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Part 2:Brisk movements, can’t look to suspesious. o_O

Pink Bear here, right now Lily and I are waiting at the bus stop, we kind over shopped ( no we went totally over board but I had to keep Lily occupied @@). So now I’m hoping that all this keep away has given everyone enough time to get ready, because honestly I think the shopping drained the most energy from me. -.-~ Anyway, Blue just called me, he said something about me being extra careful with a Blue haired guy going by the name of Indigo, I have no idea who that is but whatever. I don’t get all huffy when some girl I think he should be careful about is getting close to him…well he does run for the hills if it gets to much for him…anyway I’m going to have to find a way to signal to everyone to keep quiet when Lily arrives, if everyone is make noise while were only a few feet down the block the whole surprise could be ruined. Maybe I should send a messenger butterfly when we get off at our stop, we would still have to walk about three more blocks just to get to my house and drop some of the stuff then go to hers. Pink Bear still on her way, OVER and OUT!

Part 1: The party begins

Pink Bear here, and yes! Finally the party is taking place!!! Everyone is at Lily’s house getting themselves ready while I’m on this *surprise a friend* shopping spree with her. She’s having a blast and has no clue that even better things are waiting back at her place. :)  Well we’ve roamed the first, second, and third levels of the mall (only two more levels to go) and I’m insisting on doing this because I got a phone call from Vito saying that everyone is not there yet ( I thought everyone was, my legs are cramping up but I’ll keep pushing myself just for Lily *m* ).  Well I did get her something really nice, it’s a surprise but the only way for her not to get suspicious of anything is to keep telling her I haven’t found anything yet.  Melodybaked all these treats even though I keep insisting she shouldn’t ( but how do you stop someone who is obsessed with baking…hmmm).  Daniel has sent me a text message about hiding somewhere from about three people, I can guess one of them would be Kitty, she left a message on my phone telling me that she is so mad at Daniel for canceling some pre-engagement of some sort, so she was going to definitely show at the party, the other two I highly doubt I would know.  Blue is prepping his band to play a special ‘Happy Birthday’ remix for Lily and they’ve sent word that there ready.  But then I wonder how many fan girls are showing at that party to cause a riot?  Knowing Blue’s situation I’d say about 100.  Bell has already placed the cake out of sight and away from any sugar crazy kids *cough cough Brownie cough*.  So all that I am waiting for is an OK all systems go.  Well I’ll keep you updated, I’m hiding in the girls restroom stall to let you know this.  Pink Bear’s fingers are crossed. OVER & OUT!

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