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Pink Bear here and I’m going to start this blog with a question: WHERE IS EVERONE?!!! Sanrio has gotten calm since…since Blue was discover to be a Seal Holder, since the surprise birthday party for Lily, since everything went into holiday mode…. It’s like this strange peace has been restored to the last, but everyone that was from Daisyville is still human. @@. I mean, Mimmy, Kero, Tux, Daniel, Melody, Kuromi, Baku, Pochacco, Purin, Spottie, Tusunko, Badtz, Cinnamon, The sugar bunnies, Zashikibuta, Usa, Julie, Joy who was on her way to town and many more have fallen silent in thier blogs. I mean, I see them from time to time in Town but no one really is doing anything much. I wonder if it has something to do with the after effect of a Spring Break?

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  1. (OOC) Well, I think it’s because they’ve grown too old for this. It’s a shame, I think a lot of them widh they could stay, but just.. They’ve forgotten. Left it.
    And yes, this is actually Shinelly. ^^/
    I hope one day I can return with a fresh, new account.
    But till that day comes, I think this place will remain hushed. ´n`

  2. Thanks for replying Shinelly. :) I hope someday, everyone can look back and say ‘I remember being a part of that adventure’, who knows, many some generations behind us will pick up from where we started. I may still post from time to time as Pink Bear, but it may jsut be the finally steps to the conclusion of her story as an adventurer.

  3. Hey Pink! yeah. I had TOTALLY forgotten about SanrioTown. i feel so depressed. I wish people would get back on :(

  4. Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Everyone is getting more into the life of an adult. So i get that people would forget to come here anymore or just decide to stop coming. I glad it lasted as long as it did though, no regrets. :)

  5. Thank you for telling us in advance.

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