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Part 5 (after long last): They unsightly scene :(

Pink Bear here, so sorry for the long absence (family decided to travel for several months to several parts of the world, not yet ready to talk about it). What actually made matters worst is I forgot my mini laptop on my bed and couldn’t get to civilization long enough to put up the next post. X( Anyway I left off where I was saying something about Daniel, Kitty and the missing now found Melody: Well I walked into the house (seems they left the door open) and found kitty bearing claws and everything trying to scratch Daniel’s (who was backed up in the corner trying to shield himself with a bronze platter) face.  Melody was hoping up and down (this was the first time I actually saw her do what a bunny usually does*cough cough*hop*cough*, though she seemed a little green in the face).  So I had several things flash through my head~

1. How do I get Kitty away from Daniel?

2. How do I get Daniel away from Kitty?

3. What is the best method to calm her down (and no I am not using catnip)?

4. What amount of help is hopping up and down going to do for this situation?

5. I think I got it…

Pink: Okay Kitty, lets go party! (big smile on face).

Kitty: *Confused and surprised that anyone else was in the room* Wha… Pink what are you doing here?

Pink: I was wondering where you three were, Lily asked about you guys and said she really wished the FASHION EXTRAORDINARY Kitty white had showed up to the party.

Kitty:*Beaming from ear to ear* Really, she asked about me?

Pink: Yeah, the party wouldn’t be complete without such a true to cuteness friend.

Kitty:*Doesn’t notice Daniel crawling away for safety*Oh she knows me so well!  I am cute and a fashionable idol too.  I should have gone to the party instead of getting upset about Daniel’s forgetfulness.

Pink: So your coming because she has been asking about you.

Kitty: Of course I’m coming *turns to where Daniel was a second ago*Daniel?  WHERE ARE YOU WE HAVE A PARTY TO GO TO!!!!

Daniel: * from a hundred miles away* Yes my love, I am getting ready right now because you and I think so much alike (he sounds like he choked on the last words, must have taken a serious beating before the intervention). 

Kitty: You go on ahead Pink and Melody, we’ll be sure to be there as soon as we can.*Skips off happily*.

Honestly, angry Kitty is very scary Kitty, I would not like to be Daniel on such a day as this.  I asked Melody to stay with Kitty and Daniel in case anymore mis-haps decide to happen, she was reluctant but stayed and promised to call the minute something didn’t seem right (hopefully she will not barf on any one, she really looks queasy… how do you get queasy from hopping up and down? o.O… never mind). 

So I started back to Lily’s house and on the way….


Part 4:What’s this about helping Daniel? :/

Pink Bear here and yes things have been getting in the way of me finishing this report on the event of October but I can proudly say: after Lily was done with all the putting away and changing when I finally lead her to the backyard, it was a super huge surprise when everyone jumped out of there hiding place shouting ‘HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LILY!’, she was so overwhelmed she broke out into a sob. (I’m so glad she was moved by all our hard work ^^). Well the party kicked off and everyone had already filled up the gift table with presents. There was more than enough snacks, (and even a creepy excess as Melody had gone a bit over board X( ). Basement (and I am talking about Blue’s band not that room under the house) were playing a lot of there more recognized songs and Lily was having a ball dancing around, tasting the treats, going from one group of guest to the other, playing some of the games that were set up and playing around on this:  merry-go-round.JPG(I have no idea how they got a merry-go-round in the backyard but I don’t think I want to find out either). Then after about a couple of hours into the celebration I started getting a series of text messages on my phone, I mean it was back to back, one after another and I was kind of surprised who it was from…it was Daniel, each one stating something about ‘needed help’, ‘being trapped’, ‘Kitty is mad’, and so on. I got a bit worried but I didn’t want Lily to get worried too so I sneaked off the celebration grounds to go investigate (odd enough I stopped hearing ‘NYAN’ in a high pitched voice after about an hour, I guess Melody went off to get something at the time), so I get to Daniel’s house and all I hear is ‘NO IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!’, followed by “HOW DARE YOU!’ and ‘WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO WITH THAT HAMMER”, so yes, I think I have a clue as to what was going, oh a series of ‘NYAN!!!, PLEASE DON’T HURT DANIEL’. Now the smart thing to do would have been leave well enough alone, the thing I did was actually go knocking at his door…TO BE CONTINUED…

I so want to punch Blue right now…’_’

Pink Bear here, and yes I have start with operation ‘CHEER UP LILY’, I called a meeting with all the other Seal Holders (without Lily of course) and told them the situation, all of them decided they’d like to help me out so we started making plains.  Of course through out the meeting Blue keep asking me questions he already knew the answer to, like ‘What are we celebrating again?’, and ‘Who’s birthday is this?’, and even ‘How about we invite Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz to the party?  They’re jolly good fun!’  HE WAS JUST ASKING FOR TROUBLE!!! >:( After all that (excuse my french)idiotic monkeying around he finally settled down long enough to tell me that the only reason he keep doing that is because I’ve been ignoring him lately. Who’s ignoring him? I’m just super busy all the time, there is no time for roma…I er mean…playing around when something as important as a birthday party is involved (plus I have my mom’s salon to help run, for some reason the off holidays are very booked up, mom has decided to hire Yu-ri and one other magic user who just moved to Sanrio two weeks ago and is trying to make ends meet), then there’s practice, errands, keeping Brownieout of trouble ( I have to tell you sometime what he did this week…it wasn’t pretty), Sparkle and Speckle have just come back from their Summer in Paris and I have to pull all the strings to keep them from finding out about Lily’s party, so who has the time to pay any attention to who? Tell me Blue doesn’t deserve a punch for that stunt now. Anyway I have to get back to what I was doing, making a list of the guest to invite with the group. Pink Bear is done for the day, OVER AND OUT!

Cheer up Lily.^^.

Pink bear here, and I must say things have been quiet peaceful in Sanrio, in fact it’s very different from when I first got here. Everyday was another over the top adventure, I had no clue I was a sorceress, had no clue all of Daisyville’s descendants were human, Blue was less appealing (yeah he seems to have done a lot of growing up), but I can’t help thinking that I forgot something that is super important…wait a minute…was June two months ago? :(  OH MY GOODNESS I COMPLETELY FORGOT MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY *knocking self in head* stupid! Stupid!! STUPID!!! How could I have forgotten?  I never forget that, even if I forget my last name I never forget Lily’s birthday.  I feel so silly right now, and she said nothing (once again there she goes thinking about others before herself, she probably didn’t want to be any trouble), I wonder if Vitoeven remembered, or if her family remembered?  Everyone is so serious about training that no one is remember the more important things (well excluding Vito, he is purely un-magical so he knows nothing about the training).  Okay, this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to put into effect operation ‘CHEER UP LILY’, I’m going to invite as many people as I can and have a surprise party for her, please nobody tell her!  Pink is over and out!

Lots to talk about, and plent of sorries for the absence.

Pink Bear here, after a long absence of which I apologize for. to be honest I wasn’t expecting to be gone so long.  It was more of a forced on choice than a self decision really.  it started with the twin witch bears when they keep sending viruses to the computer and then finally the whole system gave up and shut down, so no computer for several days, I had to take it into a computer workshop and just around the time when so much excitement was around.  first off Mimmy is back from lovely Paris along with all our lovely friends who were in the search for Tabby,  ( I got a lovely Eiffel tower from Mimmy by the way), Lily has moved to sanriotownand even opened up her own blog!  Vito showed up around yesterday and so much more has happened in such a short period of time.  I also got two e-mails from both Lily and Mimmy, Mimmy told me she has travelled once again to China with guess who…, her sister kitty! I hope they get quiet along with each other.  I travelled to Tijuana Mexico!  Mexico is a country found in South America.  There main language is Spanish, it is very similar to French.  I had plenty of fun and wish we had stayed for more than two days, there was plenty of ,Piñatas, restaurants, shopping, and that was accompanied by the confusion of what they were saying and all the hawkers on the streets.  hawkers are people who run up and down the road desperately trying to sale something.  Brownie though it was funny to watch them run up and down in traffic shouting about their prices for their products, i guess his to dim to understand it was a means of survival for them,  mom cautioned him a couple of times when he keep making faces at the hawkers through the rental car window.  Here are few pictures:

a.JPGj.JPGk.JPGl1.JPG There would of been more pictures if we stayed longer, or if my camera battery didn’t die.

Also about Lily’s e-mail, here it is:

 Hi Pink, it’s Lily, I’ve sent you several e-mails, but you must of not gotten them, I don’t live to far from you now, so I promise to come visit as soon as we finish up with unpacking and stuff. here is a picture of our new home! What do you think of it? well I have to go, see you soon, oh and before I forget I have a blog of my own now, hope you visit soon, bye Meow!!!lily-displays-her-new-home.jpg 

I’m so happy for her, she has a lovely house, doesn’t she? Well I still have lots of catching up to do since my vanish from the blogging world, and yes I promise to get the blog site for Lily posted as soon as possible, Pink Bear glad to be back, over and out!

New Year Gifts!

happy-new-year-pink.JPG You are not going to believe this but I just got a message from my friend Lily, now the content of this message is really one of the most exacting things I’ve ever heard, but let me lay a format before telling you all what this message is:

lily-cat-2.jpgNow my best friend from Daisyville, Ms. Lily Cat, has her father working for a company owned by my arch enemies’ (Sparkle and Speckle Fuzz the two witches) dad back there. So it’s obvious why Lily hasn’t moved from Daisyville ( don’t get me wrong, Daisyville is a lovely place, with friendly neighborhoods and beautiful scenery and all, but there are not many job opportunities, and most of the jobs are occupied by the younger residents). Well anyway Her dad and Blue Grrya’s dad are very close friends ( thanks to my Papa^^), just like my mom and Lily’s mom are very close friends and they have been plaining to move out of town (or should I say ‘ville’ ?), start up a little shoe store and see how well they do. So now the big news starts from that faithful day on Thanksgiving last year when Lily’s family came over. The grown-ups keep going off into little groups and mumbling about stuff they didn’t want the younger ones to hear, then at some point they called Lily aside and told her something, she came back to us ‘kids’ beaming and I was kind of expecting her to say why she was so happy (besides having her family over) but she said nothing, so I didn’t force her to spit anything out. Which finally leads me to expose her message to me:

Dear Pink, it’s your friend Lily. I wanted to tell you on Thanksgiving but it wasn’t a sure deal yet until now. My family along with Blue’s family are moving to Sanriotown! I’m so happy but at the same time I’m surprised. My dad has been talking about getting away from his old job for so long, but never really seemed like he was serious, the best part about this is I get to see you when ever I like, and Vito has decided to live with his grandparents who live just a couple of blocks away from you, so I don’t have to break-up with him! ^^ I can’t help smiling as I write to you, it’s going to be wonderful. I will not lie that I will not miss Daisyville, with its lovely green meadows, its open blue streams, the friendly faces of our little neighborhood. But I’m not going to be to sad, because all my closest friends are going to be just around the corner. You’ll soon hear from Blue if you haven’t already. Soon to see you again, your friend Lily.

I am highly exacted over this! Its one of the best things to start the New Year with. :). Wait a minute I just got another message on my computer… It’s Blue, just a couple of seconds please so I can read it *25 seconds later*. He sent me a message pretty much saying the same thing but with a his own pushy self twist, here it is:

blue-2.jpgMy dearest, I am overwhelmed with joy to tell you that I am going to be moving close enough to you so you don’t have to miss me anymore, the way I miss you. My family and Lily’s family are teaming up to start a business in Sanriotown meaning that we have to move as soon as possible, hopefully we will be there in a week (WHAT!@0@) Unfortunately Sparkle and Speckle’s family are moving to Sanriotown too(DOUBLE WHAT!!!@x@), their father wants to set up a company there as well, I’m surprised their isn’t a ‘Mr. Fuzz Fashion for Males’ in Sanriotown, he has one set up everywhere else, but fear not my love, your prince will soon arrive to protect you from the tormenting twins!^^ Happy New Year sweetheart.

Okay I’m still recovering from the sudden shock of how soon this will happen (and that the twin evil witches are showing up in my life again), but I must say, I am happy to know I don’t have to miss them so much.

The good news doesn’t stop here though, word from Paris is that the long missing Tabby has been found! And that means Mimmy and all her friends (there friends to me too, happy to say) are soon coming home!^^ I can’t wait, its been a while since I last saw Mimmy, and I would like to meet all her buds too. Hopefully Lily will get here before they come back, she still hasn’t gotten Mimmy’s autograph. Pink Bear wishes you all Happy New Year!!!!

A cheer up moment.

sitting-pink.JPG Hey there, Pink here. I just need to let everyone know that I’m alright now. I know that it’s hard to recovery from so much sadness. Especially when your friends leave you, but hey, they had to leave some time. I’m going to miss Lily always keeping me awake to tell me all the sweet things her new boyfriend Vito does for her. Vito’s crazy jokes, and Blue’s (hard to believe I’m going to say this) constant pestering. Oh well, there will be more holidays and maybe I’ll go over to them instead. I’m just glad Brownie was kind enough (oddly) to not come up to me and start pestering as he usually does, disregarding my feelings, but I guess it’s because he feels guilty for totally smashing up my camera on Thanksgiving. I forgive him because I got a new one for Christmas, I had to use my dad’s own until then for all the pictures I place here. I got a couple of e-mails from Lily, Vito, and Blue. Remember when I said that I’ll be expecting a lot of e-mails especially from Blue, well here is one:

My dearest Pink Bear, I miss so much. I can’t stand the fact that I’m so far away from you. Sparkle Fuzz and Speckle Fuzz are constantly calling my house to ask me why I wasted my time going all the way to Sanriotown just to spend time with you, they’re so naive when it comes to matters of the heart, well I’m home now, waiting until the next time I can speak to you, before I go…

And you know this true.

Merry Christmas my dear and lovely, I’m out.

Now this e-mail is really just him pushing as usual, hopefully his not going about telling everyone in Daisyville that we’re a couple. Sparkle and Speckle are twins who were my arch enemies when I was in Daisyville. They are both completely obsessed with Blue and assuming he must of liked me before I knew it they’ve harassed me everyday I walk by while I was there. On things like ‘your not pretty enough for a boyfriend’ and ‘your so plain I can’t see what he sees in you’, of which at the time I didn’t understand who ‘he’ was. All I know is they should stay over there in Daisyville away from me. I also want to post another e-mail from my friend Lily:
Your going to remain my friend regardless how far away you are, Merry Christmas again.

Isn’t this cute? It reminds me so much of my elder brother Snow. ^^. I really love this.

I also got one from Vito:
From your buddy Vito.

I like this one too. Well I have to go, really have to help Mom with her new fur dryer, Pink Bear is over and out.

The Lily Blog!!! Yeah!!!

lily-cat.JPG  Hi I’m Lily!  I’ve never blogged before, but I decided to ask Pink Bear to let me give it a try using her blog, I don’t know if anyone is reading this, but I’m happy to be in Sanriotown!  Blue Grrya, Vito Meower and me, Lily Cat, have been looking forward to this trip ever since Pink moved to this town.  I can’t believe shes in the very town where all the stars of our world live, I so want to meet her friend Mimmy White and her sister Kitty White, and Kuromi, and Dear Daniel, and even that lovable frog family with Keroleen and the… oh… sorry, Pink says i’m rambling and stuff.  I would love to go shopping here, its nothing like an ordinary town, more like a city or even higher, so I don’t really get ‘SanrioTOWN’ if you catch my drift.  We’re going over to Mimmy’s house today, I hope I get her autograph, and her sister’s own too! I’m so excited!  Well, have to go now, were off for the first day of a lot more adventure! Bye for Meow!

My goodness, why wait this long to ask?

Pink Bear here, just stopped by to see if anyone is still out there, actually reading my blog ( I’m guessing yes, of course some of the sanriotown residents are moving out, how sad, I’m missing everyone, even if they don’t know me).  My friend  Lily sent an e-mail to me, she told me that Vito Meower finally asked her to be his girlfriend, i don’t know why he waited that long, everyone in ‘Daisyville’ knew he liked her, well shes telling me that she has no idea what to do.  of course I would of loved to give her some advice right away, but I don’t have any yet.  Of course than I now have an issue, not to long after I recieved her e-mail, I got an e-mail from Blue.  (Yes he is a bear from ‘Daisyville’ who happenes to have my opposite name, of course his last name is Grrya).  He told me that his had a crush on me ever since he saw me walking down to the store all the way in ‘Daisyville’, I’ve walked to the stores there a hundred times, and never saw him there or any where near the stores.  To be honest, I’ve always known him as the clumsy blue bear who could never say a word to me when I was around him.  Why wait this long to tell me how you feel? Especially when you know very well, I’m not coming back anytime soon.  Well I’m not going to get my fur in a knot over it, unless he decides all of a sudden to come over to Sanriotown.  Pink Bear over and out!

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