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Part 4:What’s this about helping Daniel? :/

Pink Bear here and yes things have been getting in the way of me finishing this report on the event of October but I can proudly say: after Lily was done with all the putting away and changing when I finally lead her to the backyard, it was a super huge surprise when everyone jumped out of there hiding place shouting ‘HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LILY!’, she was so overwhelmed she broke out into a sob. (I’m so glad she was moved by all our hard work ^^). Well the party kicked off and everyone had already filled up the gift table with presents. There was more than enough snacks, (and even a creepy excess as Melody had gone a bit over board X( ). Basement (and I am talking about Blue’s band not that room under the house) were playing a lot of there more recognized songs and Lily was having a ball dancing around, tasting the treats, going from one group of guest to the other, playing some of the games that were set up and playing around on this:  merry-go-round.JPG(I have no idea how they got a merry-go-round in the backyard but I don’t think I want to find out either). Then after about a couple of hours into the celebration I started getting a series of text messages on my phone, I mean it was back to back, one after another and I was kind of surprised who it was from…it was Daniel, each one stating something about ‘needed help’, ‘being trapped’, ‘Kitty is mad’, and so on. I got a bit worried but I didn’t want Lily to get worried too so I sneaked off the celebration grounds to go investigate (odd enough I stopped hearing ‘NYAN’ in a high pitched voice after about an hour, I guess Melody went off to get something at the time), so I get to Daniel’s house and all I hear is ‘NO IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!’, followed by “HOW DARE YOU!’ and ‘WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO WITH THAT HAMMER”, so yes, I think I have a clue as to what was going, oh a series of ‘NYAN!!!, PLEASE DON’T HURT DANIEL’. Now the smart thing to do would have been leave well enough alone, the thing I did was actually go knocking at his door…TO BE CONTINUED…

Part 3: A how bunch of oddness

Pink Bear here and I have plenty to tell you about how the party went :), so here I go!: After Lily and I caught the bus we ended up missing our stop (no we didn’t I was trying to buy time for Blue so he can get to his band together before we arrived, he said something about wanting to kick somebody off a bike, I don’t know what that means but whatever). So when we finally got to off and took a bus several blocks back from were we missed the stop we walked like…five blocks…carrying shopping bags…the size of duffel bags…:( . Anyway we first stopped at my house to buy up more time (and so I could get rid of all these extra shopping bags and help Lily out since she was almost toppling over with the weight of her stuff. I honesty am not sure what she has in there @@). Then we finally started down the block to get to her house so she can get her stuff put away. I already contacted the co-planers (all the seal holders and some of our Sanriotown friends) that we are on our way and that they should get everyone to find good hiding places. Well we get to the house and I bustled her into her room when I noticed Brownie run across the hallway with Tommy’s little sister Diamond ( I’m guessing they were looking for a good hiding place still, thank goodness Lily didn’t notice it before I pushed her into her room ~_~’ . Finally I convinced Lily to put on a nice party outfit, telling her I got a last minute call from Blue to come to a concert he was preforming ‘locally’*giggles because she knows how local it was*. I seized that opportunity to get to the backyard and find Blue who was standing next to this other guy with bluish hair as well giving all kinds of comments. Well whatever his purpose was I didn’t have the time, so I delivered my message:

Pink: Okay everyone get ready she’s in her room putting her stuff away so you only have a few minutes to set up the stage!

Uknown blue haired boy stares in absolute surprise at her and if not the weather being so nippy he would of left his mouth wide open and started drooling.

Indigo: She’s a total babe!*Pink has confussed expression* 

Blue:*Turns red*Shut your yap-per you idiot!

Indigo:*Fix hair a little and then goes up to her*Hello, my name is Indigo, may I ask what is your name?*He takes a princely bow*

Blue:*face palm*You can’t be serious…

Pink:*Smiling innocently*Oh hi, my name is Pink. Are you part of the band?

Indigo: Actually no, I’m here with my cousin Blue over there, his a seal holder you know.

Blue:*Rushes over to cousin and covers his mouth* Stop it! Not everyone does magic in here you goat!!!

Pink: *looking from one guy to the other* Blue, you never told me you had a cousin who knows about…you know.

Blue: I’m so sorry, my intention was that you’d never know I had a cousin at all.

Indigo:*Wiggles himself free* What’s wrong with you. It’s rude to interrupt an introduction.

Blue: Why you…

Pink: *not ready to know exactly whats going on* Just everyone get ready. I’ll go stall Lily, nice to meet you Indigo.*Turns and leaves*

Okay that was honestly weird…Well I’ll continue on with the events later, got to go help Mommy Bear in the kitchen. OVER and OUT!

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