood to reveal who he is*So you finally showed up, my family has been wondering when you’d show your ugly face round these parts.

Pink: Tommy?!!!!@@  But how did you-when did you-are you…

Tommy: Pink I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, but I am the seal holder of fire.

Pink: But when we first met, why didn’t you…

Tommy: I wasn’t sure if you were even a magic user, so i couldn’t tell you my secrete.  I noticed something unique about you when I noticed that you had a very strong aura around you, but some humans happen to have very strong auras too, so I didn’t put much thought into it but one thing was sure…I knew I liked you, and even if it meant revealing my secrete to you I would protect you if the need would arise.  But now…now that I know who you truely are, I ‘must’ protect you with even my life.

Pink: Tom-Tommy.

Tommy:*Gives Pink a smile then faces Leetan*Now you mistake of a wizard, lets see how you fend against an element that’s not under your controlling dark moon!

Leetan:  All you goody goody magic users keep on interrupting my plains, first that dumb cat who has keep me at bay for the whole trip that I followed this girl, then that stupid Elf girl, and now you fired hair fungi!  I must be rid of you pest!

The two sorcerers ready themselves for a battle of magic, Tommy’s firery red hair flowed gently in the slight breezes, his eyes focused on his opponent like a cat about to pounce on it’s prey, the wand in his had softly glowing a fire red as he grounded his footing into the soil of the flower field.  Leetan once again removed his hood, the black hair on his head blew across his face hiding half of it like a desert veil, the dark smoke leaking from his wand gave an eerie plum of smoke at his feet, like he was standing on a dark cloud.  This would be a test of skill and strength no doubt but the question is who would be able to over power the other. 


Forgive mr friends, My long absence has reason.

Pink here, I just wanted to apologize for being gone for so long. I honestly missed everyone, and don’t want anyone to think that I’ve abandoned them, I will update when I have a chance, but so far I’m out of town for the holidays. Forgive me once again, I will try to update on the continued strange happenings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

                                                              yours always,

                                                                  Pink (ONCE UPON A TIME) Bear.

Getting stuck with Blue becomes a good thing. :D

Pink Bear her, yes I’m still a human girl thank you for asking, no I have not gotten over the newer fact that Blue has been turned and is more forcefully annoying (what is slightly comforting no matter how mean it sounds is he does not remember me…the discomfort is he is now twice as determined to gain my interest *shudders with irritation*). Well Lily has talked to Vito, he doesn’t remember still but now he has re-developed an interest in her and has asked her out on a date, well she still loves him so she said yes, even if it is slightly strange to have already established a relationship and yet you have no solid proof of your memory over something you so cherish. Well I’m happy that Vito wants to give re-dating Lily a try, I’m sure he won’t regret it.

 Now back to the situation with Blue Grrya, he is very convinced that I’m a new girl in the neighborhood who happens to be a good friend of his best friends new girlfriend…he is very silly and I can’t help saying it, I really can’t, it’s hard enough as it is being anywhere near him without tearing my hair out (can’t say fur because I’m human now). He has now grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to some music house or something and now I’ve discovered something new about Blue…BLUE IS THE LEADER OF A ROCK BAND! How that happened I have no idea, but he is now trying really hard to write a song dedicated to me, no matter how many times I told him not to bother…new discovery, he actually can sing, how could someone so forceful and clingy be blessed with such a voice? I’m starting to get why Sparkle and Speckle are so into Blue (no it is not because of his good looks, his not ugly, he is quiet handsome, I’m just one who is not, I REPEAT, not ready for a relationship outside of friendship with him). Well I’m being held prisoner by Blue in this music studio thingy or what every this practice place is, along with several other guys and completely lost at how casual everyone is, my parents don’t know I’ve been turned intoa human girl and I miss them already (even if it has only been a couple of hours @@), I’m still worried over the reaction they may have when they see me…what a minute, who are these two brodes? I swear they look familiar…


Redhead twin:Hey Blue, sounding nice, are you writing that for m-I mean us? *Wink wink*.

 Blue:*Rolls eyes*Look you two, I’ve told you time and time again, I don’t want anything to do with you! And now that I’ve found the love of my life *scoops Pink’s hand into his*, I really need you two to leave me alone.

Blond hair twin:Who is she?! *Walks up to Pink*. Your not even the least bit pretty, just plain and ugly. Who are you, I demand to know. *Knocks Pink’s hand out of grip of Blue*.

I knew it, I knew I know these two witches! It’s Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz…wait a minute…these two didn’t go into Kuromi’s castle with Vito, Blue, Lily and me…how did they get turned into humans? @@ ?

Me: Okay, I don’t know what is going on you two stalkers, but if you want Blue like I’ve always said you can have him!

Sparkle: What are you talking about, Blue is already ours, you little man-snatcher! I suggest you go find your own boyfriend.

Red head boy: Hey you two knuckle heads, leave her alone.

*Thinking to self* Who is that guy? *Eyes go dreamy* Well who every he is, he sure is cute *turns red* AM I CRUSHING ON A HUMAN BOY?!!! @@ !!!

Sparkle: Oh Tommy…*turns red and becomes shy* I didn’t see you there *plays with hair a little and stares at ground with grin on face*, how are you?

Tommy: I would be better if you two would leave us alone to pratice. *Gives a firm look*.

Speckle: *Also shy and holding arm* But you promised us tickets to the concert this weekend, we would really like to see you and Blue on stage.

Blue:*Shocked* You promised these two loons tickets to our concert?!

Tommy:*Goes close enough for Blue to hear whisper*It was the only way to get them out of the practice room in the first couple of weeks.

Blue:*Letting loose a sigh of disappointment* Fine, give them the tickets so they can leave.

Tommy: Cool dude, I can get them out in no time now. *Rushes over to his bag in the corner and pulls out tickets, then goes over to the two suddenly giggle filled twins and gives them their tickets*. Here, we’ll see you at the concert, NOT HERE WHILE WE PRACTISE, understood?

Speckle: But that pink-haired freak gets to stay, why can’t we?

Tommy: That’s because she-um-is-er-she was asked to-um…

Blue: She’s here to give us a hand with the equipment, Striker’s friend. *Points to drum player with black hair, you can’t tell if he is shocked because his hair covers his eyes*

Sparkle: Oh good, and all this time I thought she was trying to get an autograph or take our guys from us, I knew she was to ugly to attract anyone here, well good bye fellas. *twins blow kisses at the same time and winks before finally leaving*

*Fighting not to jump up and strangle Sparkle, but calmed down enough speak to Tommy*

Me: Um…thanks for coming to my aide-um-what’s your name again?

Tommy: Tommy, I’m the band’s bass guitar player and violin player.

Me: *Blushing*Really, You play violen and guitar?! *Almost wants to melt*, wow that is so cool…

Tommy: Thanks. I didn’t get your name.

Me:*Thinking* OH GOSH HE WANTS TO KNOW MY NAME!!!hearts_ani.gif41700138.gifhearts_ani.gif*Finally speaks*My name is Pink.

Blue: WHAT! And you couldn’t tell me your name all this time? @@ ?

Tommy:Nice, easy to remember, maybe we could go out sometime.

Blue:*Getting irritated and steamed* OKAY ENOUGH CHIT CHAT, LETS JUST GET BACK TO PRACTISE. *Drags Tommy away from Pink*. Listen to what we got my love. *Winks at Pink who is trying not to faint from gittiness because Tommy asked her out*.

icon_lol.gif So I’m just going to end this talk with…WOWOWOOOOWOWWOOOOOOWOOOW!!!!!!

I am so head in clouds right now!

Situation at Vito’s house. @@.

Pink Bear here with an update on the strange happenings going with my friends and me. Well after screaming at the horror of being turned human without warning along with my friend Lily, we by her request rushed over to Vito’s house to see if he was still alright, we got to his door, hesitant at first then knocked on the door:
Vito: Yes can I help you?  

*Closing eyes in fear that something else may be at the door, then Lily looking down to the ground speaks*

Lily: I’m looking for a Vito Meower, is he in?

Vito: Yes, that would be me.

*Lily blinks rapidly and then suddenly faints*

Me: LILY!!!

Well I guess Lily couldn’t handle the sudden change in Vito, I wouldn’t blame her however, she was really freaked out at her own transformation. @@ . Just a few minutes ago we say this smiling fellow, door.jpg and now we know this fellow is Vito!  Well Vito being the kind being he is, brought us inside (still unsure of who we were might I add) and laid Lily on the sofa.

Vito: I hope she wakes up soon, such a pretty young girl should not be unconscious. *Looks sadly down at Lily*.

Me:*Looking surprisingly confused at Vito*You seriously don’t know who we are?

Vito:*Shacks head* No, are you lost or something? If you two are, then I can help you find your way if you wish.

shocked-pink.jpgMe:*thinking* Please tell me your joking…@@…*Takes in deep breathe then calms down enough to speak* Um…Vito, do you remember having a girlfriend?

Vito:No…none that I know of, *getting a little red in the face and misunderstands Pink’s question*…look your a pretty girl too, but I’m not really ready for a relationship with a stranger, no offense.

Me:*Tries to restrain herself from slapping him in the face as her friend Lily would not like to hear about that when she wakes up*Look you, if I was coming onto anyone it would not be you!

Lily wakes up, and sits straight starring straight at Vito for a while who is starring back at her for awhile.

Vito: I hope your okay, do you want anything?

Lily: No-no-no! I just wanted to see you, are you feeling okay, are you dizzy or still itchy all over? *Rushes to hold Vito in her arms and holds on tight*.

Vito: Gee-wiz! You and your friend are very clingy strangers!

Lily: You mean, you don’t know who I am? It’s me, Lily- Lily Cat.

Vito: Are you serious? You expected me to know who you girls are out of the clear blue? I just meet you girls on my porch this morning, I thought you were here for a lesson from my granny or something.

Me: You don’t know who we are, you don’t know who Pink Bear, Lily Cat, or Blue Grrya is?

Vito: I know who Blue Grrya is, his my best friend, how do you know him? Did he send you two to try and be my girlfriend? Cause if he did that again, I have to tell you that I’m not ready for a relationship.

Lily: *Double shocked*You don’t know me…BLUE HAS BEEN SENDING GIRLS FOR YOU TO DATE?!!! @@ *Gets very angry that being human does not hide the fact that she was originally a cat*

Lily had suddenly lost it! She grabbed Vito by the shirt, clawing her fingers into the fabric so deep it actually tore his shirt a bit and threw Vito to the ground!

Lily: Vito Meower! HOW- DARE-YOU! How dare you dismiss that I came all the way over here concerned and worried for your safety, and you can’t even remember me! I thought love concord all but I guess I was wrong, I was very wrong! *Burst into tears*.

Vito felt really bad, it seems he wasn’t sure why he felt her words so much but he sat silent looking at the now sobbing brunet. He stood to his feet and a little twinkle sparked in his eye then he held his head as if having a slight headache.

Vito:Lily…your name is familiar, can you…please tell me how we know each other so that I won’t make you cry anymore…please.

Lily: *Cleans eyes* I-I can do that…only if you’ll listen…

Vito: How can I not listen, you have such a soft voice, even when your yelling, personally I think it’s cute. *Smiles charmingly*.

Lily smiled at that, and I couldn’t help smiling at what Vito said either, it really hurt to hear that someone you grew up with can’t remember you for even a thousand pounds, a million dollars or to save their life. @@. But at least he wants to listen to see if he can catch up. Hopefully after Lily and him talk he’ll remember a little, so I’ll just step outside to cool off a little more.
*Outside at the front of Vito’s house*

Me:*Singing Bob Marley’s ‘Three little birds’* Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright…

Random passer by with Blue hair:Hey, you got a beautiful voice but it’s not as beautiful as you, what’s your name?

Me: That’s a very corny move dude, and you don’t need to know my name for your information.

*Stranger with blue hair sits next to her uninvited*.

Stranger: Well if you won’t introduce yourself, allow me, my name as the town is beginning to know is Blue-Blue Grrya.

Me: Oh no! Your even worst in human form!!!!

*Now discovered Blue Grrya looks confused at girl he is trying to talk with*

This can’t be happening! Am I being punished for something?!!! SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!

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