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Part 5 (after long last): They unsightly scene :(

Pink Bear here, so sorry for the long absence (family decided to travel for several months to several parts of the world, not yet ready to talk about it). What actually made matters worst is I forgot my mini laptop on my bed and couldn’t get to civilization long enough to put up the next post. X( Anyway I left off where I was saying something about Daniel, Kitty and the missing now found Melody: Well I walked into the house (seems they left the door open) and found kitty bearing claws and everything trying to scratch Daniel’s (who was backed up in the corner trying to shield himself with a bronze platter) face.  Melody was hoping up and down (this was the first time I actually saw her do what a bunny usually does*cough cough*hop*cough*, though she seemed a little green in the face).  So I had several things flash through my head~

1. How do I get Kitty away from Daniel?

2. How do I get Daniel away from Kitty?

3. What is the best method to calm her down (and no I am not using catnip)?

4. What amount of help is hopping up and down going to do for this situation?

5. I think I got it…

Pink: Okay Kitty, lets go party! (big smile on face).

Kitty: *Confused and surprised that anyone else was in the room* Wha… Pink what are you doing here?

Pink: I was wondering where you three were, Lily asked about you guys and said she really wished the FASHION EXTRAORDINARY Kitty white had showed up to the party.

Kitty:*Beaming from ear to ear* Really, she asked about me?

Pink: Yeah, the party wouldn’t be complete without such a true to cuteness friend.

Kitty:*Doesn’t notice Daniel crawling away for safety*Oh she knows me so well!  I am cute and a fashionable idol too.  I should have gone to the party instead of getting upset about Daniel’s forgetfulness.

Pink: So your coming because she has been asking about you.

Kitty: Of course I’m coming *turns to where Daniel was a second ago*Daniel?  WHERE ARE YOU WE HAVE A PARTY TO GO TO!!!!

Daniel: * from a hundred miles away* Yes my love, I am getting ready right now because you and I think so much alike (he sounds like he choked on the last words, must have taken a serious beating before the intervention). 

Kitty: You go on ahead Pink and Melody, we’ll be sure to be there as soon as we can.*Skips off happily*.

Honestly, angry Kitty is very scary Kitty, I would not like to be Daniel on such a day as this.  I asked Melody to stay with Kitty and Daniel in case anymore mis-haps decide to happen, she was reluctant but stayed and promised to call the minute something didn’t seem right (hopefully she will not barf on any one, she really looks queasy… how do you get queasy from hopping up and down? o.O… never mind). 

So I started back to Lily’s house and on the way….


I’M SO HAPPY! a little miffed but HAPPY!

Pink Bear here! And I’m super excited. Do you know why? If you said it’s because I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch you are absolutely…not reading my blog. But still, I must say it, it is something that makes me so happy and relieved to say (a little irritated but relived)-BLUE GRRYA IS NOT THE DARK SEAL HOLDER! He is the last member of the group and happens to be the Seal Holder of Water, Keeper of the Halo of Crystals! I’m so glad, I’m so happy, I’m so joyful, I’m so…not looking forward to continuing my practices with him watching because now he has to be trained by my mother too! @@ Why didn’t I realize that earlier?! I’m mean he has already started training, but I was so busy worrying about him that I completely forgot how dominant he can be. If we ever end up on the same level of training he’ll be competing with me, and trying to show off and doing silly little rhymes and dances when ever he ends up besting me! On the other hand it would be nice to have the good old over-confident Blue back, can’t say I didn’t miss him for awhile. *I wonder if he still will have that little hint of maturity I noticed earlier?  Hmmm…* 

On to other news, Spottie-Dottie’s birthday just rolled by and for some reason everyone happened to be simultaneously busy, and forgot all about it!  That wasn’t fair at all, to forget such a great friend’s birthday, so please everyone keep this down, I’m going over to Lily’s for a ‘little chat’, your welcome to join in so we can do something really nice.

More topics for your updating pleasures, it seems that Tuxedo Sam is having quiet a few problems with his mystery guest @@, I’ve advised him to be patient with her that she’s only trying to reacquaint herself with him, hopefully he doesn’t loss it anytime soon. (Especially since she has posted on his personal blog while he was not paying attention *worry worry worry*)  :(  

I’d also like to announce that a great fairy who has returned from her land has completed her new store tittled ‘Fairytropolis Exported’ It’s going to be opening soon in Sanrio so all fairies  and even some of us big folks will have a cool new shop to visit pretty soon.  The owner Mariah-Kun, has really worked hard on this, so please give her surport  when you visit Sanrio, the day it opens. :)

Well that’s all for this blog, hopefully I’ll be able to update soon agian.  Pink Bear off to Lily’s!  over and OUT!

What a party!

Pink bear here and I am still pretty shaken from Saturday’s ice-cream party. I know, I know, I should have written earlier about how it went. It’s just I got so busy after it was over, cleaning took three days because four times the number of invited showed up to join the celebration! @@ :) However it was still so much fun, there were people from all over town, and lots of friends brought something to add to the party table list of ice cream dishes. People came up with a lot of creative (DELICIOUS) treats. I was really excited, and could hardly contain myself when it was time for games and songs. Blue’s band Basement really rocked the scene, and had girls screaming and fainting on the grass, I didn’t approve too much of the dark colors he wore though. They looked good on him but I knew for a fact that he wasn’t the dark colors type. Lilywas really excited as well, Vito had come over to celebrate with the rest of us, Kitty and Daniel had a heated argument, something about ‘two timing her for some puppy’ or something, but they settled down and got all lovey dovey again. Spottie looked great in her princess costume, she looked a little gray however but it might of just been the lighting or something, and Badtz with his little sister Tusunko were busting up the dance floor like a bad habit; I didn’t realize they were such great dancers. Of course I was a little worried about Keroleen, she was waiting for Keroppi and the gang to show for such a long while, I asked her if she was alright and she keep saying she was fine. I knew she wasn’t but I didn’t want to push her into saying anything she doesn’t want to, if she wants a friendly hand I don’t mind if she asks in her own time, I’d be happy to help her. I was wondering what was taking them so long anyway, maybe Keroppi got lost in the crowds of trick-or-treaters that had filled up Sanrio. I had hopped they would show up all day but they never did, I pray their alright. I also have to complement Fenn on her wonderful night show display. Everyone was so intrigued by it that they seemed almost disappointed that it had to end. I saw a lot of others had shown up from everywhere. There was this pretty purple hedgehog girl named Searie, and all these neat Kirby creatures!  It was really different for me to have seen so many different beings show at the celebration but it made it even more fun to get to know these wonderful visitors. Well I’m glad it was a success.

On to other news, I have something wonderful to anounce…My Melody has been found and returned to her original world!  I’m so happy…*sigh* I wish she had shown up before we started planing the party, then it would have been a celebration of Mimmy, mine AND her safe return back to this world. All the same I am so happy she is back.  She is great, you have to visit her, and she one of the many great cooks in Sanriotown, ranking up there with Mimmy, Keroleen and Spottie. 

Well I have to go now, I want to go and find Blue later on today, figure out if he is feeling okay. I think it might have been kind of mean for me to have run out on him instead of trying to figure out why he was behaving so funny the other day. Pink Bear is still rocking, Over and Out!

A sleeping occassion. ^^

Pink Bear here with a nice little story to tell. But first let me tell you about one of the celebrations that just occurred last week on Saturday.  If you remember I’ve been constantly talking about three celebrations that have been pending and one has already occurred last week, no it isn’t the ice cream party and no it isn’t the carnival that I am super excited about.  Have you guessed which it is?  If you guessed Spottie-Dottie’s sleep over party you guessed right!  Lily had invited me since Spottie was doing it for her but wanted everyone to show up so that it will be a big celebration.  We cooked (which doesn’t sound fun at first unless your doing it with good friends), played games, did a little show and tell ( I showed them my sticker collection :D ) and we exchanged all kinds of gifts!  (Well Spottie gave everyone a gift, she is so generous ^^).  So even if it’s called a sleepover there wasn’t much sleeping being done.  Maybe because everyone was having so much fun.  I had read Lily’s blog on the occasion and she did have a good idea about sharing some of the stories we told at the sleepover.  So her is my own:

The princess and the goat

(yes I know it’s a funny title, go ahead and laugh)

Once upon a time there was a very powerful king who ruled a vast kingdom of people.  There was peace in the land and every evening the King held a party in his courtroom to celebrate the peace and joy of his people.  But than one day there came a terrible drought and the farmers of the land could not plant any crops since there hadn’t been rain for such a long time.  The king became very worried, and was afraid that the people would not survive the hard times since they’ve had so much to eat for years.  So the king called all his advisers and asked them what he should do to save the people.  They advised him to attack other villages and conquer them, but the king was kind and did not believe in picking on the helpless for his own selfish needs, they advised him to beg other kingdoms for food supplies, but he was also a very proud king and did not see from the views of other rulers, they even advised him to denounce his throne as the people would soon perish and he would have no kingdom, of course the ones who advised him to do that were thrown in prison for such negative thoughts.  So he had no one else to advice him.

Now the king had one child, a daughter, and she was as fair as fair could be.  She was like her father in many ways and had a very kind heart.  She too was worried for her people.   So she decided to see exactly what was going on in her father’s kingdom.  She put on a costume and snicked out of the castle into the surrounding land.  She walked the streets and in every corner were families struggling to get a meal,  the beggars did not want to beg because no one had anything to give, most people had become skin and bones and the princess after seeing just a little bit of this began to cry.  While she was crying a stray goat came passing her way.  The goat didn’t look like it was starving as it was fat and happy looking.  The princess noticed this and began to wonder, how is it that this goat is well feed?  The goat had a bell, so it belonged to someone for certain, she then decided to follow the goat.  The goat took her through strange streets, and vast dry and barren fields, it went through the dieing forest that lined the boards of the kingdom and straight to a house with lush green gardens of fruit, grain and vegetables.  The princess was surprised that such a place could be full of greenery when the rest of the kingdom is slowly turning into a desert.  The goat went into the back yard and she followed it as it went into the barn.  She watched the goat lay down on a pile of hay and to her surprise it spoke to her.

“Hello young maiden, is there a reason why you have followed me all the way home?”

The princess was frightened but she was determined to know the secrete of the farmer that may own the gardens.

“Yes little goat, there is a reason.” She replied.

“Then let me know, so that master does not get mad at me for allowing you to follow me.”

“I followed you to know how it is that you are so fat, and now that I see your master’s garden it has told me why.  Now I would like to know how is it that your master has such a lush garden in this drought?”

“Hmmm…my master is a very quiet man, he does not speak often to us about his secretes.  Of course he is also a very lonely man.  He lives here by himself as his mother and father passed away when he was still a child.”

“That’s terrible!”

“Yes it is, but maybe if you become his friend, he will tell you his secrete.”

The princess did not have many friends and liked the idea of becoming friends with a simple farmer, he would be someone she could learn from, so she left the barn and went to the house.  When she knocked, a young man opened the door.  He was shocked that anyone had found his home as hidden as it is.  The princess explained that she was a passer-by and that she would like to talk with him, so he let her in.  When she came in she noticed his house was very filthy, cold and dark.  So when the man said he wishes to be excused so that he may milk his cows, the princess quickly made tea in his kitchen, and cleaned up his little house, she opened all his windows and polished the few shoes he had.  She cooked a simple meal and once she had finished setting the table in came the farmer.  He could not believe that this stranger could have done all that for him in a few hours, and he was so over joyed that her asked her.

“What can I do for this kind act of yours?”

Finally the princess removed her costume and revealed who she was.  She explained that she was the princess of the land and wanted desperately to know his secrete so that her people will not starve to death.  The man was so moved that a whole princess would put herself so low to save her kingdom that he told her, and promised to always be her friend.

So the people were saved and the princess and farmer were true friends, as for the goat, the princess asked that the goat be allowed to stay in the castle as a prized pet, because if she had not followed it, she would have never found such a friend that could help her save her people.  

The end.

So what do you think, everyone at the sleep over thought it was a great story.  Well i have to go now, very busy with mommy bear in the kitchen.  Over and out!

Little Preps for the up coming ice cream party. :)

Pink Bear here with just a little update. I’m glad to say that the plans for the up coming ice cream party are coming up nicely. Mimmy has taken charge of decorations which I’m looking forward too. Usa hasn’t decided yet on what she wants to do as part of the planing committee, but I’m glad that so many want to help to make this party a success. Keroleen has offered to make one of her goodies which brings a smile to my face, Tsunko who I last saw on Halloween is going to make some homemade icecream of her own and  Lily is thinking of helping me with a few things, like cross checking everyones allergies that might come to the party, of course she says that she is having a little problem of some sort, something about chasing down a copy of herself or something. I’m thinking of taking charge of the food, I don’t want anyone who is lactose intolerant to fall sick, nor do I want anyone who are complete vegetarians to have to make a choose between frozen yogurt and plain old grass. @@ So I have a shopping list ready for the kinds of frozen desserts that will be served along with the utensils:

1. Popsicles (for non-dairy eaters)

2. Frozen yogurt (for weight watchers)

3. Frozen fruit cups (for complete veggie eaters)

4. Milk shack mixers (for anyone who wants something more liquid)

5. Bananas

6. Cherries

7. Sprinkles

8. Chocolate, strawberry and blueberry syrup.

9. Peanut sprinkles

10. Ice cream cones and cups

11. Spoons and napkins

So that is what I’ve come up with so far.  If there’s anything missing let me know (I have heard some people eat fish with their ice cream but I’m not taking such a risk @@).  Well let me know.  Pink Bear is busy, over and out!

PS: I’m think of inviting Blueand his band over to the party which mean Tommy as well.  I don’t want elbows to rub, and Blue doesn’t seem to be getting on a certain someone’s good side,well according to that someone, I would like your advise, do I invite these three or not?  I don’t want any fighting to take place at all. @@

Three months of training = three months of celebration missed.

Pink Bear here! And yes I’m about to post about something really awesome that happened on June 3rd right in the lovely town of Sanrio. :) (I sound a bit like someone advertising right now, reminds me of something I did earlier). 

Well anyway, as I was saying, on June 3rd there was a talent show competition and Blue with his band entered into it.  There were so many performances and it really got the crowd worked up!  I never knew how many undiscovered talents were right here in Sanrio.  There was singing, dancing, magicians, acrobats, and the list goes on and on.  If I knew how big this was I would of invited my whole neighborhood!  Brownie was a bit upset with me because I didn’t take him along, but cheered right back up when Diamond (Tommy’s younger sister) had come over to spend the day.  I thought that was so cute X)  I just had to take a picture of them before I finally leave for Lily’s.:


Sometimes I wonder if they were meant to be more than Tommy and I *sigh*.  Well when I got to Lily’s house, she was all dressed up and everything, not to say that I didn’t get little fancy myself, but I thought she looked great.  So I asked her to strike a posse for the camera as well:

img_picker-7.png She looked like she was a major superstar!  Or like what she really is when it comes to fashion, a  top notch designer.   I decided to take pictures of everyone of my friends, and since Vito is my friend I got one of him too when he had finally arrived at Lily’s house:

 img_picker-10.png Did anyone notice that Vito seems to be wearing a lot of green or is it just me?  Well all the same here is what I wore:pink-bear-concert-outfit.png  I know, a little to ‘pink rockstarish’ right? I was trying to go for a more relaxed and casual look but I don’t know, I just had to wear boots that day.  Of course I enjoyed the talent show all the way.

Now for further events I’ve missed, I’ve missed three birthdays for each and every month ( I feel so ashamed of myself for not remembering but there’s just been so much going on :( ). 

First Birthday I missed was my puppy friend Purin on April 16th (YES TWO MONTHS AGO!!!).  I want to apologize for that Purin especially since I should have been more attentive even with all this training I’m going through, Happy belated Birthday dearest friend Purin!  Please accept this gift~doggiedelight-7578081.gif A two for one doggy gift basket with treats and toys, I do hope you like it. :)

For the second birthday in May on the 6th, my little brother Brownie, some old school rollerskates~el0xm2caldnkvdca7aysfbca6rjyrwcasjd733ca21h52mca6qw3h5cauqx8aycaqnoaoycar2pibkcaqllgzycaui9mz4cahe1eoecakq87jncavu4qjqcaolbpdycaw9rpm5cal2uefjcacln879ca09ackf.jpg  I know you’ve been wanting a pair since the day you saw that old school movie.  *Plus now he doesn’t have reason to play tricks on me since the deadline to give him a gift is a month and two weeks @@*. 

Then finally the birthday that makes me to smile the most, my dear mother on June 3rd, she was not home on her birthday so we could not celebrate it, but now that she’s back here is two lovely things from your family and me~mommy-bears-dress.jpg and a lovely treat~z144788160.gif To the best mom in the world!  Pink Bear is over and out!

Glad to be back in town.

Pink here! I’m so glad to be back from Daisyville. My Christmas and New Year’s eve and day was great. I mean it was so much fun even though it was weird seeing my elder brother snow and his wife as human beings:snow-and-his-wife.JPGBut seriously, aren’t they adorable together? :D . I think they are, I was glad to see them, they took us all to this really fancy restaurant that served food from all over the world!  I had lobster and shrimp, yummy.   Brownie was really over joyed especially after he had five mountian sodas and ran through the kiddie play park at the back shouting ‘I’M KINGZ OF DA WORDZ!!!’, I really got scared though when he decided to jump from the top of the slide instead of going down it like it’s meant to be used. @@.  There was lots of walking along the streets of Daisyville to all the back-in-the-day hang outs, the roller rink where Lily thought me how the skate, the ice cream parlor where Blue would talk to me like a ‘normal’ bear and he didn’t really show any signs that he had a mad creepy crush on me, the ditch in the center of the park where Lily and I first saw Vito, and I could tell that they would be together someday.  Those memories really made me miss Lily, Vito and yes, even Blue for the moment, but I got an e-mail from Lily, and somehow Blue who claims that my e-mail address was given to him by Lily, (I don’t believe him however).  I also got an e-mail from *sigh and day dream for a second* Tommy.  He was so sweet about how he missed me and really wished I stayed in Sanriotown for the hoildays and he sent me his picture so I can look at it anytime I wanted to:tommy-elder-brother-of-diamond.jpg.  I have to say, I don’t know how he got my e-mail either but I don’t care, as long as he wrote I’m fine. *Blushes*.  Anyway after all that on a Christmas day.  When New Year’s eve came rolling in, I stayed awake and drank apple cider (no alcohol for me please, yik!).  On New Year’s day, after only a four hour sleep, we went out into the streets and say the New Year parade, there was confetti, and balloons, people and animals strutting their marching skills with ribbon trailing and acrobats, I was screaming with joy so loudly that I almost lost my voice! After that we got ready to go back to Sanrio, my brother and his wife were sad to see us go, but they promised to come during this year for a visit themselves.  So that was my Holiday, Happy New Year to all and to all many blissful days to come.  Over and out!

Forgive mr friends, My long absence has reason.

Pink here, I just wanted to apologize for being gone for so long. I honestly missed everyone, and don’t want anyone to think that I’ve abandoned them, I will update when I have a chance, but so far I’m out of town for the holidays. Forgive me once again, I will try to update on the continued strange happenings. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

                                                              yours always,

                                                                  Pink (ONCE UPON A TIME) Bear.

What Your Pink Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you respond with compassion.Even if someone is making life difficult for you, you can’t help but see things from their perspective.You are emotionally in tune, and you are very sensitive to those around you.You are able to give to those who need it most, even if they are difficult to deal with.On a rainy day: you should offer to help someone who needs you

The Umbrella Test

Pink Bear here, it rained yesterday, thus the survey, but um…I’m…not really myself right now…in fact I’m am extremely astonished right now. You may ask me why? Well here is the story (Hold onto your hats and wigs, this is going to be long post):

Yesterday I went to take a shower in the morning to start my day, I felt…fresher than normal, like I had gotten to every spot under my fur, but I ignored it because I put soap on my face and I was not ready to open up my eyes and start screaming from large amounts of sting, and yes I mean STING from the soap. Well I came out of the hot shower, steam everywhere so it was like walking through fog, well knowing my bathroom very well, I found where the bathroom mirror was, wiped off the condensed steam and found out…I HAD NO FUR! So I’m freaking out, and then notice another thing…I HAD THESE BIG BLUE EYES, ACTUAL HUMAN LIPS, A LONGISH FACE, in other words…I HAD TURNED COMPLETELY HUMAN!!!! @@ !!!! I went speechless after screaming like I was set on fire, and heard Brownie knocking on the door asking me if I was alright, well I said yes because I didn’t want to scare the granola out of my kid brother. Then I spent hours trying to see if I accidentally was wearing a mask, of course I wasn’t. Then it occurred to me to run over to Lily’s house and check on her, surprisingly, my closet was full of ‘human clothes’, exactly my new body’s size and everything, now seeing all that fancy clothes made me forget that I was not myself for awhile because all of them were so cute! ^^ (trust a female to go bonkers over something they love), so I put together and outfit, dressed up, rushed to my door without my family seeing me and was down the road like a jet toward Lily’s house. I get there and see these bunch of human’s that looked slightly like Lily’s parents, but I was not that sure, so I waited for them to go into their car and ran toward Lily’s open window, climbed in after a quick glance around to to make sure no one saw me and caught some brunet touching and feeling her face like she was lost as she stared into the mirror.  I was kind afraid to interrupt her as I was not sure who she was, but I had to know if…if what to me was what happened to Lily:

Me: Lily is that you?

Lily:*turns toward Pink*Pink?…It can’t be…

I walked up to her and we stared at each other for awhile then both of us stared right into her big dressing mirror, the following reaction is best displayed in pictures as follows:untitled-2.jpgNow, I’m not sure how the guys are doing, but we are defiantly on our way to Vito’s house.

Now on a different note, I have been taking pictures even in my present state, and I caught a picture of this brown penguin waddling around town, I think she is a new neighbor or something, this is a picture of her:yu-ri.jpg According to my resources, her name is Yu-ri, I don’t know what that name means but she is a happy looking penguin.  I think I’m going to tell Iheartbadtz about this, because that might be why I saw Badtz-maru wearing a suit (that penguin has never been caught in suit! @@), I think he’s been trying to impress her.

There is also the case of the confused Ganta, the froggies were successful in bring Mimmy back in time for her birthday but than Ganta lost his memory, I’m scare for my friends now.

On a more brighter note, it is Hello Kitty and Lovely Mimmy’s birthdays, the twins are a new year old, isn’t that great :D, I sent Mimmy a birthday gift in hope that she would return back to normal before it came, her it is:mimmy-school-punk.jpg

Isn’t it just ghetto punk fabolous!? XD? I almost didn’t want to give it away, but my friends are more important then that, I sent on to Kitty too: punk.jpg

I hope the twins like them ( also hope it is not already in their wardrobes, other wise I would feel so bad :( )
Well on with the investigation of this madness that has creeped up on us, I will try my best to keep you all informed, over and out!

Happy Halloween gifts!

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