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Invitation listing. :)

Pink Bear here and the following are invited to the THE CHEER UP LILY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION:
The White family
The Maru family
The Keroppi family
Melody and company
The Sam Family

The Doitties
Sassy and company
The Sugar Bunnies (if they’re still in town)
Purin and family (i really suspect they travelled)
Dear Daniel (of course he might just come with Kitty either way)
The Grrya family
Shinelly and company
The BunnBunn family
Fenn the Fire fairy (please try not to cause trouble TnT)
Mariah Kan and all of Fairytropolis
Julie Jewely
Cutepichu and company

The Moon Family and company
And all of Sanrio that does not believe we are lower class!OVER AND OUT!

For the love of!…

Pink Bear here, as is known i have been preparing for a surprise party for ****, for some strange reason while I was in the practice room with Blue getting ready to go on a shopping spree with Lily, Blue happened to have found one of the old wizard’s books…one of the forbidden ones… Of course he didn’t know that it was one of the books you dare not read and he opened it up, read the time alteration spell, (WHICH NO ONE IS SUPPOSE TO READ OTHER WISE YOU SCREW UP EVERYTHING!) and threw all of Sanrio three months back in time!  So we spent what felt like hours (which were really months) trying to undo what he did and now…now it’s October. -_-…  this party I’ve been working so hard on was suppose to be in August, seriously this really is starting to grind my gears.  Well, the good thing about this is that I hadn’t sent out the invitations before this happened so it’s going to be an October celebration, the weird news…Lily thinks that the shopping spree of August is suppose to be tomorrow, so she had no clue that this was planed two months ago (of course so does the rest of Sanrio).  Mommy Bear made Blue clean out the garage because of that stunt.  I feel bad for him but at the same time he should of read the warning on that book cover.  Well Pink Bear is over and out!

PS:z48894506.gif Bluebell (Lily’s big sister) sent me a picture of the cake she plains to bake for Lily.  she’s thinking about replacing the icing with Lily’s favorite color and turning into a marble cake.  I think it’s going to look great if she does that. :) Okay, see you soon.

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