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Pink Bear here and yes things have been getting in the way of me finishing this report on the event of October but I can proudly say: after Lily was done with all the putting away and changing when I finally lead her to the backyard, it was a super huge surprise when everyone jumped out of there hiding place shouting ‘HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LILY!’, she was so overwhelmed she broke out into a sob. (I’m so glad she was moved by all our hard work ^^). Well the party kicked off and everyone had already filled up the gift table with presents. There was more than enough snacks, (and even a creepy excess as Melody had gone a bit over board X( ). Basement (and I am talking about Blue’s band not that room under the house) were playing a lot of there more recognized songs and Lily was having a ball dancing around, tasting the treats, going from one group of guest to the other, playing some of the games that were set up and playing around on this:  merry-go-round.JPG(I have no idea how they got a merry-go-round in the backyard but I don’t think I want to find out either). Then after about a couple of hours into the celebration I started getting a series of text messages on my phone, I mean it was back to back, one after another and I was kind of surprised who it was from…it was Daniel, each one stating something about ‘needed help’, ‘being trapped’, ‘Kitty is mad’, and so on. I got a bit worried but I didn’t want Lily to get worried too so I sneaked off the celebration grounds to go investigate (odd enough I stopped hearing ‘NYAN’ in a high pitched voice after about an hour, I guess Melody went off to get something at the time), so I get to Daniel’s house and all I hear is ‘NO IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!’, followed by “HOW DARE YOU!’ and ‘WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO WITH THAT HAMMER”, so yes, I think I have a clue as to what was going, oh a series of ‘NYAN!!!, PLEASE DON’T HURT DANIEL’. Now the smart thing to do would have been leave well enough alone, the thing I did was actually go knocking at his door…TO BE CONTINUED…

3 Responses to “Part 4:What’s this about helping Daniel? :/”

  1. Whoa! so much fun! @__@~

  2. happy birthday Lily ^^

  3. *moans* I still hurt. scratches, bruises. I need to see a doctor…

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