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About Pink Bear

Pink Bear is a character I lilybethflame, made up. She is a character who moves to the ever growing Sanriotown, the Hollywood/Tokoyo/Abuja or where ever the movie stars stay of her world!  Her family moved to this wonderful place to start a life of simplicty with all the side glam, here she lives with her mother Casey Bear, who shines in her talent of hair dos, manicures, and pedicures opening her a sucessful Salon.  Her father, Ras Bear, has a thing about fancy furniture and beuatiful dercorations including beuatiful party and celebration decorations, so he opens a shop for just that, and her little brother Brownie Cee Bear, the cute little trouble maker, who can get out of anything with just his cute looks!  Pink Bear talks about her every exciting experience, so keep an eye out for her adventures.

ps: these charaters are fictional, they are not truely existant stories concerned with the charaters of sanriotown, so just have fun with the imagination gone wild part, Bye!