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Part 5 (after long last): They unsightly scene :(

Pink Bear here, so sorry for the long absence (family decided to travel for several months to several parts of the world, not yet ready to talk about it). What actually made matters worst is I forgot my mini laptop on my bed and couldn’t get to civilization long enough to put up the next post. X( Anyway I left off where I was saying something about Daniel, Kitty and the missing now found Melody: Well I walked into the house (seems they left the door open) and found kitty bearing claws and everything trying to scratch Daniel’s (who was backed up in the corner trying to shield himself with a bronze platter) face.  Melody was hoping up and down (this was the first time I actually saw her do what a bunny usually does*cough cough*hop*cough*, though she seemed a little green in the face).  So I had several things flash through my head~

1. How do I get Kitty away from Daniel?

2. How do I get Daniel away from Kitty?

3. What is the best method to calm her down (and no I am not using catnip)?

4. What amount of help is hopping up and down going to do for this situation?

5. I think I got it…

Pink: Okay Kitty, lets go party! (big smile on face).

Kitty: *Confused and surprised that anyone else was in the room* Wha… Pink what are you doing here?

Pink: I was wondering where you three were, Lily asked about you guys and said she really wished the FASHION EXTRAORDINARY Kitty white had showed up to the party.

Kitty:*Beaming from ear to ear* Really, she asked about me?

Pink: Yeah, the party wouldn’t be complete without such a true to cuteness friend.

Kitty:*Doesn’t notice Daniel crawling away for safety*Oh she knows me so well!  I am cute and a fashionable idol too.  I should have gone to the party instead of getting upset about Daniel’s forgetfulness.

Pink: So your coming because she has been asking about you.

Kitty: Of course I’m coming *turns to where Daniel was a second ago*Daniel?  WHERE ARE YOU WE HAVE A PARTY TO GO TO!!!!

Daniel: * from a hundred miles away* Yes my love, I am getting ready right now because you and I think so much alike (he sounds like he choked on the last words, must have taken a serious beating before the intervention). 

Kitty: You go on ahead Pink and Melody, we’ll be sure to be there as soon as we can.*Skips off happily*.

Honestly, angry Kitty is very scary Kitty, I would not like to be Daniel on such a day as this.  I asked Melody to stay with Kitty and Daniel in case anymore mis-haps decide to happen, she was reluctant but stayed and promised to call the minute something didn’t seem right (hopefully she will not barf on any one, she really looks queasy… how do you get queasy from hopping up and down? o.O… never mind). 

So I started back to Lily’s house and on the way….


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